Alex Boone, Adrian Peterson reunite

Getty Images

If a year ago someone had said that Larry Fitzgerald, Adrian Peterson, and Alex Boone would be teammates, most would have assumed that Fitzgerald had been traded to or signed by the Vikings. Instead, Peterson has been traded to the Cardinals from the Saints and Boone has signed with the Cardinals after being cut by the Vikings.

The unexpected reunion between Peterson and Boone could be a little awkward, given comments made by Peterson’s father about the Vikings offensive line while Boone made up 20 percent of it.

Boone, appearing on PFT Live in the aftermath of Nelson Peterson’s criticism of the Minnesota offensive line, said this: “I’d like some clarification on that. If you’re a leader then, you know, you say it. Don’t let other people say it. . . . If you got something to say, you say it. Be a man about it.”

Boone isn’t one to mince words or play passive-aggressive games. If he’s not happy with comments previously made by Nelson Peterson, Boone surely will say so, the first time Adrian Peterson walks into the locker room. It makes far more sense to clear the air over it than to let it fester, especially if the Arizona offensive line ends up performing not much better than the offensive line in Minnesota.

However the line performs, Peterson is virtually certain to get the kind of workload he coveted in New Orleans. The Cardinals are getting desperate for a spark in the running game following the fractured wrist suffered by David Johnson. With 32-year-old Chris Johnson failing to provide it, 32-year-old Adrian Peterson gets his chance.