Saints trade Adrian Peterson to Cardinals

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Adrian Peterson has been a forgotten man in New Orleans. And now he’s not in New Orleans at all anymore.

The Saints have traded Peterson to the Cardinals, PFT has confirmed. The news was first reported by Dianna Russini of ESPN. The Saints will get a conditional draft pick in return for Peterson.

The Cardinals are averaging just 2.6 yards a carry and have been desperate for help at running back since David Johnson got hurt. They hope Peterson can provide that help.

It’s hard to see that happening, however, given that the 32-year-old Peterson has gained just 81 yards on 27 carries through four games this season.

So Peterson will get one last chance to revitalize his career, in the same place where Emmitt Smith got a last chance to revitalize his career. Smith gained 937 yards in his final year in the NFL, as a Cardinal. It’s hard to see Peterson getting that many yards in Arizona.

106 responses to “Saints trade Adrian Peterson to Cardinals

  1. Beyond stupidity…. He’s done and by the lack of effort and heart shown by the Cardinals on Sunday. It won’t matter.

  2. That’s exactly what that offense needs, a running back that averages 2.4 yards per carry. Maybe he should head to the broadcasting booth.

  3. That’s hysterical, now I know why Saints fans laugh at their GM, and now Blowhard Bruce has someone new to throw under the bus

  4. Good luck AP. He can’t be effective coming in every couple minutes for one play. They are so thin we will be the feature back and that is a much better fit. I never understood how New Orleans used him. It’s like they haven’t been watching the NFL for the last 12 years

  5. Smart move by both teams. The saints were criminally under using Peterson. Cards got a great vet who’ll likely do well with a little bit more volume than the saints were willing to give him. Run Peterson til his wheels fall off.

  6. Arizona Cardinals, the Love Boat of NFL Teams. They’ll get an award for employing so many senior citizens.

  7. Good for both teams. The Cardinals are desperate and it can’t get any worse right now for their running game and the Saints have an emerging start with Kamara that they need to get more involved in the game plan.

    Win Win here for both.

  8. The Cardinals will use him significantly more. I see him being more productive for Zona. Not old-school A.P. but > New Orleans A.P.

  9. Bad move. Sad move. Arians’ last season, at least with the Cardinals.

    “sj8811 says:
    October 10, 2017 at 11:54 am
    That’s exactly what that offense needs, a running back that averages 2.4 yards per carry. Maybe he should head to the broadcasting booth.

    Oh Geez, sj8811! I really hope you’re being sarcastic with that “broadcasting booth” comment! No way even the worst of us should have to put up with that!

  10. Now remember, you’re going to have to watch him get stuffed at the line of scrimmage for 19 carries, but on that 20th carry, he’s going to find a hole and break one.

    Come to think of it, I guess Kerwynn Williams could do that.

  11. tylawspick6 says:
    October 10, 2017 at 11:54 am

    What a waste. I also think it’s funny that Arizona thinks its a playoff team.

    They might be. They do play in the putrid NFC West after all. Worst division in football for the past 20 years.

  12. So… they lose their pass catching elusive, electric running back to injury and they replace with a 32 year old straight line plodder who can’t be on the field on 3rd down. Makes perfect sense against the D Lines in the division.

  13. sj8811 says:
    October 10, 2017 at 11:54 am
    That’s exactly what that offense needs, a running back that averages 2.4 yards per carry. Maybe he should head to the broadcasting booth.


    Ummmm…have you ever heard him actually speak? You might want to rethink that.

  14. I think This is just a show of respect to Fitz and ol man Palmer. ‘Here, we tried….’. My guess is, by the time Seattle faces the Cards in November, the only guy left standing and playing of these 3 will be Fitz.

  15. The Cardinals are just not very good. Even in the years when they had halfway decent records you just had a feeling that they had crazily overacheived and would soon revert back to the bottom of the heap.

  16. Arizona offensive line has not been good at blocking for either pass or running this year. I don’t think AP can make a difference unless the line improves.

  17. Desperation move on the part of Keim to APPEAR he is doing something to help the offense, which shows how out of touch he is with what the team needs. AP isn’t even as good as Chris Johnson, who is the only RB to get positive yardage against Philly, and is also one of the offenses best run blockers! Don’t see Adrian wanting to risk anything behind this 0-line or doing any of the dirty work that will be required. The Cardinals need an 0-Line!!!(and have since forever) so that Palmer doesn’t end up in a wheelchair.
    If Peterson thinks he’s coming to Arizona for an “opportunity”, lol, the only opportunity he will get is to end up on IR and possibly walk away with a settlement.

  18. yankees2009 says:
    October 10, 2017 at 12:24 pm
    The 2017 Arizona Cardinals have what is likely the worst O-line in NFL history. You couldn’t put a prime Barry Sanders back there and get decent results.

    Have you not seen the Seattle offensive line?

  19. Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson are the only 2k rushers still in the league. This is the first time two of them have been on the same roster.

    Kind of neat as a novelty thing even though both are barely shadows of what they were.

  20. Peterson is likely done. But as this whole thing goes he is in a situation where they can run from the I and, don’t rotate backs every play. If Peterson cannot make somewhat of an impact as a lead back rusher…Then he is truly done

  21. Mickey Loomis found a GM even more dumb than he is
    The same GM that helped the Saints win a title 7 years ago. I’ll take it!

