Sammy Watkins is frustrated, but isn’t lashing out about lack of targets

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Rams wide receiver Sammy Watkins still isn’t sure what his role is, or whether it will grow. But he’s at least handling it well.

After tweeting out some curious comments earlier in the week, Watkins told reporters yesterday he’s staying calm about it.

Via Rich Hammond of the Orange County Register, Watkins was asked if his role could be increased, and he replied: “I don’t know.”

He’s fifth among Rams players in targets and fourth in catches, but he didn’t have a catch last week against the Seahawks.

“As a player, of course you’re going to be frustrated,” Watkins said. “I don’t know a player, a wide receiver, that’s not frustrated throughout the game if you’re not getting the ball. Each week, it could change. They had certain coverage that kind of took me out of the game, and that’s part of the game.”

Because there’s a clear talent difference between Watkins and the rest of the Rams receivers, he generally draws the other team’s best cornerback. But he’s talked with coach Sean McVay about his lack of involvement, and he’s facing the league’s best pass defense this week (the Jaguars), so there might not be an immediate uptick.

“Those guys are great players, but leave no doubt, we’ve got a great room,” Watkins said. “We’re going to compete. We’re going to be open. We’re going to make plays. For me, it’s just to continue to show Jared that I can gain his confidence, to keep getting open and show McVay that I’m open. Hopefully everything will start working out.”

So far, it’s been civil. And even though he downplayed the economic factor, Watkins is in a contract year, so he has reasons both personal and team-related to want more of the action.

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  1. The Rams have a great young QB. A great young coach. Sammy Watkins, when healthy, is one of the greatest WRs in the NFL. If he stays healthy and on the football field, his numbers could pile up to equal the greatest WRs who ever played. The Rams have a couple other decent WRs, but nobody close to Sammy’s talent. McVay sees that. It’s just a matter of time.

  2. I love the Buffalo fans that say Sammy didn’t live up to his potential. What QB did you have throwing him the ball? I’d say the stats he put up with the scrub parade throwing him the ball are nothing short of amazing!

  3. Nobody can say Sammy didn’t live up to his potential in Buffalo. Between injuries and shotty quarterback play, he posted two 1,000-yard receiving seasons in three seasons. How does that translate to being overrated?

  4. Sounds like the Rams coaches clipped his wings before his tweets really got out of control. Snead overpaid for Watkins, and would be a fool to resign him. However, its
    the Rams so expect a large contract. What franchise would be fool enough to sign a teams free agent WR’s and then trade for the same teams other WR. Its not like Buffalo was a receiving mecca. Woods and Watkins are just Woods and Watkins nothing special.

  5. He had a RB throwing the ball in Buffalo but he should just be happy he’s out of there and in sunny SoCal.

  6. Yeah, I can say Sammy never lived up to his potential in Buffalo. He would have one good game, and then disappear for weeks on end. This isn’t some conspiracy, it’s fact, do some research and check his game logs. Sure, those 200 yard 2 TD games are great, but when you follow that up with 2-3 games of <50 yards, yeah, not exactly “franchise” type production there. I want a guy whose going to come to work each week, deep ball or not, and be able to catch 5-7 passes for 70+ yards, consistently. You aren’t getting looks because you aren’t playing for them, which is his MO. “I don’t care how much I slack, you still need to throw me the ball.”

  7. Ya the team is running more not passing and winning more so stop the crying that you may not get enough catches to get that big bonus in your contract. You guys are all alike now, screw winning, the super bowl everything, its all about me me me me me

  8. Watkins flashed in Buffalo, but I agree QB play held him back….I liked the guy when we had him, if he has limited success the rest of this year as well? You’ll really have to question where he ranks at WR among his peers…good trade by Buffalo, he would have commanded a MAX contract that we didn’t need to be burdened by….one year rental in LA for a 2nd and Gaines…ummm ok Id do that all day long

  9. Sammy Watkins has a lot of potential. You see flashes of it with some oustanding performances. Unfortunately he gets injured a lot. He has to keep working in practice and in games when he is not the first option. The QB and coaches will notice on film that he is open and targets will come his way. Keep working, keep your mouth shut, keep working and he’ll be fine.

  10. I’ve watched only two Rams games, but in both games the guy either ran poor routes or completely gave up on routes — he should be frustrated with himself.

  11. Not many Ram fans here, obviously. We haven’t had a true #1 receiver since Torry Holt, and in spite of the doofus/know-nothing comments above, Sammy Watkins is a legitimate #1 receiver. I’m thrilled. As soon as Goff and Watkins get on the same page, watch out.

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