Janoris Jenkins says he thought game was over when he left the field

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Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins was not on the field for the final two snaps Sunday after playing the first 76. The reason? He left for the locker room after Philip Rivers‘ first kneel down before Giants coach Ben McAdoo used his final timeout with 38 seconds remaining.

“I didn’t expect the timeout to be called so I just walked in,” Jenkins said Thursday, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post. “Everybody was going on the field; the game was over, and I just went in.”

Afterward, Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo was seen chasing the All-Pro as he bolted the locker room, according to Dan Duggan of NJ Advance Media.

McAdoo met with Jenkins this week to discuss Jenkins’ premature exit from the field.

“He came to me and asked me, and I told him,” Jenkins said. “We had a delightful talk, and that was it.”

19 responses to “Janoris Jenkins says he thought game was over when he left the field

  1. McAdoo calling timeout there was ridiculous anyway. Love Jackrabbit’s description of it as a “delightful talk.”

  2. That some Team McAdoo is running over there. A tight ship. Something tells me Eli is going to find a way to get himself on IR before things get much worse.

  3. A coach completely losing control of his team so drastically and so quickly in the NFL is unprecedented.

    We’re things this bad last year and it was just covered up by their unexpected playoff berth? The Miami boat incident would make it seem so.

    We know he throws players under the bus, but I wonder just how much of a jerk McAquanet really has to be for the players on that team to just show complete lack of respect for him like this.

    And there were people who thought he was a better hire than Doug Pederson.

  4. Well, The Giants have Denver and Seattle coming up next, so 0-8 before the bye is very likely.

    The Giants are usually really, really reluctant to fire their head coaches mid-season. I think Ray Handley got two seasons, and he was so terrible he basically had to go into hiding. But if McAdoo aka Mr Aquanet or aka the Brylcream Bandit has already lost the locker room this badly…I don’t see how they could bring him back.

    They could promote Steve Spagnuolo and they do have another OC that could, uh, take over play calling. They maybe should have just made him head coach since he did help win them a superbowl.

    They could maybe trade Eli to the Jaguars? Maybe we’ll see the Geno Smith Era with the Giants sooner than later….it will be familiar to his time with the Jets as once again he won’t have anyone decent to throw to.

    Do the Giants get a special mid-season award for futility if they finish 0-8?

  5. Mcadoo/Reese may be the worst coach/gm pair in the history of sports!

    Ton Coughlin was to blame for all the failures though right MARA?!? Couldn’t happen to a better guy!

  6. Well as long as the talk was delightful, that’a all that matters.

    I’m sure Coughlin had countless delightful conversations with his players during his tenure with the Giants. It’s how he kept his players motivated and in check.

  7. carloswlassiter says:
    October 12, 2017 at 4:18 pm
    Wait a minute – they called timeout so they Chargers could take a knee 2 more times? Who does that?

    Apparently Ben McAdoo. Not a good coach. Kind of a sore loser. Kind of going nuts as the players tune him out big time.

  8. i am rooting for a 0-16 season!
    Finally, something Giants fans and Eagles fans can agree on.

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