Sammy Watkins seems confused about role in Rams offense

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Wide receiver Sammy Watkins didn’t make any friends in Buffalo when he did the thing many receivers do — ask for the ball more.

So while he’s going the passive-aggressive social media route now, the Rams are having to spend energy talking about his role in the offense.

“Sammy’s a player that, he wants to be involved,” Rams coach Sean McVay said, via Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times. “You never know when your opportunity is going to come, but let’s just make sure that snap in and snap out, you continue to compete and contribute to the best of your ability.”

Watkins was targeted four times in last week’s loss to the Seahawks, but didn’t catch a pass. The week before against the Cowboys, he was targeted twice and caught one pass. Watkins has 14 catches for 211 yards and two touchdowns this year.

When former Rams receiver Torry Holt tweeted: “Sammy Watkins 0 catches on four targets, Watkins now has 1 catch for 17 yards over his past two games,” Watkins replied “Something gotta be going on”, adding an emoji of a zippered mouth.

He’s also retweeting messages encouraging him to have a greater role, and replied to one with “I know it will start clicking soon.”

Last week, Watkins admitted he handled a similar situation in Buffalo poorly, when he asked for 10 targets a game.

“Two years ago, it would’ve probably been different,” Watkins said, via “I would’ve probably gone to the media and been saying whatever, trying to get the coach’s attention. That’s how I used to do it back then. Like, ‘I need more targets.’ Then that comes to the coach, and me and him have to talk.”

McVay said he’s talked to Watkins about the situation, and that he wants the same thing. He also said he doesn’t think the last two weeks are “indiciative of his production for the rest of the season.” He also credited Watkins for taking their conversation the right way, which is something he’s apparently going to have to continue to handle.

22 responses to “Sammy Watkins seems confused about role in Rams offense

  1. The Rams are showing signs of a good young team. They should have beaten Seattle, in Seattle. Everything is starting to click, and they have a great young QB. I wish Sammy Watkins would just stay away from the twitter and spend that extra time studying film. He has the ability to be one of the top 5 WRs in the NFL. The Rams didn’t sign him as a decoy, I can guarantee you that. Don’t give the impression that there are 52 guys rowing in one direction, and one guy rowing his own boat. You end up rowing that thing right out of town. The Rams are going to win with, or without Sammy. I’d love to see this guy reach his potential, because it’s huge. Throw that phone in the garbage.

  2. If you’re any good, you get the football. It should be clear by now that Watkins isn’t nearly as good as his draft pedigree or as he thinks he is. Deep threat guys who do little else for their team are the #3 or 4 option in the offense for a reason. Watkins is an overpaid/overhyped version of Torrey Smith, who unlike Watkins understands his role and does it quietly.

  3. Again, fake news. If you actually look at his recent Twitter feed he says he loves the team, loves it in LA, and loves his coach and QB when people try and suggest otherwise. He says his time will come and that he has to remain patient. He hasn’t complained one bit.

    A WR wants the ball, that is earth shattering news.

  4. joetoronto says:

    October 10, 2017 at 6:58 am

    He’ll be fine because unlike in Buffalo, he has a decent QB now.
    Too bad you don’t have a decent QB in Oakland. How is EJ Manuel working out for you LOL.

  5. He was quoted as saying last spring the nfl players should have nba salaries, and that his graduating class was going to make that happen….which is one reason buffalo let him go before trying to sign him next year.
    Do you think the stats he is putting up this year are worthy of an an nba style contract??

  6. I know Watkins has a history of complaining about not getting the ball but to his defense I have been a tad miffed why they aren’t giving him at least a few more looks. Of those 4 targets 3 of those passes shouldn’t have been thrown as the coverage was very tight. McVay has been an excellent play caller so far but his calls against Seattle were questionable at best.

  7. He shouldn’t be confused. I’ll settle it for Sammy…he sucks and as of this moment, classifies as a BUST, unless he manages to resurrect his career in LA. That’s on HIM to put in the extra work with Goff. Remember how Manning would come out with his WRs before a game and practice routes and throwing passes???…you don’t see that hardly with any of these young QBs. Learn from the greats young’uns. Put in the work, practice, practice, practice. Sammy should work out w/ Jerry Rice in the offseason, see what real work is.

  8. Looked to me like he gave up on several routes Sunday — if he’s not getting the ball he should look in the mirror, or better yet, game tape.

  9. Watkins and Tyrod Taylor appeared to have a good relationship. Would not surprise me, Watkins attitude not being a question, that the Bills bring him back next year.

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