Andy Reid: Marcus Peters is emotional and we deal with it

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It’s rare that a week of games in a NFL season goes by without at least one player getting caught on camera in the middle of an emotional outburst on the sideline.

Teams handle those moments different ways. Sometimes they make a big deal about it and the need for players to find a different way to express themselves, as with the Steelers and Antonio Brown earlier this month. Other teams, like the Chiefs, are more accommodating.

Cornerback Marcus Peters had to be pulled away from defensive coordinator Bob Sutton by linebacker Justin Houston in the fourth quarter of Sunday night’s 42-34 win over the Texans, but coach Andy Reid didn’t make too much of it.

“It’s an emotional game and we know he’s emotional,” Reid said, via “That’s not like a secret here. Everybody has their own way of communicating and doing things. Then, a few minutes later, he’s OK. That’s how he rolls and Bob knows it and [Houston] knows it. Everybody’s got a different personality and goes about it a different way. It’s no different than a family that way but you manage it knowing he’ll calm down and when he does, he’s OK. He’s got a short memory about that. That’s part of his personality and we work with it … We’re all wired a little bit differently. We understand that and we work with it.”

Reid was less forgiving of Peters getting into it with a fan during the team’s Week Four win, but it seems that’s the only place his emotions can’t go during a game.

30 responses to “Andy Reid: Marcus Peters is emotional and we deal with it

  1. There is no way Andy is going to let one of his coaches be attacked like that but he will deal with it behind closed doors. It wouldn’t surprise me if he gets rid of Peters after the season.

  2. And this is why Reid’s teams always self destruct in the playoffs. If his players don’t respect the coaches and game plan during the regular season, why would they start in the playoffs?

    The Chiefs won, BTW, and this fool still behaved like this.

  3. “Everybody has their own way of communicating and doing things”

    Code for: “Peters is an Immature, impulsive moron but he is an NFL caliber DB, so we look the other way.” Lot of that going around the league, especially the last two years.

  4. Some great players are like that. If he learns to channel that emotion in a healthy way into his play, controlling impulses to lash out at coaches, teammates or fans, he will be even better as a player, and he’s already very good now.

    By enabling him you lower the work culture standard (no matter how much winning you do) and don’t help the guy off the field from having a melt down.

  5. All these people talking about they aren’t watching the game but they are posting on PFT. Ratings are up so who’s telling lies now.

  6. Ask Ditka what he thinks about him. Spoiled brats playing a game, having tantrums, who think they’re going to better the world by kneeling.


  7. This is a non-story, you all would demonizing Peters if he was lackadaisy or non-passion about his game. Andy Reid & Bob Sutton knows this, as long as his emotion doesn’t hurt the team or change the trajectory of the game then it’s a non-story. Go Chiefs

  8. There’s a lot of guys here who you can tell never played football. On any good defense you need a passionate player who isn’t afraid to express himself. Coaches aren’t perfect, schemes aren’t perfect and players do film study as well, so if they see something wrong in the heat of battle, they’re going to communicate it in their own way. Everyone isn’t docile and goes with the flow, some people really eat, breathe and live this stuff like Peters. His emotion doesn’t hurt the team if anything it inspires the defense.

  9. I see spoiled, immature, temper tantrums thrown in these comment sections every single day.

    You don’t have to be the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs to deal with emotional Peters on a daily basis.

  10. If Peters was a terrible football player, I bet Reid would have a tough time “dealing with it” then. He gets a pass because he’s talented, just like most of the egotistical stars in this league.

  11. joetoronto says:
    October 10, 2017 at 7:00 am
    Peters is an idiot and so is Kelce but Reid won’t do anything about it.
    Lynch is an idiot and so is Penn but Del Rio won’t do anything about it.

  12. If Peters’ emotion hurts his team than so does Brady’s, Philip Rivers and every other passionate player in the NFL. Only someone who’s never been inside of a locker room would say it hurts the team. It doesn’t, there’s a bunch of alpha males working for a common goal, emotions run high.

  13. I kind of miss the days of nasty defensive backs with big mouths, especially if they can play. Loved watching Hopkins and Peters compete. Who didn’t like Andre Johnson slapping Finnegan around? The game needs more passion and less whining.

    However, chewing out a coach on the sidelines is over the top. Peters needs to show more respect for his coaches.

  14. I watched this guy sit during the anthem last week & actually have a teamate stand in front of him to hide,He then goes out & gets lit up by a long redskin TD & comes off the field laughing & smiling…told me everything I needed to know!

  15. You allowed him to kneel and protest against the United States, why in the world would you think coach he cares what you think?

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