Jarvis Landry calls fans who rip Jay Cutler “disrespectful” and “embarrassing”


Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry has heard the fans call for quarterback Jay Cutler‘s benching, and he’s sick of it.

Landry said fans who are blaming Cutler for the Dolphins’ offensive struggles are off base and ought to be more supportive.

“Jay is our quarterback, and we stand by him,” Landry said. “We don’t buy into the fans — ‘Who do you want to play quarterback?’ I believe it’s disrespectful. A man who comes out here and works his butt off, for people to not understand what’s going on, or not to have even touched the field before . . . They don’t understand the situation. They just want to be on Twitter or start a damned chant. It’s embarrassing as a player to have fans like that. It’s embarrassing.”

Landry is just showing loyalty, but it’s hard to blame Dolphins fans who want Cutler benched. The Dolphins’ offense is at or near the bottom of the league in most statistical categories, and Cutler is playing far worse this year than Matt Moore did after Ryan Tannehill got hurt last year.

The Dolphins’ decision to go with Cutler over Moore when Tannehill got hurt again in training camp is looking like a mistake. Landry might not like it, but he’s going to hear more criticism of Cutler.

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  1. Moore is not a mobile quarterback and would have been injured behind that porous offensive like. The receiver are also running the wrong routes and dropping catchable balls.

  2. Miami is loaded with under-performing wide receivers.

    Oh… one more thing… julius thomas?!?

  3. I thinks it’s the fans right to criticize terrible play but I also think it’s classy to stand up for your teammate even though he’s terrible.

  4. I totally agree with Landry, we know the offense is going through growing pains. Yes, Jay Cutler is familiar with the offense but he has not played football since the middle of last season. He just returned to the practice field in August with a new cast of players, timing is not there but how many teams offense looks all in sync this time of year…..maybe a few? Kansas City, Carolina, and Green Bay? Everyone is focusing on the offensive struggles but are failing to see the defense growing..The LB’s are playing well, D Line has a young star in Harris and Reshad Jones is a stud and the two young corners that can cover and hit?? There is plenty season left, give them time.

  5. I also agree with Landry, the boo should had been for the OL which never did their job stooping the Titans DL and giving time to Cutler to delivery, and when had time the receivers didn’t catch the dawn football. i dont see why blame Cutler.

  6. We’ve had so much bad luck and distractions and we’re still 2-2. Dolphins will win the AFC East and Gase is named Coach of the Year. Phins up!

  7. Gase and the fans for better or for worse needed to bring in Cutler in my opinion. First off Gase as well as some fans wanted Cutler and wondered “how much better” the team would be with Cutler instead of “subpar tannehill”. Tannehill gets injured and those select fans and Gase got an opportunity to see what Cutler could do. Well this is what SOME of you the fans wanted…enjoy!!! While Jarvis Landry has a valid point he needs to understand that Cutler suffers from bad body language. His body language feeds the rest of the team. Cutler often looks lethargic and disinterested the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of Landry. This season is a wash anyway. Can’t wait for #17 to get healthy and come back. The mental portion of Tannehills game should elevate after this injury.

  8. Ok Miami, so I have to ask….would you have rather have gotten Kaepernick? Think before answering.

  9. Cutler is NOT the problem, the guy has had zero time to throw the ball. And 30 percent of the passes have been dropped. Running game isn’t working either because the OL is not meshing well together. Only one playing well is Tunsil and Pouncey. Give it time. 2 and 2 is t the end of the world. After this weekend it will be 2 and 3 but still too early to count them out.

  10. This same Dolphins offense scored 10 pts or less 3 times all last season, scored 20 pts or more 10 times and more than 30 pts 6 times and never got shut out. Same players, same scheme, different QB so there’s a reason why fans are looking for a change.

    I know one thing, Tannehill would kill for the defense to play this well while he’s playing.

  11. Cutler does stink. Of course he was a known commodity before he got to Miami.

    He’s not going to Jim Plunkett anyone to a SB run. What you see is what you get.

