Odell Beckham will have surgery on ankle this week

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There was a report shortly after the end of the Giants’ latest loss that wide receiver Odell Beckham would have surgery on his injured ankle, but that shifted to pending after the team announced Beckham fractured the ankle in the fourth quarter against the Chargers.

Beckham has apparently gotten the other opinions he wanted before deciding on a final course of action and he will indeed have surgery on the injury. The team made the announcement on Monday afternoon and said the surgery will happen this week, although the exact date has not been specified yet.

The Giants did not say that Beckham will miss the rest of the season, but that seems likely given the severity of the injury and the extended recovery and rehab time that is coming Beckham’s way.

The team also provided updates on their other injured wide receivers. Dwayne Harris is set for surgery Tuesday to repair the fractured fifth metatarsal in his foot while Brandon Marshall is undergoing further evaluation of his ankle injury. The team says Sterling Shepard is day-to-day with a sprained ankle.

UPDATE 1:56 p.m. ET: Coach Ben McAdoo confirmed that Beckham’s season is over.

43 responses to “Odell Beckham will have surgery on ankle this week

  1. In regards to TJ Watt, I truly feel bad for both him and the Texans. In regards to Odell Beckham Jr, I truly feel bad for the Giants. And I’m a Patriots fan…

  2. Guy has a screw lose. He bawled like a 6 year old who fell at the playground. Little over the top bud. But since you aren’t going to be getting the attention you need – i guess you have to make a show of it on your way out.

  3. “Give him a haircut while he’s under.” Make it a reverse Mohawk, then everyone pretend there is nothing out of the ordinary.

  4. J.J.Watt cried last night after he broke his leg. Garrett Boles cried 3 weeks ago after he SPRAINED HIS ANKLE. Are all the tough guys at their keyboards mocking them too? I would pay good money to see you mock any of these players to their face. It’s really easy to feel better about your pathetic lives by mocking injuries.

  5. I thought he might die of dehydration after all that crying.

    But seriously though, it sucks to see anyone get hurt like that and without him, their team really is done.

    Be nice if he didn’t go out of his way to make you hate him as a person though. Being a good football player only goes so far.

  6. Let’s all stop ‘just being polite’.

    The guy is a total prima dona, drama queen, moron.

    Does anybody actually feel bad for this idiot?

    The NFL is a better place without him.

    Take your time healing, superstar, I won’t miss you.

    0-5, what a note to go out on!

  7. I love all the keyboard commando tough guys who never played a down of football on this thread.

    Makes me laugh……..

  8. They put in a lot of work all year for the season, i for one understand guys like Beckham and watt crying. If you’ve never had a serious injury in sports you wouldn’t understand. Beckham also is in contract year and Giants didn’t pay him so I’m sure he’s upset about that.

  9. Ooof Hopefully Mara can steal some more money from its NFC East competitors Salary Caps to even the field.

  10. deuce22222 says:
    October 9, 2017 at 2:33 pm
    I love all the keyboard commando tough guys who never played a down of football on this thread.

    Makes me laugh……..

    Posted by a keyboard commando who never played a down of Football.
    (but I’m sure the response will be how he lettered at USC or Penn St.) non-sense

  11. themattstapiece says:
    October 9, 2017 at 2:24 pm

    Calling it early, Eli Manning to the Jags in the 2018 QB shuffle

    Why would they want that bozo?

  12. I hope this young man has a good support group around him.

    Not a fan of his in the least, but I’d hate to see him Josh Gordon himself out of football.

  13. I wonder how much longer until word comes in that Ben McAdoo’s is over.

    Given that are likely to go 0-7 before a bye….and just lost their best player for the season….the axe may fall sooner than later. Especially if the team continues to play so sloppy. And with every WR hurt, why didn’t they throw to Engram! I had him on my fantasy team, and ZERO points! UGH!

  14. mmack66 says:
    October 9, 2017 at 3:05 pm
    themattstapiece says:
    October 9, 2017 at 2:24 pm

    Calling it early, Eli Manning to the Jags in the 2018 QB shuffle

    Why would they want that bozo?


