Raiders shorten practice as wildfires affect air quality

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The wildfires ravaging California led the Raiders to cut short practice on Wednesday, as the air quality made it difficult to breathe.

The Raiders cut short practice by about 30 minutes, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“You definitely could smell it,” Raiders running back Jalen Richard said. “We’ll see. They asked us about how we feel.”

Many high school and youth sporting events have been canceled because of fears about smoke inhalation. Tom Flannigan, a spokesman for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, said the whole area is affected.

“We’re seeing the worst air quality ever recorded in many parts of the Bay Area,” he said. “The entire Bay Area population is likely being affected by the smoke.”

Fires in California have burned 170,000 acres and killed 23 people this week.

11 responses to “Raiders shorten practice as wildfires affect air quality

  1. Snarky jokes not appreciated. It’s like a nuclear fallout here. Death, choking and toxic smoke for hundreds of miles in every direction, and a lot of devastation. It’s the second worst crisis I have seen in the Bay Area behind the ’89 earthquake. It’s debatable whether Sunday’s game should even be played

  2. I hate seeing this as Napa California is my Hometown & Napa is where the fire is by far the worst. I grew up out there, I am 30 now but spent 25yrs of my life there so to see my community utterly devastated hurts, what’s happening out there is tragic. I implore anyone who can afford to donate to good charities operating in the area like Samaritan’s Purse do so, so many people have lost EVERYTHING they own losing their house, cars, clothes, food etc, just everything, it is tremendously sad, it looks like Nuclear Bomb went off above the North Bay Area out there.

  3. The sad fact about this whole thing is that dozens have died and business burnt to the ground. Between the all of the sports team in the Bay Area, only $450K was raised. Says a lot. One player in Texas raised more than $37 million for the Houston flood. Get it together California and support those in need.

  4. More evidence of the effects of Global Warming. Too bad we have a presidential administration that not only isn’t taking this seriously but spent this morning attacking the poor people of Puerto Rico. Sad.

  5. California is burning. In Puerto Rico Americans are suffering, starving and dying, yet Trump doesn’t give a squat about them. A sitting president abandoning Americans like this is disgusting. Oop they’re not of the 1% so why should he worry about them?

  6. metitometin says:
    October 12, 2017 at 9:28 am
    Too bad we have a presidential administration that not only isn’t taking this seriously
    Blame Trump. Man that reaction is tired and weak. Donate, help somehow. Bring something positive to the situation.

  7. Probably would be a good idea to swap home field with the Chargers, then swap back later this year when they meet again.

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