Report: Matthew Stafford dealing with hamstring and ankle issues

Getty Images

The Lions have done their best to say nothing about the condition of quarterback Matthew Stafford, but this all-important case has been cracked.

According to Dan Graziano of, Stafford suffered a hamstring injury and a sprained ankle in last week’s loss to the Panthers, information many Bothans died to bring you.

Stafford’s week of treatment and practice will determine whether he plays Sunday against the Saints. And he’s trying to be cagey about his condition, and during an appearance on WJR, when asked directly if he’d play this week, Stafford replied: “I don’t know yet. We’ll see.”

“Why would you want another team to know exactly what’s going on with you if you don’t have to mention it?” Stafford said. “Obviously, the reports come out and all that kind of stuff, and that’s about as much information as we’re as a team going to get out.

“There’s no real win in telling everybody in America what’s going on with ya, right? ‘What’s the positive’ is how I look at it.”

Lions coach Caldwell told reporters to “check the report” which comes out Wednesday to give the bare minimum of details. He admitted that Stafford was “sore” but helpfully pointed that all players were on Monday.

But now the truth is known. He’s sore in the greater leg region.

If Stafford can’t play, Jake Rudock would get his first NFL snap.