Should the Jaguars make a play for Eli Manning?

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Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin had a tears-of-sadness departure after the 2015 season. How about a tears-of-joy reunion?

With the trade deadline looming and the teams with forks stuck in them able to flip current assets for future value, the New York team that wasn’t expected to be tanking could, in theory, go in to full-blown tank mode and dump its starting quarterback, who seems to be getting close to the end of the line.

The Jaguars clearly aren’t thrilled with their starting quarterback, as evidenced by a game plan that entailed asking him to do what quarterbacks typically do as little as possible. Given the upgrades to this up-and-coming team, could Eli be intrigued by finishing his career in the division where his brother’s once dominated?

It’s an idea that was floated earlier this week by Daniel Jeremiah of NFL Network, and it makes a ton of sense for everyone involved. The Giants are done this year, they may be done with Eli for good, and they could flip him now for some future draft assets that will help the Giants improve.

The cap consequences wouldn’t be insignificant, with a $12.4 million charge next year and another eight-figure charge hitting the books immediately. But the Giants would avoid the balance of his $10.5 million salary this year and $17 million in compensation for next season.

If the Giants can’t or won’t move Monopoly money around to accommodate a trade in 2017 (and it remains fairly easy to create cap room), the possibility of a deal being done lingers for 2018. It would have to happen before the third day of the league year, when Eli is due to receive a $5 million roster bonus. But the cap hit would be easier to handle at $12.4 million, and the Giants could clear the deck and plan for a future with a new quarterback.

Whether that’s Davis Webb or a first-round rookie remains to be seen. Regardless, the Giants don’t need to see much more to know that it’s time to move on from Manning and regard the future as the present.

32 responses to “Should the Jaguars make a play for Eli Manning?

  1. You mean replace one interception machine with another?

    No, they absolutely should not even be thinking in that direction.

  2. If the Giants were in full rebuild mode I would say consider it, but being that they should be ready to go next year I would say the better move would be to get rid of the head coach. The Maras done usually do this but I would see that more likely if the 2

  3. YES … the Jags are a QB short of a serious playoff run. Eli isn’t elite anymore. But he’s still a real franchise QB. It’s a perfect fit.

  4. Jacoby Brissett might be the better option. Eli hasn’t been very good over the last few years with one of the best receiving corps in the league. Brissett has proven he can be pretty capable at a much more affordable price tag. Once Luck is back he’s expendable. Or there’s also the option of going big and convincing the Colts that Brissett is a better option for them to hold onto while offering up a couple firsts for Luck.

  5. Trucking off to Buffalo….. The Bills are a real QB away from the playoffs and more, the defense has been spectacular.

  6. Absolutely not. I’m not sure he’s an upgrade over Bortles. Plus, as they have shown, that defense can win games. Why give up future draft picks for someone who is on the downside of his career. On top of that, he has had several blunders where he personally gave the game away to his opponents. How would that be an upgrade over Bortles? They can get a QB in the draft. If they trade for Eli that will be the biggest mistake since the Herschel Walker deal.

  7. That’s a really interesting idea. Certainly is better than Bortles. Certainly is more expensive than Bortles. The Coughlin factor is intriguing. Would Eli be able to thrive throwing to what JAX has? Or would make too many mistakes…or bring out Eli Face because they only want him to throw 18 times a game.

  8. Eli is an upgrade? Yes, he’s marginally better but this doesn’t turn the Jaguars into instant super bowl contenders.


    I slightly disagree. The Jags have a legit D, a solid running game, and adding a pass threat will make them a legit SB contender. The Giants, with no running game and no OL have been putting lot of points the last couple games. I think that adding Eli will make the Jaguars instant SB contenders, specially because the AFC is currently open with only the Chiefs being the stronger team and off course we can never leave out the Pats.

  9. skoobyfl says:
    October 11, 2017 at 9:51 am
    Trucking off to Buffalo….. The Bills are a real QB away from the playoffs and more, the defense has been spectacular.
    Wake up, Eli Manning would never go to Buffalo. No big name QB would either.

  10. Are you giant fans out there ready for and excited about your teams trek to the mile high city? One commentator suggested the Denver play only 10 on defense to make it a little more fair.

  11. I am a life-long GIANTS fan. I am an Eli Fan as the Good has always outweighed the bad with him. There is some bad, but a lot of good.

    I would not have an issue if the GIANTS traded him to the Jabs honestly. The GIANTS are going in a real bad direction right now, and Eli only has so much left. Get a 3rd Round pick for him, let him see if he can get the Jags to the playoffs on a team with a Straight up Legit RB, and a Straight up Legit Defense. That division is wide open, and he can be a piece to the puzzle to help facilitate the last of the culture change.

    The GIANTS will be able to clear the decks, see if Webb is any good, clean house, get rid of Reese and McAdoo, bring in a new GM like Gettelman or Caserio, and a HC like Josh McDaniels or someone like that, draft a QB in Round 1, and see where we go.

  12. I like the Garrapollo trade with 1st round pick to get sent to Patriots. Maybe even a 3rd rounder to make sure it happens. Yes I know… matt Cassel. And the system. But… there’s a real chance JG is the real deal. He looks poised, sharp, can look off his first option and do it quick…

    In response to the “does Jax have enough to throw to?”… Allen Robinson could be a top 5-10 wr if he’s motivated. Marqise Lee
    Hasn’t been what I had hoped. He’s either really really good but those moments are not often enough. I personally think once Dede Westbrook has the makings of a super wr. Shame he got injured. Allen Hurns is really the only solid reliable guy.

    But Blake Bortles makes Blaine gabbert almost for a split quarter of a second look good. Bortles is just not sharp enough upstairs. And if he cares, it’s got to be awful to see him being the sole reason Jax doesn’t make playoffs.

    Honestly it’s just so great to see Jax be talked about like this. It’s been forever.

  13. It is a no-brainer.

    No QB has a better playoff track record than Eli, except Brady, and Eli has beaten Brady TWICE head-to-head in a Super Bowl, someone the Jags could very well face in the playoffs.
    I hear everyone say, “but the Giants D won those”.

    Well I say: EVEN BETTER!
    The Jags have that kind of defense right now.
    No way in hell the Jags advance anywhere this year with Bortles.
    Super Bowl opportunities are RARE – just ask Marino.
    Do the deal already.

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