Marcus Gilbert wants Steelers players to “set our egos aside”

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Some have questioned whether the Steelers lack leadership. Tackle Marcus Gilbert is trying to provide some of it.

“Whatever it takes to win,” Gilbert said Tuesday, via Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I think we’re at this point now we have to set our egos aside. No matter whoever’s catching the ball, whoever’s running the ball, be selfless and just take one for the team. Most teams win because they have guys like that.”

This implies that Gilbert believes the Steelers currently don’t have guys like that. Or that they don’t have enough. Or that some of their highest-profile guys are too worried about their own stats.

“This week is going to be a turning point for a lot of the guys out here,” Gilbert said. “We have a demeanor about ourselves. The games we were supposed to win we didn’t do so, and I think a lot of guys are on edge.”

Guys also are on edge because outsiders have noticed that the team hasn’t played well, and outsiders have reacted. So the players are hoping to quiet the noise that failure to win games they were supposed to win has created.

As Bouchette observes, the Steelers should be 5-0. The loss in Chicago should not have happened, and the game against Jacksonville was close until the pick-sixes swung it the wrong way for good.

4 responses to “Marcus Gilbert wants Steelers players to “set our egos aside”

  1. While I whole heartedly approve of his attitude these things should be kept amongst the players and coaches. Now Sunday’s game should be even more telling, but not the end should they lose. Few teams only lose three games it’s when you get beyond five you need to start worrying.

  2. Sounds good. Unfortunately when you have a drama queen QB, a me first receiver and a wanna be rapper at RB this is what you get. Ben’s pissed off because people question his heart even though he started the questions. AB throws a cooler when Ben misses him once, even though he targets him 20 times a game. Our star RB thinks he can skip all of camp and not have it affect his game. I hope these guys can get their oversized egos in check, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

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