Malcolm Jenkins: NFL can’t deter players from doing what’s right

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The NFL’s owners seem to have grown weary with the anthem controversy and its persistent threat to their business interests. And so the signs are pointing to the NFL’s owners telling players to stand for the anthem.

That could backfire.

“I think we’ve seen even over the last year that you can take a player out of the league, you can threaten to do whatever you want to do, that’s not going to deter players from doing what’s right, or doing what they believe is right,” Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins said Tuesday, via Tim McManus of “You might be able to change the manner in which that looks but I don’t see players stopping their pursuit for justice or equality.”

The league apparently will be trying to change “the manner in which that looks” by giving them an alternative platform for bringing attention to their concerns. The question becomes whether the players will accept an involuntary adjustment to the format for their voluntary protests.

“The position of the players is that we’re going to continue to do the work that we’ve been doing, we’re going to continue to use our platforms as we have been over the last year to drive awareness to injustices in our country,” Jenkins said. “Now what the NFL decides to do is kind of on them. There has been open dialogue between players and different ownership; there has been dialogue between players and Commissioner Goodell.

“But at the end of the day, you’ve also had these individual owners come out and take these strong stances, and some owners take stances behind closed doors. But from a player’s standpoint, that doesn’t change what we do or how we go about our business. Whether they want to assist us or deter us is on them.”

The owners clearly want to assist the players. But, ultimately, the owners will be dictating the terms of that assistance. And the owners will be guessing that players who will never give up the cash they’re currently getting in order to make more cash via a strike will never give up the cash they’re currently getting in order to make a point.

49 responses to “Malcolm Jenkins: NFL can’t deter players from doing what’s right

  1. I continually hear this is about cash the owners are getting. Yet the contract clearly dictates the players get a percentage of the money the league makes. In reality, the players are biting the hands that feed them.

  2. This political hostility is getting way out of hand. It’s time to scale it back, and return to playing football.

    Simple solution:
    Keep the players in the locker room, until after the national anthem.

  3. Malcolm Jenkins is one of the most popular people in this region. If he stands up and makes a clear argument about his concerns, a whole lot of people will listen. Once he protests the anthem, a lot of those same people will no longer hear. If your form of protest has so enraged your target audience, that they only talk about your protest and not your cause, then your protest failed. They need a new approach. I myself don’t care if they sit for the anthem, and likely wouldn’t have noticed if not for the unending coverage. I am getting close to giving up football, at least for a while. Not because I am offended, just because I am sick of hearing about it.

  4. I think a better way to get the message out would be the protesting players buying air time during the national games and show a video that gets their point across without offending a great deal of people.
    Sure it would cost $$, but it would get the message out there without the perceived anti flag/anthem noise.

  5. Maybe the NFL can explain the Jenkins where the money comes from and how he gets paid millions to play a game. It’s because people watch it. When people quit watchi.g, the money goes away. Do your protesting elsewhere.

  6. “I think we’ve seen even over the last year that you can take a player out of the league, you can threaten to do whatever you want to do, that’s not going to deter players from doing what’s right, or doing what they believe is right.”

    At least Jenkins corrected himself at the end of that quote.

    What he believes to be right is the key.

    The NFL has not taken a player out of the league over the protest. CK made a decision to opt out of his contract, so the fact that he is unemployed is on him.

    Other players will soon have to decide how much their beliefs really mean to them when continuing to use the NFL’s stage to conduct their personal protest will result in getting benched, fined and or suspended.

    It will, once again, be their decision.

    I served 6 years in the military to protect the players right to protest and firmly believe they have that right – on their own time.

    When you put a uniform on you are no longer an individual. The players don’t seem to understand that changes the situation and they no longer have same rights as they do as an individual.

  7. Oh, Malcolm, Malcolm, what you do not realize, son, is you are the “employee”! Philly would be an excellent place for you to start trying to correct the social injustices that you feel exist, on your own time!! Fans are SICK of the protests, and seemingly no other action to change these injustices you feel!! Kneeling, fists in the air, etc. mean nada, with no further action, except to say “look at me”……

  8. If the players quit kneeling and raising fists to “get conversations going” and actually did something about their grievances, then, the country may pay attention. What they’re doing now just creates a distraction from the problems.

