Mitchell Trubisky has solid first drive


The scoreboard won’t show it, but Mitchell Trubisky‘s career got off to a solid start on the Bears’ first drive.

The Bears gained 45 yards after the opening kickoff, with a holding penalty ultimately stalling the drive and forcing a punt. The rookie quarterback went 3-for-4 for 30 yards. His only incompletion was a drop by tight end Dion Sims.

Two plays after Sims drop, on third-and-10 from the Minnesota 35, Trubisky found wide receiver Tre McBride along the sideline for a 26-yard gain to the Minnesota 9. but center Cody Whitehair was called for holding.

Trubisky was greeted to a partial standing ovation when he took the field, with Bears fans excited to see their future now.

17 responses to “Mitchell Trubisky has solid first drive

  1. The Vikings should consider punting on first down… It might be better than their offense

  2. Burning a timeout to punt? Dysfunction. C’mon Bears, Don’t let the Queens steal this one. It’s their conference championship before their Superbowl next week.

  3. They say you could call a penalty on just about every play. The officiating crew is doing nothing to disprove that.

  4. Getting real sick of a penalty flag flying everytime there’s a big play. Let em play a little for Christ’s sake.

  5. His play has not been that good as rolling to the left or right is not a sustainable strategy. Also, not giving him the opportunity to learn how to read the defense from the pocket and trust his pass protection will limit his growth. I see a lot of one read throws and rolling to left or right will lead to throwing across the field which will likely result in a pick 6.

  6. Not only did they burn a timeout to punt, they lined up to go for it, called the timeout, sent out the punt unit then changed their mind again and sent out the offense without enough time to line up, then took a penalty, then punted.

    Seriously, how do these coaches week after week seem to have no clue what their plans are for situational football? How long do you need to make up your mind Fox? Hmmmm, a punt that will probably net 25 yards, or a 4th and short from the edge of FG range when your offense had momentum. NOT THAT HARD TO FIGURE OUT

  7. bearholic – yeah i’m sick of watching games where refs constantly take big plays off the board for useless ticky tack calls just because they want to set their own tone. The rule book is way too elaborate and the games are grossly over-officiated. Simplify the rule book so these half blind refs don’t have 10 different ways to stupidly interpret things and let these guys play.

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