Mike Mularkey: Marcus Mariota is day-to-day, may be back this week

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Titans coach Mike Mularkey says Marcus Mariota may be back at quarterback when the Titans take the field a week from tonight against the Colts.

Asked about an NFL Network report that Mariota was out 2-4 weeks, Mularkey said it may be a quicker recovery than that.

“You can listen to NFL Network or you can listen to me,” Mularkey said, via the Nashville Tennessean. “When I say day to day, I tell you like it is.”

With Mariota nursing a hamstring strain, the Titans’ offense was awful yesterday in a loss to the Dolphins. Matt Cassel managed just 141 yards on 32 attempts and the Titans lost 16-10 despite their defense largely holding the Dolphins’ offense in check.

So Mularkey wants Mariota back soon. Possibly as soon as next Monday night.

8 responses to “Mike Mularkey: Marcus Mariota is day-to-day, may be back this week

  1. Probably go with NFL network. Day to day seems to be a phrase coaches don’t understand the meaning of

  2. Bad timing for a risky injury. Titans struggling without Mariota, but can’t risk long term chronic injury to a guy who is proving he can be very good.

    As always, tough to be a Titans fan. But I’m still flying the flag proudly.

    IMHO do the best you can without him, and get to the bye week WEEK 8 and go from there.

  3. Any word on if the competency of him and his staff is day-to-day, as well? Would be great if they would become competent!

    3rd down, Dolphins are a yard short, Titans getting the ball back with 2:31 on the clock … except the refs miss spot the ball, rule it’s a 1st down, and Mularkey’s incompetent ass doesn’t challenge the spot, Dolphins get 3 more plays, and Titans get the ball back with 30 seconds to go. Way to be incompetent and cost your team the game, you tool.

  4. This season is lost anyways… I don’t really care that much anymore. The loss to the Texans completely drained any enthusiasm I might have had left… And now the other AFC South teams are looking so much better than them because they are actually winning (and Andrew Luck’s return is near). There is no way they win the division.

    Maybe next year. Or the year after that. Or maybe the year afte- ah, never mind.

  5. It took this clown 5 minutes to answer the question. He must have photos of owners snorting “something” because how he has a head coaching job blows my mind.

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