Browns receiver adjust to more “touch” passes from Kevin Hogan

Getty Images

The Browns have made a quarterback change. And it definitely will be different for the offense.

“Every quarterback throws it differently,” receiver Kenny Britt told reporters on Thursday. “[Kevin] Hogan has a little bit more touch. [DeShone] Kizer is going out there and it is a straight laser.”

Britt explained that some throws require touch, but that ultimately it’s the responsibility of the receivers to catch the ball.

“Our job as receivers is to make the quarterback look good, regardless of who is in there,” Britt said. “There is going to be different timing regardless. That is why we spend about half an hour running routes on air to get the feel of when we are getting out of our breaks and when he is going to throw the ball and anticipating when it is coming. It is spinning pretty good this week so I am excited for Sunday.”

Tackle Joe Thomas thinks that Hogan doesn’t simply add to the passing game.

“If you look back to the last time he played significant minutes against Cincinnati, he does a really good job of running the zone read,” Thomas told reporters. “For being a guy that is not super fast, he has a really good way of running with the football in his hand. He is very savvy. He has some good quickness, and I think he can bring a different dimension with the way he runs than some other quarterbacks that are more pocket passers.”

Ultimately, the dimension Hogan needs to bring is victory. With three more losses (at Texans, vs. Titans in Cleveland, vs. Vikings in London), the Browns will fall to 0-8 for the season and 1-20 since last year. And that could spark a change more significant than starting quarterback.