Teddy Bridgewater to be evaluated for PUP list activation Monday

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The Vikings saw Sam Bradford leave Monday night’s game with more knee trouble that makes it difficult for them to know when he might be able to play again this season.

For now, that leaves Case Keenum and Kyle Sloter as their quarterback options on the 53-man roster but that could change in the coming weeks. Teddy Bridgewater is eligible to be activated from the physically unable to perform list next week and trainer Eric Sugarman said on Tuesday that the team will now if he’s ready for that on Monday.

“He will be reevaluated by his surgeon next Monday and then we’ll take it from there,” Sugarman said, via Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press.

Bridgewater practiced at points this offseason after missing all of last season with a severe knee injury. If Bridgewater is activated from the PUP list, it would open a three-week window for him to practice in hopes of being added to the active roster.

24 responses to “Teddy Bridgewater to be evaluated for PUP list activation Monday

  1. Wishing Teddy the best. If he’s ready, great, if not I know he will continue to work hard until he is.

  2. I predict that Teddy will get his first start November 19 against the Rams, and you will hear the loudest roar ever at US Bank Stadium when he comes on the field for the first play.

  3. Bradford has the best game of his life and now his careers over, poor guy is snakebitten.

    Can Teddy save the Vikings season? Does Case Keenum have enough to beat the Packers? Will Jet McKinnon put up 150 again? Tune in next week! SKOL

  4. gbbvan says:
    October 10, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    And guess who’s coming to town?

    I assume you’re referring to the Packers, but that’s irrelevant. Teddy is on the PUP until after the Packer game and then will be able to practice for three weeks before being activated…but why am I writing all this to someone who clearly can’t read?

  5. IF Teddy is truly healthy and mobile as he was, I would be intrigued to see him operate this new offense that IS NOT tailored around a conservative, power running game. He played with a limited playbook his first 2 years. At his best was Dec of his rookie year when he was allowed to sling it around a couple games due to the D’s poor play. He never had a WR corp playing at this level either. Overlooked Bonus…..no Matt Kalil protecting his blind side!!

  6. How Vikings-like is it for us to finally think we have a franchise quarterback who can put up big numbers and then he has a career-ending injury before the game is over?

    Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to be Viking quarterbacks.

  7. I can’t wait to see Teddy play with a solid o-line and one of the best trio of WRs in the NFL! too bad Dalvin is gone though …

  8. I hope he’s healthy and think it’s great he’s making progress physically, but is there any reason to believe he’s the answer at the position?

    I don’t remember him exactly lighting the world on fire when he was healthy. Sure he’s a decent QB who is accurate on the short to intermediate routes, but that doesn’t seem to fit with his talent around him with guys like Diggs, Thielen, and Floyd who all stretch the field one way or another. Not to mention you’ve been getting pretty solid play out of Case Keenum. I’m just saying I wouldn’t rush Teddy back for his sake.

  9. How Vikings-like is it for us to finally think we have a franchise quarterback who can put up big numbers and then he has a career-ending injury before the game is over?
    It makes for a nice excuse but in reality there’s no drop off between Bradford and Keenum. Plus, both are a step up from TB, so ultimately it’s irrelevant.

  10. I am thinking that Teddy and Case have about the same skill set, neither has the deep ball touch of Bradford, but Teddy has that unique personal intangible that makes players around him work harder, and as it has been stated, since his first game he just finds a way to win.
    But the Vikings are going to have to pull one tool from his tool belt and that is to scramble.
    But the O line is much better than that Horrible line Teddy had his first seasons. They were plain flat awful! Yet Teddy lead them to an NFC North title and 11 win season. That is something Bradford just hasn’t been able to do. Plus he isn’t a trouble maker that turns the team against each other AND the Coach, I’m talking about the unemployed Kapernick guy. He thinks he isn’t on a team because of the Anthem issue, perhaps it is just because he distroyes

  11. allight59 says:
    October 10, 2017 at 7:26 pm
    Can’t wait for Teddy to host that Superbowl Trophy over his head….

    You just guaranteed it will never happen. You are 0-100 on your predictions.

  12. That was perhaps the greatest sack in NFL history. To see that defensive lineman drive the offensive lineman back towards the QB at such a rate that it caused a grown man to seek the safety of the fetal position, even before he was touched, was unbelievable!

    Bradford never had time to take a step to one side, take a step back…. All he could do was fall down and curl up. I hate the bears but that defender should be given $100,000,000 per year!

  13. allight59 said:
    October 10, 2017 at 7:26 pm

    Can’t wait for Teddy to host that Superbowl Trophy over his head….


    Hmmmm. Interesting. I never thought of the possibility of Teddy being traded to another team. Good point.

  14. So many questions left unanswered. If the Vikings beat the Packers Sunday, they are tied for first, and it means Case played well. So why would you activate a less than 100% Teddy? If the Vikings lose Sunday, and/or the next week, they are 3-4. Again, are you going to risk Teddy’s future, if he has one, on a team that would struggle to make playoffs? IF Teddy has a future in the NFL, it is probably because he rehabbed this entire season and is 100% healthy for next year. There are zero answers available as of today.

  15. What makes people think Teddy is going to be better than Keenum? Is it just the fact that teddy was a 1st rd pick? Nothing I have seen on the field tells me that will be the case, even if teddy is fully healthy.

  16. Great. The Vikings will have two gimpy knee’d QBs. Groom Sloter, draft Luke Falk and move on so someone else worries about two very talented and great guys who are one play from a wheelchair and will be the rest of their careers.

  17. You obviously didn’t watch the 2015 season. Teddy is a far more accurate passer than case, in fact, was a more accurate passer than Rodgers has ever been in his career. He had short passes, sure, but as was shown last year, our OL was abysmal and unable to protect the QB for more than two seconds. And they went 11-5 still! Now the OL is at least average, the WR core is better than it has been in a years and the TE is showing to be above average as well. I’d love to see what Teddy could do on this team with better protection and better weapons.

  18. Please, for the young man’s sake. Don’t rush him back. I would keep him on the bench the rest of the year to let his strength and balance stabilize. No way he is 100% this quick.

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