  12. The Fins, luckily, just got rid of the coke addicted OL coach……..duhh. The OL has greatly underperformed while being coached by that coach, who has been terrible his whole career..
    The OL, in my opinion, has been the weak link. Give them a game or two to get it together, now that Forester is gone, and then evaluate the QB, and the offense.

  13. I’m not saying it’s all on Cutler, but the o line has been bad for the past 5 years, Tannehill and Moore get out of the pocket, scramble, make plays. Cutler just sits there and back pedals. Don’t sit there and use the o line excuse now when the past 5 years you’ve been saying that Tannehill is a bum while he’s been the leading the league in sacks and QB hits, all the while the defense sucked. The o line hasn’t been good but a good QB can buy time and make a play, not just stand there.

  14. Gase yesterday, to the Miami Herald: “For the most part, [Cutler] has been doing his job… But until we clean a lot of things up, it’s going to be hard to even evaluate where he’s at.”

    With the HC not exactly rooting hard for his QB why should anyone be surprised that not all the fans are? Cutler’s rating this season is 74.8, and the team are 2-2 – which, given his career overall is 85.4 rating and 70-73 in games, and that last year his rating dropped to 78.1, why is anyone in Miami surprised that things aren’t better?

  15. jaycutlerleadingthedolphinstotop5pickin2018draft says:
    October 12, 2017 at 9:11 pm
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    finsphan says:
    October 12, 2017 at 8:16 pm
    I’m not saying it’s all on Cutler, but the o line has been bad for the past 5 years

    The past 5 years? How can that be? Our o-line was the strength of the team last year when we were all riding the Jay Train and telling Pats fans we would dethrone them this year.

  16. In his career, college included, he’s had two winning seasons – both on the strength of a top five defense.

    I don’t know if their really is one born every minute, but one was certainly born the minute they decided to sign Cutler.

  17. He should be happy they have fans that want to see them win. Cutler’s play is disrespectful and embarrassing to them. The chants were warranted, and not JUST to diss the guy. They truly want more. They truly want Moore.

  18. Our problems are so obvious offense of line offense of line offense of line. Did not address it in the offseason now it’s coming back to bite us. BizTown see the guard sten to Center. Put in the rookie at Right Guard can’t get any worse.

  19. Wow, There is TE Thomas, then there is Jay Cutler who both were going to improve the offense this season over the one that went to the playoffs. I’m sorry but Gase can not have anymore excuses for each player not performing including Landry catching passes of only a few yards. Adam Gase must take responsibility for an offense that can not move the ball or score. The Defense must score for Miami to win.

  20. I dunno man,hey Cutler is not perfect, not by a long shot. But there were games when Denver’s line blocked for him when I thought he could be a pretty good qb.

  21. It’s pretty much been a collective effort by the offensive when it comes to their inability to move the ball. People don’t like Cutler, so they are going to point the finger at him. I thought he would play better, but when receivers drop balls, can’t get separation and can’t hold their blocks on the perimeter during screens, even the best QB’s are going to struggle. The lineman are inconsistent and getting beat during crucial passing downs and let’s not forget the penalties, especially during the N.O. game that kept killing the momentum that they were starting to build.

  22. Well Mr. Landry, the Dolphins offense has been embarrassing to the point of being disrespectful, so I guess we’re even.

  23. Landry needs to shut up and play football. His stats are nothing to brag about. Fans are frustrated because they have expectations of watching an improving team. The offensive line has proven to be a dud. It has handicapped the entire offense. The fans would chant replace the line but that is as impossible as the Dolphins beating the Falcons this week. Maybe we should be chanting something about bringing Albert out of retirement?

    Landry, on the other hand, needs to do something that separates himself from the horrible Dolphin offense. Maybe the Browns will pick him up next year! Landry sucks too!

  24. Player and team accomplishments the Dolphins have displayed this year are whats embarrassing. Fans are just reacting to it.

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