  9. How is making you stand during the national anthem “deterring players from doing what is right”? You cant even articulate what your “protest” is for besides racial inequality. You send a letter to the NFL, and you discuss a racially biased legal system. What exactly is you kneeling for the anthem going to accomplish to resolve that? Youre only dividing the population further.

  10. Mr. Jenkins, and there lies the problem. The NFL has done everything possible to let the players not only to silently protest for very just causes but are also warning you that message has been hijacked by an Administration that didn’t even listen to you but called you names. You will get no help there. For players to continue protest during the anthem will appear to being doing it out of spite rather than the Cause. The message will be lost.

  11. Youre going to continue to do the work you are doing? What work is that, exactly? Raising awareness for something doesn’t cure it. You haven’t done any WORK, you’ve simply taken a knee, or sat for the anthem.

    While I respect your right to do that, its time you respect my right to find it offensive. That is the most frustrating thing in all of this. The people that support the protests are the same people that have turned Christmas music into Holiday music, because they are deeply offended by the word Christmas. These same people are going to wag their finger at me, and tell me as a Marine Corps veteran I’m not allowed to be offended by their protests “because their intent isn’t to offend”. I don’t give a rip about their intent. The intent of “Christmas music” isn’t to offend either, and that never stopped you babies from ruining that.

  12. Average Joe’s like me watch football to get away from politics for a while. If the players are going to insert their politics into football, we will find something else to do with our time. When we stop supporting the NFL with our dollars I hope the players enjoy their new careers at Burger King.

  13. Jenkins can’t deter the fans from doing what’s right. And that’s not spending their hard earned disposable income on people who don’t respect them.

  14. Oh my Lord, what does Jenkins not get about this? Hey Malcolm, you are perfectly free to pursue doing what’s right, or what you consider to be right, on your own time. You have every Tuesday during the season off, and most of the off-season as well. Take that time to do your social justice work. But while you are at work (at a job which pays you enough to place you in the top 1% of wage earners in the nation), you behave as your employer expects you to behave.

    Do your protesting on your own time.

  15. Look, if Sam the greeter at Walmart hit you with, “Hello, welcome to Walmart. Please stop abortion, which kills more people than any other system or thing in our nation.” You would freak. Because…
    -You don’t think abortion murders a baby, you’ve justified that in your head.
    -Sam is at work! His employer has rules against such discussions in the workplace!
    -You just came to shop. You don’t want to deal with politics or social issues here, for crying out loud!
    But the paid, at-work players get a free pass and support from you.
    Can you see OUR side of it?
    Malcolm, I believe you will. Just keep it up. See how much money your political constituents give you when the game goes away, buddy.

  16. That’s a good thing to do Malcolm real intelligent. Keep pissing off the people who allow you to make the money you do.

    You keep going this way and the the salary cap is going to be lower next year and people will have to start taking paycuts. Honestly that is the only thing that will get them to listen probably.

  17. So other than raising a fist, what exactly are you doing to change anything Malcom?

    These self-absorbed athletes may be worse than the “stars” in Hollywood with their delusions of self-importance

  18. Yeah, you are really putting in the work. I bet you spends about, oh let’s say, maybe 5 minutes a week towards your very important cause.

  19. Do your homework, keyboard tough guys. 27 has been doing much more than raising a fist. They’re biting the hand that feeds alright. That should tell you something about how serious they are, about how real the problems are. Real humanity is standing up for the less fortunate. Thanks, 27. Keep doing your thing, sir.

    And if you don’t think the problems are real, just read these threads. Calling a grown acomplished man “boy?” We have come a long way, but we got a long way to go, folks.

  20. If you were doing something right and worthwhile it would be a different story there Malcolm. But a BS protest on company time is way wrong !! Lets talk seriously after you start protesting the wife/ girlfriend beaters, the DWI offenders, the “caught with illegal weapons, caught with dope on them” team mates and counter parts of yours. Then we can have an open and honest discussion !!!

  21. Stay strong young men- remember, disrupting business as usual is exactly the point of protests. Don’t be afraid or intimidated. Take this thing to the limit, the truth is on your side.

