Adrian Peterson: I have so much left


Running back Adrian Peterson went through his first practice with the Cardinals on Wednesday amid questions about how much he might have left in the tank and there’s one immediate difference from the way he looked in New Orleans and Minnesota.

Peterson is wearing No. 23 rather than No. 28 because he wasn’t able to work out a deal with cornerback Justin Bethel that would have allowed him to keep wearing the number he’s worn throughout his NFL career. Peterson believes that you’ll see him find more success than he had in New Orleans in his new number.

“I have so much left. I look to play four or five more years,” Peterson said, via Darren Urban of the team’s website.

Peterson had run 64 times for 153 yards since the start of last season, which isn’t much of an argument for having a lot of big games left in his system even if the fit with the Saints was an imperfect one from the start. He’ll get his first chance to offer a counterargument against the Buccaneers this Sunday.

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  1. We will see, it could of just been a fit thing especially as AP hasn’t really been the type of guy that gets you big yards immediately. He’s kind of like a locomotive, he has to pick up steam. LT was said to have been washed up and then he went to the Jets, a perfect fit. So could he be done? Possibly but no definitive, it’s a wait and see.

  2. He’d better be right, cause he’s getting sued here in MN for $600K for defaulting on a loan. Might have to trade in his camel.

  3. Tear-soaked retirement speech is on the horizon, still a little ways away but you can see it clear as crystal if you squint

  4. “Former Vikings All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson has defaulted on a $2.4 million loan, according to a lawsuit filed in Hennepin County Court on Tuesday.”

    Maybe the Vikings should pick up this tab. They love him up there. They worship him. It’s a drop in the bucket compared to the raise and reward and paid vacation they gave him a few years ago.

  5. He’s never been the sharpest tool in the shed so it stands to reason he’ll be the last to acknowledge his demise. He was something special for awhile but we haven’t seen “that guy” for a few years.

  6. There aren’t many 32 year old running backs in the NFL. We’ll see. Gawd knows we need something to do other than have Palmer running around trying not to get sacked.😬

  7. If Justin Bethel had any HONOR (I know, I know, that’s an outdated term in this Millenials Smart-Phone Age), he would let the legendary Adrian Peterson have his number 28.

    Let me guess, Bethel is one of these kneel-during-the-anthem guys?

  8. If anyone can do this it’s AP. I don’t like him as a person but he’s been exciting to watch as a player. I hopeful for him, but not necessarily optimistic.

  9. This is likely Peterson’s last best chance. The Cardinals are desperate for running help and will likely give him every opportunity to prove he still has something left. He very well may have something left. That disastrous signing in New Orleans never made sense and made even less sense once the season started.

  10. tqaztec says:
    He can’t add 2+2. Box of rocks up there.

    He does appear to get that spaced-out look that you only tend to see on druggies, war veterans who have been in the deep stuff, Kelly Bundy, and sociopaths.

  11. The problem is though, whether he has much running left in him or not, he’s really not a good match for the Cardinals offense. They need an RB who Palmer can check down to (especially since the OL can’t protect him), and to pass block – two things AP has never been good at, and at 32 he’s probably not going to learn. And the Cardinals OL is so sketchy, are they going to be able to open up any holes for him?

  12. ” I have so much left “……

    you are the only one that thinks that because the Saints and Vikes didn’t think so and the Cards will find out soon enough

  13. The vast majority of NFL offenses are not geared to Adrian Petersons style of play. I can think of only one offhand—the Cowboys, where they run an offense suited to his strengths, and they have Elliot so that’s a hard no. Teams want versatile backs. Backs who can pass protect our or shotgun or run a variety of routes with good hands. Peterson isn’t those things, and he isn’t nearly as good as he used to be at what he does best. The game has changed considerably and so has Peterson.

  14. I think everyone here is wrong.

    I think he can play if you give him 25 carries, and I expect that is exactly what Arizona is going to do.

    I’d say he rushes for 500 yards over the next 4 games.

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