Eric Ebron met with Matthew Stafford, hoping to get out of “the dumps”

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Lions tight end Eric Ebron met with quarterback Matthew Stafford on Monday, seeking help to get out of “the dumps.”

That’s my guy,” Ebron told Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “We had a talk after the game, on Monday, yesterday actually, and just basically tried to help him will me around, because I feel like I’ve been in the dumps and haven’t been as mentally engaged as I should be, and he helped me out.

“I can rely on him, and he relies on me, and that’s what kind of relationship we’ve built over these four years, so I leaned upon him and he’s been a good dude for me.”

Ebron, who caught a career-high 61 passes last season, has only 12 catches for 93 yards. His 7.8 yards per catch ranks as a career low, and his three drops tie him for third-most, according to STATS.

“Just got to get my act together as far as playing,” Ebron said. “From the way I practice to the way I play are two different things. I’ve been really successful as far as practicing, I just need to get it as far as the game-wise and I don’t . . . know what the mental blockage is, but I’ll just get it together.”

Ebron’s comments in the locker room and on Twitter after the Lions’ loss Sunday appeared to be directed at Stafford or offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter. He tweeted fans need to “pay attention to the whole picture.”

In his interview with Birkett on Tuesday, Ebron characterized his comments as “just talk,” adding “I”m not blaming my quarterback.”

“I guess whatever people want to make a story about,” he said.

22 responses to “Eric Ebron met with Matthew Stafford, hoping to get out of “the dumps”

  1. Stop talking and catch the damn ball! The more you talk the more people get annoyed with your garbage! I didn’t knock the pick but now I just want to move on from him… won’t someone take this game changing TE who can’t catch or block?

  2. I remember him coming out of college and everyone saying he would be the next monster tight end. A look at his stats indicate that he was getting better year to year, but i know stats don’t tell the whole story. I read the other day he got benched and now this.. Any Lions fans that can shed some light on what’s going on?

  3. I want to believe him, he’s acknowledging his problems, and the Lions have always been super supportive of Ebron, but whether it comes to his words or his actions on the field it always feels like there’s something simple but entirely crucial that he’s not getting, and the evidence keeps piling up. I do believe that he thinks he’s doing everything he can to prevent these drops but maybe it’s something like he’s just too young and/or immature to realize that he has any control in that regard other than “Go to practice and try really hard!”.

    Maybe he just literally needs someone more mature to explain simple crap, that he could show up early and or stay late, or stay out an hour less every night, or not eat fast food for every meal….it seems like effort and the motivation are there from all sides, but at this point he’s got a case of the proverbial yips and just trying-as-hard-as-possible isn’t going to do anything but make it worse.

  4. I can’t stand this guy. Always making excuses. The guy has always had drop problems and is a terrible blocker. If he was half as good as he thought he was he would be a hall of famer.

    It’s one thing to not perform, but when you constantly make mental mistakes and get in twitter fights with fans saying it’s not your fault. You have a serious issue.

    This guy is the Ryan Leaf of tight ends.

  5. I don’t think fans here will ever get over the fact that we could have had Aaron Donald when it was clear to everyone (except Martin Mayhew!) that Ndamukong Suh was going to leave. Instead of that perennial all-pro (or one of the many others that followed him), we ended up with this dude, which would be fine if he simply caught the balls that are thrown to him.

  6. I think its time to deal this guy as soon as Golladay is back. Maybe get the standard conditional 7th rounder.

    He refuses to believe its at all his fault. He tweets nonsense about “paying attention to the whole picture” and how he has to “learn to deal with adversity throughout the game.” He’s immature. And he talks SO much. Told a local reporter “you can call it a drop.” It hits you in the hands. He whined internally when we signed Boldin because it meant fewer touches for him. Boldin would have caught both those balls this week. We all kinda hoped Boldin would have taught him something about work ethic.

    We see flashes of what he can do. Some unreal catches on tough throws. However, when its a basic catch, like the two drop this week, he doesn’t pull it off. His overall talk doesn’t equate with production on the field. He needs to watch Greg Olsen, Jason Witten, Shannon Sharpe, Jimmy Graham, and Vernon Davis until his eyes bleed after catching 1000 balls on the jugs machine.

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