Falcons healthier in return from bye week

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The Falcons went into their bye week with several injury issues and it seems the time off has done most of those players good.

Atlanta held a practice to knock some of the rust off on Monday and wide receiver Mohamed Sanu was the only one of their injured players not to do at least some of the work. Sanu injured his hamstring against the Bills in Week Four and was expected to need a few weeks to get over the issue.

Wide receiver Julio Jones, who hurt his hip in that game, was on the field along with linebacker Vic Beasley, right tackle Ryan Schraeder, safety Ricardo Allen and defensive lineman Courtney Upshaw. All four of those players were missing from the lineup in the loss to Buffalo and Beasley, Schraeder and Upshaw missed multiple games before the bye.

“It’s too early to call where we could go from this time, but most everybody was participating in some fashion,” coach Dan Quinn said, via ESPN.com. “Then, as we get more into the week, I think we’ll have a better feel for it.”

The Falcons host the Dolphins on Sunday afternoon.

5 responses to “Falcons healthier in return from bye week

  1. This will be a good test to see if the Dolphins top 5 defense is for real. They’ve played pretty well all season but a healthy Falcons team is one of the best teams in football. If they can keep them under 30 then I’d say the defense is legit. Especially since the Dolphins joke of an offense will probably have the ball less than 20 mins in this game….and that’s probably too long of an estimate.

    I know one thing, Tannehill would kill for a Defense like the Dolphins have right now. I’m just curious what all the media analysts and “experts” are saying now after they claimed that Cutler was an upgrade over Tannehill, What a joke.

    Falcons win easily 35-10…. let’s just hope this butt whooping forces the Dolphins to play Moore.

  2. I know you are the leading expert in QB play butstop with the Matt Moore chants already. There is a reason 32 teams do not want the guy as their starter.

    This is a Falcons story so I don’t want to litter the comment section with a bunch of Dolphins arguments but It doesn’t take a “QB” expert to see that Cutler is playing terrible and holding that offense back, with or without time in the pocket. Switching to Moore wouldn’t make anything worse than it is now and if anything it would improve the situation.

    If the Falcons can remain healthy on both sides of the ball, they seems to be in a direct path to face the Packers in the NFC championship. The Panthers and Eagles are playing well but when it comes down to it, I think the Falcons and Packers are the two best teams in the NFC right now.

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