  22. Meh. Everybody is knocking this, but I don’t see the downside. Peterson was averaging 3.0 per carry (better than the Cardinals RBs) and he’s better when he’s actually used. The Cardinals will use him. And they gave up next to nothing. So why are we hating the move? Oh yeah, everyone hates AP.

  23. Well, ADP finally gets to Arizona, who passed on him in the draft to take offensive tackle Levi Brown.

    Man, things could have been so different.

  24. So the top skill position players for the Cards are Larry Fitzgerald, Carson Palmer, Chris Johnson, and now Adrian Peterson. Talk about GeezerPalooza.

  25. On the con side, Adrian Peterson couldn’t block his own shadow.
    On the pro side, Arizona is so formidable up front, and its quarterback so young and mobile, that Peterson’s shortcomings in that area shouldn’t pose any sort of problem.
    Good luck, Carson. Or should I say, “look out!”

  26. I see a lot of blow-hards on here bashing AP. AP obviously is not the same AP of old, but I think he still has some juice left in the tank. You watch the games/snaps he plays in, and the defense still loads the box when he is out there. The Vikes even loaded the box and focused on him when they played against the Saints. I think he was and still demands attention from defenses, would have loved to seen him back as a Vikings player when Cook went down. IN AP WE TRUST!

  27. The fact that the cardinals continue to be analaysts sleeper Super Bowl pick, which has lasted for about 5 years now, shows you guys really have no clue what you’re talking about.

  28. This is good for both teams involved. Saints didn’t need AD, their best back they had was Alvin Kamara. AD was taking chances from him. The Cardinals needed a back it is a much better fit.

  29. I remember when RB Emmitt Smith went to the Cards…..most likely this will be a repeat of that event.

  30. And they dumped Chris Johnson to make room for him. In other words, they traded one washed up veteran with delusions of grandeur who thought he deserved 25 carries a game for another washed up veteran with delusions of grandeur who thought he deserved 25 carries a game.

    Sounds reasonable.

  31. nice2meetumarco says:
    October 10, 2017 at 1:10 pm
    Arians has already blamed Peterson for Arizona’s first 3 losses.


    Shut down the internet. This guy has just won it.

  32. Emmitt Smith didn’t go to AZ to revitalize his career. He went there to rack up more rushing yards to protect his rushing title. Just sayin’.

  33. How does he remain relevant? He isn’t productive, he has become a detriment to the teams that have employed him.

  34. thatsrightmike says:
    October 10, 2017 at 11:57 am
    Can he block?


    P.S. Hahahaha

  35. why does everyone forget Mark Ingram?

    Excellent runner, great at catching balls and formidable blocker. Bet in some teams he would be a +1500 yds runner.

  36. Good bye and good riddance.
    Now go tell Arians how much the team needs to “Run it up their donkey”

    Kodo’s for Saints to get something (anything) for him. I figure he was gonna be cut before he became too much of a distraction.

  37. Better question is why did New Orleans sign him in the first place? Even a novice knew it was a stupid idea…..

  38. I don’t get this at all. You’d be better stealing someone off a practice squad, or bringing in a young, hungry street free agent. Don’t give up a draft pick for a washed-up rb.

  39. teal379 says:
    Does he get 500 yards this year?

    Perhaps, provided the NFL celebrates the upcoming holidays with a “gain a yard, get one free” promotion.

  40. People…this is a stop gap play until David Johnson comes back between Thanksgiving and Christmas and then you won’t see much of AP unless he proves he can be a physical run blocker and willing to do the garbage work…how likely is that? To give up any draft pick on a player the team doesn’t need is BAD for everybody! David Johnson is the starter for the Cards period and if they “promised” him any carries, he should have done some homework to realize that Arians admittedly lies (and the Organization does on record). So, this was just plain bad business for everyone except the Saints!
    WHO DAT!!!

  41. Poor Chris Johnson, plays for the Cards for 3 years, backup or w/e… only to get replaced by another aging RB who has worse stats this year, spent no time with the team & complains about workload.

  42. To think he was even close to being a fit in the Saints offense was very dumb. Signing him was flat out monumentally stupid. Getting a any kind draft compensation for him shows that sometimes you can be very dumb but get bailed out by another more desperate team. For this signing and their complete inability to draft, sign, trade for good players on defense, Loomis and Payton got to go.

  43. If only the Cardinals were on the Saints’ schedule this year. If only. 🙂

    I think people are going to be surprised how well this works out. The Saints didn’t even try to use AP properly. Payton had it in for him and the deal for him.

  44. 6-10. Should have taken Carr in 2014. You’ll never get over that.
    ___________________________________________________Carr is sub .500 for his career. Never been to a playoff, never taken a team to a division championship, is 3-14 career against playoff teams………………you may go know.

  45. I blame fantasy football for the clear lack of football knowledge these days. Peterson has four bad games, in which he didn’t get the ball enough to be effective, and people forget how freakishly talented he is.

  46. To everyone calling the Saints stupid for signing him in the first place, you obviously don’t follow the Saints. Over the last few years, the Saints have had re-occuring problems with depth at running back. Mark Ingram’s “turf toe” injury seemed like it would never end. One year, we were literally signing RB’s off the street. We had Ivory for a while,but he kept getting hurt too.

    A veteran, all-time great RB on a two year contract for around $3 mill seemed pretty reasonable when you’ve had a history of depth problems.

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