    Well, two reasons.

    1. Their current quarterback is Blake Bortles, and this will be his final season as a week one starter in the NFL as the team determines they are good and would have made the playoffs with a mediocre quarterback

    2. Because Tom Coughlin is calling the shots in Jacksonville now and Tom Coughlin loves Eli Manning.

    To be clear, I don’t think the Jaguares SHOULD want Eli, I’m just predicting they will have Eli.

  15. Feel bad for Beckham….Dudes a helluva receiver and all of you know it too……Recover and we will play against you next year

    Signed by a Redskins fan

  16. I bet the NYG are glad they did not give this selfish diva giant sized contract…
    I mean he he should be the highest paid player in the league… Right?? just ask him.

  17. I was really uncomfortable yesterday watching him cry like that. My wife kept asking why is he crying?? I said he broke his ankle I think. And she reminded me that we’ve seen a lot worse with much less drama. After thinking about it, yeah, suck it up bro!

  18. Classy commenters out. Same ones who cry if anyone laughs when players on their teams get hurt. Nice.

  19. Let’s see:
    1) Plays hurt. Check.
    2) Doesn’t complain when he doesn’t get the ball. Check.
    3) Doesn’t show up his QB. Check.
    4) Doesn’t hit women. Check.
    5) Never been in trouble with the law. Check.
    6) Big on charities and ones none of you dopes ever even hear about. Check.
    7) Teammates love him / great locker room guy. Check.
    8) Cried not because the injury physically hurt but because he knew his season was over. Check.

    9) Bad celebrator. Makes me sad when he scores against my team. I don’t like his hair.

    Yup. Great reasons to spread the hate. Pathetic you all are.

  20. I’m hoping this injury will be a blessing in disguise. This kid was headed down the wrong street. He came out of the blocks on fire, was a great young talent. Then the early success got the best of him. He came to a fork in the road where one road led to Jerry Rice, and the other Terrell Owens. He turned down Owens Blvd. and put the pedal to the metal. His actions were detrimental to his team. Maybe now he can work his way back to that fork in the road and make a better decision. I’m hoping, but I’m not betting on it. I think this kid has a serious screw loose.

  21. I can’t fully comprehend the bitterness surrounding Beckham. He’s statistically the best WR in the league since his rookie season, on a team that has nothing else remotely dangerous to offer opposing defenses. He has a combination of hands and speed I’m not sure I’ve ever seen in a player. Usually one is sacrificed for the other. Maybe a young Randy Moss?

    Randy Moss. Here’s a guy that was maybe the best WR in the history of the NFL, and ended up being dropped from his original team, basically sitting out his time with his 2nd, breaking records with his 3rd, going back to his 1st and helping get his HC fired as he was shown the door, spent a lackluster year with his 4th team and then ended up (and not many remember this) on the 49ers the year they were a redzone fiasco away from a Superbowl title. Along the way he hit a woman with his car, insulted fans, his own teammates, took plays off, said some of the dumbest sh!! imaginable…and now he’s generally given a pass on all of it.

    Straight cash, homie.

    Compared to Beckham, who’s thrown a few fits, punched a loudmouth player and an apparently loudmouth kicking net and apparently has hair and an attitude that draw more attention to himself than some care for.

    Fine. But do you watch him play? Have you seen the things he’s done? Seen the highlights? The stats? The undeniable ability?

    Football fans shouldn’t be able to hate him. Fairweather football fans who have some underlying bias towards anything from attention-grabbing hair to a selfish attitude (neither of which affect his play or his team’s appreciation of him) to, God forbid, something as petty as the team he plays for or the color of his skin.

    The last of which, frankly, has to be a reason for at least a handful of people out there, so don’t discount it.

    tl;dr: Beckham is a great WR, a young man who needs to mature, and a true competitor on a terrible team who still gives it his all. Troll all you like, but the record needs to be clear: you can’t do more than troll, because he’s proven himself already.

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