DeShone Kizer wants starting job back: I don’t play this game to sit on bench

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Browns rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer knows Hue Jackson is “completely riding with me still,” but that doesn’t make his benching any easier.

Kizer will sit as Kevin Hogan becomes the team’s 28th starting quarterback since 1999. But Kizer doesn’t plan on standing for Jackson’s decision for long.

“I don’t play this game to sit on the bench, so now it’s about accepting this as a challenge and doing whatever I can to get back out there and once again be the best quarterback and the best version of myself I can be when I do get back out there,” Kizer said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Kizer has an 0-5 record, completing only 50.9 percent of his passes for 851 yards, three touchdowns, a league-leading nine interceptions and a 49.5 passer rating.

Jackson’s decision was based, at least in part, on Kizer’s inexperience being able to carry a sub-par receiving corps. That didn’t help him stomach it.

“Nothing makes this easier,” Kizer said. “I’m a competitor. I want to be out there playing. When I came out here and got drafted here, my ultimate goal was to be the starting quarterback for every opportunity that I could and I came a little short of that this week and I’m going to do whatever I can to get right back on the path that I was on.”

The Browns passed on Carson Wentz last year. They passed on Deshaun Watson this year. Kizer is their future — at least for now.

25 responses to “DeShone Kizer wants starting job back: I don’t play this game to sit on bench

  1. Holy cow. What a dumpster fire they’ve got in Cleveland.

    Hey…at least you’ve got the Cavs to look forward to though. Some of us live almost solely through football though.

  2. You know whats funny?

    The Browns had Carson Wentz last year. Then some genius decided to trade him for lots of draft picks. So they draft a bust. Next year they get to use a very high #1 to draft another QB. In the meantime they wasted a couple of years. And if the guy they draft is a bust, they use another pick and draft a QB in a few years.

    I’m a firm believer in Moneyball. But you need to have an objective. Its not just trade for the future. You need to have an idea of what you want to accomplish.
    If you have no QB, you aren’t going anywhere. And after 4 years those guys you drafted with all those picks will want to get paid. So you are in a situation with no QB and guys who are coming off their rookie contracts.

    They have had high picks for a while, and have been trading down. And they are still terrible.

    I’m curious to see how the Browns make out over the next few years.

  3. This guy wasn’t even great in college. Browns should have stuck him on the bench for a couple of years instead of throwing him to the wolves. Will they ever get it?

  4. Not really, has nothing to do with starting a rookie QB plenty of rookies have came and succeed right away, this has everything to do with the QB they chose to draft and the one they chose to start.

    patriotmaleorgy says:
    October 11, 2017 at 2:52 pm
    This is what happens when you decide to start a rookie at qb after one game.

  5. @arclight1972:

    You hit the nail on the head. I am also a moneyball fan. But making every single move with an eye solely towards stockpiling future assets is NOT what moneyball really is. Nor is moneyball another word for tanking to get high picks. The Philadelphia 76ers and now the Browns have taken a solid baseball concept and bastardized it. The Oakland A’s never stank on purpose- they didn’t get rid of talent to lower their chances of winning, they turned talent that they were going to lose anyway into assets for the future. There is a difference.

  6. Hue Jackson is officially on the clock! Kizer was on pace to challenge Payton Manning’s 29 picks in his rookie season.

  7. tvguy22 says:
    October 11, 2017 at 3:58 pm
    The Browns used first round picks on Johnny Manziel and Trent Richardson. That’s just the tip of the incompetence iceberg.

    The got good usage out of Richardson then fleeced the Colts with him. So I think they came out ok on that one. Even if they squandered what they ripped off from the Colts.

  8. Apparently success in the NFL for QB’s is now measured in if they last longer than the average male.

  9. the media really needs to start calling Haslam out on the carpet….that 40 million or so under the cap every year is just so glaring.

  10. CLE built the trenches vs drafting QB high. You’re going to pass on potential franchise guys. If Kizer can’t get back in the game, Darnold, Rozen or Allen will be here next season. Not rocket science.

  11. He needs to stand and watch for awhile. Because he’s a rookie and because Brian Kelly robbed him of some of his confidence by yelling at him in on multiple occasions in front of about 50 million people when he was at Notre Dame.

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