Mitchell Trubisky creates a needed buzz in Chicago

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There were a movement in the force in Chicago last night, and it wasn’t just the Star Wars trailer or the Stormtroopers who took the field at halftime. And while he might not have reached full Jedi status, Mitchell Trubisky at least gave the Bears a new hope.

I felt it,” wide receiver Kendall Wright said, via John Mullin of NBC Sports Chicago. “I think everybody felt it.”

The Bears didn’t win, but they did move the ball at times, and had a chance. The same wasn’t true during the Mike Glennon era, which led to the No. 2 overall pick starting earlier than they thought he might.

“He gives us a chance to win,” one offensive player said, apparently needed the anonymity to state the obvious that Glennon no longer did.

And while the stat line wasn’t great (12-of-25, 128 yards, a touchdown and an interception), and the pick put Minnesota in position to win with a field goal, there was still something in the air.

“I think our guys feel it,” Bears coach John Fox said. “They feel his presence, . . . He’s got what it takes. There’s no doubt in my mind.”

Maybe once he actually wins a game or plays decently, we’ll know more. But it’s something to look forward to, which they didn’t have after their first four games.

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    It’s difficult to know how to properly manage the career of a young QB. It seems like Goff and Wentz are developing nicely. However, looking back at the careers of Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder and EJ Manuel, one can see that they were rushed. These three probably needed a redshirt year or two.

    Let’s not forget that Brady and Aaron Rogers both spent time on the bench to start their careers.

  2. ncfloyd says:

    October 10, 2017 at 10:28 am

    12 for 25 for 128 yds with a TD that should have been intercepted. How is that better than Glennon?

    It’s easy to see those that don’t watch football. Stick to your fantasy league sport.

  3. The guy had some moments, but desperation makes you see more than is really there. As a Viking fan who once thought Christian Ponder had a certain something, I’m well aware of that. The fact is, Trubisky’s game last night was pretty typical of any rookie in his first start, so his career can go either way. He didn’t get the team close to the end zone until the one touchdown in the second half that could have been knocked down or intercepted if Sendejo had timed his jump a little differently. No doubt he has a lot of arm talent and athletic abiiity but I didn’t see much to get excited about last night.

    The one thing he can say is that he outplayed Sam Bradford by a country mile. Trubisky’s first career start may have been Bradford’s last career start.

  4. “There were a movement in the force in Chicago last night,”
    There were?

  5. I certainly don’t need a Vikes fan to tell me what he/she sees in Trubisky. This is especially true for someone who thought Ponder “had a certain something”. The fact is your team has it’s own problems. Barely beating the Bears is nothing to brag about considering they had ZERO ILB’s that could run the defense once Timu went out (just ask McKinnon about his big run and the confusion on defense by the Bears). They have NO ONE at the skill positions other then Howard and Cohen. The OC and HC have been less then adequately prepared for game days…how about taking a timeout to get your play call and following that up with a delay of game penalty? And let’s be honest, the refs took at least 7 points off the board for the Bears with that long Howard TD run with phantom holding call. Enjoy 2017, things will be different next year when the Bears actually put WR’s on the field for a game.

  6. I agree with others, too early to tell if Trubisky will be a good or even great NFL QB. He got lucky on the touchdown pass and the interception he threw was a bad as anything Cutler or Glennon have done.

    For every good move Pace has made as a GM he’s done and equally boneheaded move and it has kept the Bears in the “wait till next year” mode for too long. This team should be farther along than it is. The Bears being devoid of any decent pass catchers is going to hurt Trubisky’s maturity as a QB. I’m hoping he can overcome.

  7. rvz22 says:
    October 10, 2017 at 2:29 pm
    I agree with others, too early to tell if Trubisky will be a good or even great NFL QB. He got lucky on the touchdown pass and the interception he threw was a bad as anything Cutler or Glennon have done.

    Except Cutler and Glennon were veterans who kept throwing that same pass and being intercepted over and over again. The true test will be next time he is in the same situation will correct that mistake and keep getting better in each of those types of moments.

    It doesn’t take an expert to see that even in his first NFL game of his career he is able to make decisions a lot faster than Glennon did. He can get the ball out so fast and accurate so much of the time. He seems like a great kid who really wants to be a great teammate, I’m rooting for him. I’ll be excited to see how he comes out next game to see how much of an improvement there will be and to see how he reacts in those same situations on Sunday. I’d think each game the nerves will be less and less, I mean come on, this was his first NFL game ever and it was a division game / rivalry game in prime time. Considering all of that I think he did a great job.

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