DeShone Kizer feels Hue Jackson’s still “completely riding with me”

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Browns coach Hue Jackson didn’t do much to hide the fact that the team was benching quarterback DeShone Kizer for this week’s game against the Texans when he spoke to the media on Monday and he made the change to Kevin Hogan official on Wednesday.

That was a pretty stark change for Jackson, who had said more than once after making Kizer the starter this summer that the team would stick with him through the inevitable growing pains that come with starting a rookie. Kizer spoke to the media on Wednesday and said he completely trusts “the process [Jackson] has set up for me” despite the “adjustment” to the plan this week.

“He’s completely riding with me still,” Kizer said. “He’s just gonna ride with me from a different angle. He felt that this offense needed a spark and that they’re going to be able to get that with Kevin.”

Kizer said his goal now is to be ready to make more of his next opportunity to play and that he thinks there are “multiple ways to get better” as a quarterback. Observation will be the way for Kizer to get better in the immediate future and he may need Hogan to flop badly for that to change in the near future.

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  1. Not for long. Especially since Kizer is terrible. Who was the last Notre Dame QB with any success in the NFL? Joe Montana. (You might be able to make a case for Steve Beuerlein). The rest have either been busts or never even made it to the league. They don’t produce good QBs. And Kizer wasn’t even that good at Notre Dame.

  2. Of course… Hue Jackson is ‘with him’.

    Hue Jackson coached Chad Johnson, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Chris Henry, Roddy White, etc..

    Cleveland doesn’t have anyone nearly as talented.

  3. The only logical thing to do for the next QB the browns attempt to draft in the top 3 is to refuse to go to Cleveland. Pull an Eli Manning on draft day. If you go to Cleveland your career doesn’t stand a chance. You will be ruined and out of the league at the end of your rookie contract. Take the momentary PR hit for refusing to be part of Cleveland’s ineptitude and give your career a chance elsewhere.

  4. Also, look for Jackson to let the Texans run all over the Browns and go all out to stop Watson. That way it doesn’t look so bad on their wiff.

  5. This is literally my worst case scenario. Kizer had great potential in preseason but he shouldn’t have been named starter. Can’t have a 1-15 caliber team then start next season with a rookie QB. Struggles are inevitable and the coach is gonna panic for his job. If you commit to this rebuild you gotta struggle with him every game. Aikman, Manning, all terrible as rookies. Either ride wit him or don’t name him starter right away. Confidence shot.

  6. This will be good for Kizer and the Browns. Either he’ll respond in practice and come back better, or he’ll continue to flounder and be done. It was worth it to see if the preseason could translate.. so far, it hasn’t, and adjustments need to be made. Now Kizer can make those adjustments out of the spotlight. He will start games again this year, as the Browns will need to know whether or not a 1st round QB is necessary. My bet is they draft Rosen.

  7. After the draft, the ‘experts’ were calling Kizer a steal. Now the ‘experts’ are calling him a bust (after 5 games with no talented WR’s around him). Too soon to give up on him.

  8. The very definition of a head coach “riding with” a starting quarterback rather than his backup is the act of NOT benching him.

  9. “Kizer had great potential in preseason”
    There’s a long list of players on all teams that show “potential” in the preseason, but never amount to anything. You know why? Because it’s the PRESEASON. The elite players don’t care because they know they’re not going to be cut and they don’t want to get themselves hurt before the real season even starts.

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