Desperation descends on Cleveland

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I’d love to know how the conversation went between Browns coach Hue Jackson and former (for now) starting quarterback DeShone Kizer regarding Sunday’s game at Houston. Here’s a wild guess (with some sarcasm included) as to how Jackson explained the decision to keep Kizer on the bench for what would have been Deshaun vs. DeShone I.

“DeShone,” Hue may have said, “I think you have tremendous potential, and I think I can help you get there. But here’s the problem. If we don’t win a game or two fairly soon, I’m not going to get the chance to do that, because I’m not going to be your coach. See, I’m 1-20 in this job and, if you include my last five games in Oakland, 2-24 as an NFL head coach. That’s Rich Kotite territory.”

“Who’s Rich Kotite?” Kizer may have said.

“Exactly,” may have been Jackson’s reply.

“Anyway, we play the Texans then the Titans then the Vikings in London. If we end up 0-8 going into the bye week and 1-23 since last year, I’ll probably get fired on the flight back from England. So let me try to win a game or two with Kevin and then we can try to win some more with you.”

It’s an explanation that likely made plenty of sense to Kizer, who surely doesn’t want to see Jackson get fired during or after the 2017 season.

The decision also potentially was influenced by a desire to avoid putting the DeShone they drafted on the field against the Deshaun they didn’t. From passing on Carson Wentz last year to passing twice on Deshaun Watson this year (and trading out of the spot where he was drafted), someone eventually is getting fired for that. And if Watson had thrown for five touchdowns and no picks in a head-to-head matchup with Kizer, there’s a chance the reset button on the entire franchise would be slapped hard by Jimmy Haslam.

Even with Kizer nudged out of the fray, a loss to the Texans and another great performance from Watson may result in the reset button being slapped anyway, possibly after the London game. Maybe even sooner.

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  1. This is crazy.

    The front office has embarked on a long term process to respectability by shedding all the experienced talent, trading for tons of draft picks, filling every roster slot with young guys with potential and saddled the coach with a roster that was never intended to win now.

    And now they’re surprised when it isn’t winning?

    Maybe the issue is that the same front office passed on all the QBs they could have had because they “weren’t good enough” only to watch them succeed wildly for other teams.

  2. Nothing but a con. 41 mil under the cap last year, almost 63 million under this year. The top 24 teams average 12 million or less under the cap. How can any coaching staff compete when there is a 48 million dollar personnel gap?

    Haslam scammed millions from his Pilot FlyingJ customers and since that scam got busted he got himself a new one, the Browns. Feel sorry for the Cleveland fans they should leave that stadium empty until Haslam is forced to sell the team.

  3. Browns should follow the Raiders path: patience. Everyone wanted Reggie fired, but he needed time for his picks and moves to pan out. Browns have a solid group of young talent, just no QB, and they are waiting to put other pieces in place first. They’ll have a top pick with some huge QB prospects, and one of the best RB prospects in a while too. Give Hue a chance in 2018, and then if results stay the same, move on

  4. This front office stock piled draft capital for the next few years. If there is a well known talent elevator out there then maybe it’s time for a change or an addition. Someone like Gentleman running their draft would be lethal.

  5. Even if they had drafted Wentz or Watson, I find it unlikely they would have developed into the promising franchise caliber quarterbacks that they are looking to be. The Cleveland touch turns every quarterback who ends up there into… something brown.

  6. No wonder, the below is from last year:
    “’s Tony Grossi has reported Cleveland’s braintrust had reached the conclusion that Wentz would not develop into a top 20 NFL quarterback”

  7. If Hue were fired today it would keep his W-L percentage higher than Gus Bradley. Maybe that would be to his advantage.

  8. The hue that Jackson has been wearing has been phony from day one. He is not HC material and has set back the franchise with his decisions on rg3, kizer, terrible playcalling, no run game, no offensive system ways.

  9. Exactly whose expectations are the Browns failing to live up to? They are who we thought they were. I don’t think Hue is a great coach, necessarily, but he’s far from the reason they’re losing right now. To see whether this method of building a team can succeed or not they have to stick with it through next year. Then, if there’s no improvement, that’s when you clean house. The revolving door coaching method is a known failure. No need to try that one yet again.

  10. I don’t think they were actually looking to draft a QB in last year’s draft. Yes, they passed over a couple of guys that have turned out to be OK so far. (Watson, Trebisky, Carr). But the fact that they didn’t take them tells me they weren’t looking for “the guy” in those drafts.
    Kizer was a highly rated QB who fell to the second round and was a great choice at that position; but he’s VERY young and inexperienced. Maybe he’ll be the guy after a year of watching, which was the plan anyway.
    I don’t think they’re making any changes in staff/front office. They have a plan and a team and are sticking with them. Whether that plan and team turns out to work is the next question, but it won’t be answered until after next year. They do need to win some games in the meantime, but like it or not, it’s wait until next year for the Browns.

  11. I don’t follow the GM or number crunchers logic. The Browns are investing in youth yet they won’t ainty up any money. What’s gonna happen when the rookie deals come up and the players hit their prime?….you think the Browns are going to reward them with HUGE contracts? I don’t think so. They’ll trade the players for yet MORE draft picks. The Cleveland Browns have become the player farm system for the OTHER 31 teams. Sad for the Cleveland Brown fans.

  12. If Jackson is truly on the hot seat, then Cleveland will continue to be the Factory of Sadness. They’re building something, their team is impossibly young, and that’s not a recipe for instant winning. Next year, probably. This year, probably not. Either stay the course or don’t–but if they don’t, they’ll just keep moving backward.

  13. If they were going to give Kizer that short of a leash, he shouldn’t have started the season. If the Browns weren’t really ready in the rebuilding process to chose a QB, they shouldn’t have picked Kizer in the second round. The problem with the Browns is that their decisions all contradict each other.

    They could win a few games this year with strong defense and by running the ball behind that line and putting very little pressure on their QB (be it a rookie or a below average veteran), but they haven’t been doing that at all.

    Their approach with the draft could be successful, but they just keep contradicting themselves. I think its clear at this point: Hue gotta go.

  14. Need to fire the owner and GM. They have 60 Mil in cap space. You can’t be too cheap to pay for talent and be disappointed when your team is a dumpster fire.

  15. It’s so obvious: bring in John Dorsey, architect of the Chiefs (who was fired this offseason in a very underreported story) to use up those draft picks! That dude can spot players, man.

  16. The NFL has a salary cap, but needs a salary floor as well, to keep teams like the Browns from doing what they’re doing.
    In addition, the Catch-22 regarding Kizer is that, if Hogan somehow does play well for them and displays ability and potential, they’re not going to go back to Kizer!

  17. Wonder why Joe Thomas puts up with this over and over again?
    I wish he’d find a way to finish the season in Green Bay or KC. He deserves a shot at a title.

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