  22. Someone needs to explain to these “highly informed” tools the 1st amendment protects them against the government, not their employer. If their owner says you will stand for the Anthem in a dress, that’s the new team rule. They can fight them in court or quit, but an NFL team is a private corporation….period! The 1st amendment doesn’t protect them against their owners rules. All these snowflakes love to talk about rights they don’t even understand…..

  23. gerard33 says:
    October 11, 2017 at 9:08 am
    Stay strong young men- remember, disrupting business as usual is exactly the point of protests. Don’t be afraid or intimidated. Take this thing to the limit, the truth is on your side.


    The truth? What that Kaep got benched in favor of Blaine Gabbert? Yeah that is the truth. And it’s also true that Kaep never “protested” when Kaep was the starter.

  24. Ill never understand how a player can say, “Im not protesting the anthem, this is what im protesting”, and everyone here is still saying theyre protesting the anthem. Anthem has nothing to do with it. You either dont care to listen or have your mind already made up as to what theyre doing. Or both. Grow up folks.

    Youre not upset there’s a protest taking place, you’re upset at whos protesting and why.

  25. nhpats says:
    October 11, 2017 at 9:00 am
    So other than raising a fist, what exactly are you doing to change anything Malcom?

    These self-absorbed athletes may be worse than the “stars” in Hollywood with their delusions of self-importance

    2 1 Rate This

    Jenkins is one of players in the NFL who does the most for others, off the field. Educate yourself please.

  26. Give Trump a finger and he’ll take the hand. The best way to handle this is to ignore him. If the owners bend to his will, he will use the NFL as a distraction throughout the season.

  27. Maybe instead of alienating a large portion of the NFL fanbase he should use some of his own guaranteed $21M salary to make a difference. My guess is he’s not willing to go that far.

  28. jjackwagon says:
    October 11, 2017 at 8:22 am

    Average Joe’s like me watch football to get away from politics for a while.

    I keep reading this, but what does it even mean? Are people’s lives really that consumed with politics? If so, why?

  29. captainloaded says:
    October 11, 2017 at 9:31 am

    What do you think would happen if I continually did something that hurt the companies bottom line?

    If you are Roger Goodell, then nothing.

  30. Jenkins is one of the few actually doing something about his protest by meeting with police and some other things. Unlike most of the followers who are doing it without action behind it. But raising his fist during the anthem is not making a difference. It’s only alienating people.

  31. I’m befuddled that the NFL fines players for wearing the wrong shoes, color socks, hat at a press conference, etc but they don’t think the league can mandate they stand up for the anthem.

    The NFL restricts many things the players do (from what they wear, how they celebrate TDs) but somehow standing for the anthem is different.

  32. What are the players doing that is right?

    Nobody said they can’t protest at other times. Nobody said that they can’t have discussions with the powers that be in order to try and help with something that they believe to be an issue.

    They are being asked right now for the most part to protest differently. They didn’t say much until the protesting got to the point where it became toxic for the business. At that point the owners started trying to step in, and even then they tried to walk the line with still supporting the players. Now, the fans have stayed riled even with that so that now the owners feel that they are being forced into harder actions.

    The players should really take a look and realize that their protest has been ineffective at best, in reality it is now getting to the point that it will take their ability to have a platform to protest on.

  33. “The owners clearly want to assist the players.” How exactly are they doing that?

    The owners won’t even admit that there’s a culture within police departments that all black males are criminals until proven otherwise. What exactly are the owners doing to directly addess that problem? Are any of the owners even willing to admit this problem exists?

  34. Oh, yes they can.

    You can be fired and your locker dumped on the parking lot pavement and you can be locked out permanently.

    You had a choice how to protest.

    You picked the wrong way.

    And now you should be fired.

  35. Can we just get back to watching players playing football and lose the anxiety over the national anthem? It’s exhausting.

    And I’m not sure entirely why really yet, but I’m not enjoying or looking forward to watching NFL football like I use too, first year in 26 that I haven’t played fantasy football either. Sunday used to be considered a nearly an all-day religious event with football in my house, but not anymore.

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