Alex Smith: You have to enjoy the wins, but can’t dwell on them

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Alex Smith has experienced a lot of different things since the 49ers made him the first overall pick on the 2005 draft and that’s helped him understand that the start to this Chiefs season is something special.

They’ve won their first five games and Smith has posted a passer rating above 100 in each of them, leaving him in position to become the fourth quarterback to do that in each of his team’s first six games. As that’s not the sort of thing that happens all that often, Smith wants to make sure he and his teammates appreciate it.

“I think you have to enjoy the wins,” Smith said, via “If you’re not enjoying the process, there’s a problem. You’re not doing it for all the right reasons. You invest so much with your teammates and your guys and everybody here that when you do have success, you do need to enjoy it and certainly this team does that.”

While Smith wants to be sure everyone’s enjoying the wins, he also knows that Week Five isn’t the time to feel satisfied by them. He said it’s “probably not a good sign” if anyone is stopping and reflecting on the wins at this point and that a “sense of urgency” is essential for the team as they continue moving forward.

With Patrick Mahomes on the bench, Smith knows that his time in Kansas City has an expiration date and that’s all the more reason to make the most of every moment. They’ve done that through the first five weeks and they’ll have a chance to keep it rolling against the Steelers this weekend.