NaVorro Bowman, Carlos Hyde don’t like drop in playing time

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The 49ers dropped to 0-5 in an overtime loss to the Colts on Sunday and a couple of their players spent more time than usual watching the action from the sideline.

Linebacker Navorro Bowman missed just a handful of snaps in the first four games of the season, but dropped to just over 76 percent of the snaps while rotating with Brock Coyle and Ray-Ray Armstrong. Running back Carlos Hyde saw his playing time cut to 32 snaps while undrafted rookie Matt Breida got 34 in what coach Kyle Shanahan said was a decision to go with the “hot hand.”

“That wasn’t injury-related,” Hyde said, via the Sacramento Bee. “That was just the coach’s call. … I don’t like it, but my boy, Matt, he’s a good back. So he did a good job going in there and making plays and stuff.”

Bowman had a similar take.

“We had a conversation and, uh, I don’t know — they’re doing what they want to do and, I don’t know. I don’t like it,” Bowman said. “No one likes coming out of the game, but I’m a team player.”

Breida was certainly the more productive back, gaining 49 yards on 10 carries while Hyde had just 11 yards on eight carries. Bowman had 10 tackles while Armstrong had an interception to go with six tackles and Coyle was credited with two tackles and a half-sack.

Bowman and Hyde aren’t the first veterans to fall out of favor following coaching changes and 0-5 teams owe it to themselves to try everything and anything to get things pointed in the right direction so this may not be the last lineup change the 49ers make in the near future.

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  1. Both good moves. Shanahan and the Lynch are putting their stamp on the roster. Anyone can see Bowman has lost a step or two as a result of the injuries. He’s not the same guy and they’re trying to keep him as fresh as possible when he is out there. Breida looks like the real deal and I can see SF moving on from Hyde next year… he can’t stay on the field and he better watch out because it’s no cinch they extend him.

  2. Hyde is hurt. Not nearly as effective. Breida was the right guy. Bowman another issue. Would have to look at the Coaches Tape to determine if they were better off with Coyle on the field. Just from the network pan shot I thought Bowman played with some range yesterday but who knows. Need to see the tape..

  3. I haven’t really payed close attention to Bowman’s play this year but Hyde seems to have taken a leap this year so I’m a little surprised that the team would feel the need to go to a rotation. Some backs really do need as many snaps as possible to get in rhythm, especially those that have never been in a rotation.

  4. “Shanahan and the Lynch are putting their stamp on the roster.”

    Jury still out on whether that will prove to be a positive.

  5. I’m not saying the coach is right or wrong, but when Hyde is in the game, the defense is keying on him. When Breida is in the game, the defense is mostly ignoring him. That may change going forward, but that was the case yesterday.

  6. No news here. Most of us Non 49er fans knew Bowman was done and Hyde was over rated. In Shanahans offense he needs a speedy back, Hyde is not.

  7. Dont like not playing? Play better the whole time when given the opportunity and you wont get benched.

  8. You are playing the Colts, who are terrible against the run, and you decide to bench your starting RB? No wonder this guy lost the SB the way he did.

  9. I like and respect both players. Both have given my team a tough time. Hyde ran for over 100 yards against the Seahawks just a couple weeks ago. And was the last person before THAT to do the same. Bowman could start at MLB on any team not named the Panthers or Seahawks.

  10. really sucks how bad Kaepernick ruined this team. it’s going to be a few years before any positive happens. it takes a few years to gel with a new regime, sometimes never happens. Though this is the now generation

  11. Bow is missing tackles left and right this season. Every game he’s whiffing or backs are running through his arm tackles. No fault but his own. Hyde is not healthy and needs the rest imo. There’s still a lot of season left.

  12. We all love Bo and hope he gets better as he’s further removed from the second devastating leg injury of his career but the reality is that he’s been a bit of a liability in pass coverage and has missed lots of tackles. He looked fine in the first couple of games but was especially bad in the Rams game. I love Carlos and maybe Breida gave them a better option against Indy but he really can’t get more than 13-15 touches per game as he plays physical and gets injured.

  13. Old 49ers’ fans remember Bill Walsh’s first season was 2-14. Second season 6-10. Third season Super Bowl champs! There was a lot of second guessing going on during those first two seasons. I think the 49ers are doing the right thing. Carlos Hyde is a really good player. If he gains 1,500 yards this season, the 49ers will have to out-bid 15 other teams and pay through the nose for him. They know what they’re doing. They’re not down on Hyde at all. Bowman is another story. They may try to move him to a playoff contender that’s had some injuries to their LBs. That’s a win-win.

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