Carson Wentz tosses three TDs, Cam Newton three INTs as Eagles earn 28-23 victory

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Carson Wentz completed 16 of 30 passes for 222 yards and three touchdowns as the Philadelphia Eagles earned a 28-23 victory over the Carolina Panthers on Thursday night.

Cam Newton and the Panthers had two separate drives in the closing minutes to get a go-ahead touchdown only to have an interception and an incomplete pass to Christian McCaffrey on fourth down end their hopes.

Wentz connected with Nelson Agholor for a 24-yard touchdown as the Eagles wide out got matched up man-to-man on Panthers linebacker Shaq Thompson. The score gave the Eagles a 28-16 advantage on the first play of the fourth quarter. Zach Ertz caught the other two touchdowns from Wentz on the night.

Newton would find McCaffrey for a 1-yard touchdown on the Panthers ensuing possession to close the deficit to 28-23 with eight minutes left to play. Carolina forced a three-and-out and the Panthers were on the move again until Newton was picked off for a third time on the night. Rasul Douglas nearly intercepted Newton two plays earlier, but Newton was finally picked off by Jalen Mills as the Eagles brought a blitz with just over three minutes remaining.

Newton appeared to have a miscommunication with Kelvin Benjamin which led to a throw that wasn’t close to anyone in a Carolina uniform.

The Eagles could not get a first down to put the game away as Wentz couldn’t connect with Ertz on a third-and-7. Instead, the Panthers took possession back at their 31-yard line with 2:03 remaining. After picking up a quick first down, the drive stalled. Newton’s third down pass to Ed Dickson was knocked down at the line of scrimmage and a fourth down throw for McCaffrey skipped incomplete off the turf.

Newton completed 28 of 52 passes on the night for 239 yards with a touchdown and three interceptions. The Panthers are now just 1-4-1 in games where Newton has thrown at least 45 passes.

However, the Panthers didn’t have any rushing attack to speak of Thursday night. Newton was the team’s leading rusher as well with 71 yards and a touchdown on 11 carries. Curtis Samuel and McCaffrey managed just eight yards each. Fozzy Whittaker and Jonathan Stewart were each held to negative yardage. The running back group has a whole managed just nine yards on 14 attempts.

41 responses to “Carson Wentz tosses three TDs, Cam Newton three INTs as Eagles earn 28-23 victory

  1. Since they can’t and will never win the Superbowl, the Eagles will celebrate by hanging a banner for having a good record 1 quarter into the season. Once a losing franchise, always a losing franchise. The Eagles will collapse and fail as usual. Redskins NFC East Champions this year. End of story.

  2. What a difference a year makes. The Eagles remind me of the Raiders of last year. A 7-9 team that explodes after one offseason, and much to do with a huge rise of their QB. Hopefully they don’t end with the same misfortune and lose their QB a week before the playoffs. But Wentz looks like a star in the making.

  3. Statement win by the Eagles, they beat the Panthers AND the refs who called some really ticky tacky PI calls against the Eagles and didn’t call some obvious ones against Carolina. They look like a complete team right now.

  4. That’s karma. After he scored his first touchdown and told his teammates they couldn’t celebrate with him so we could go run around and make it all about him he was bound to have a horrible game.

    I was happy he failed AFTER such a selfish, shameless display of self-promotion.

    His teammates must hate him. They would never tell you that just like no White House staffers would tell you that hate Trump but you know it’s true.

    Same kind of guy really.

  5. Can Newton is looking more and more like just another guy. This is his 7TH season so there’s no way he should be this bad. He’s gone completely backwards since the SB season.

  6. So many picked the panthers to win… Wasn’t their night…

    How about those Eagles though… Good offense, defense… Wentz looking like a QB most teams wish their QB would play like…

    Never been an Eagles fan but they played better than their rep!

  7. The Eagles beat the Panthers and the Morelli’s. Eagles penalties: 10 – 126 yards; Panthers penalties:1 – 1 yard. It is the ONLY time in NFL history one team has over 120 when the other team has less than 10. Ty Burrell’s dad needs to retire from reffing.

  8. Good win for Eagles. HORRENDOUSLY biased officiating for Panthers. They missed a couple PI’s on the Panthers, and obvious facemark, and an obvious late hit. And they called the Eagles for a bunch of questionable pass interferences. Different standards. Eagles had over 120 yards in penalties, Panthers had 1 yard.

  9. Cam Newton continues to suck at home. He throws nothing but interceptions and they continue to suck in prime time games and end up losing all of the time. I think this is the last game of Luke Kuechly’s career if he is smart and I think that he is. The Panthers lost mosre than a game tonight and their season may have went with it.

  10. Ok I will admit now, Wentz is for real. He played like a seasoned vet in a primetime road game against a really tough D. Still not sold on the Eagles as a whole though

  11. I’m sure it’s nothing but the league needs to look closely at these Morelli officiated Eagles games. Pete Morelli’s crew in last 2 Eagles games: Philly penalties – 24 for 234 yards, opponent penalties – 3 for 19 yards. 1 penalty for 1 yard last night. The Jeffrey call and the Mills call on the prospective McLeod INT were really terrible calls. A lot of noncalls on the other side too (the throwing down of Blount, for one).

    Eagles D has shown they are extremely capable and much improved over last year. Cox is a dominant force and it was great to have him back. Wentz continues to prove he’s the real deal. 11 well deserved days off.

  12. So proud of this team . Short week on the road up against a great qb and exceptional d and an officiating team that seemed to only be throwing flags on one team . They remind me of the Yankees . Young, likeable, and coming around much quicker than everyone anticipated .

  13. The Eagles did all that last night, in spite of the refs. I will seldom complain about officiating but some of those calls( and non-calls) were ridiculous. 10 penalties for 126 yards against the Eagles vs. 1 penalty for 1 yard for Panthers….nice job refs.

  14. Morelli hates the Eagles. He did the same thing last year in the game against Detroit. It’s hard enough to win a game in the NFL without having to beat the refs too.

  15. Shows that the Eagles really aren’t that good. Still in the game after throwing 3 INTS. Redskins have the division on lock.

    Got to love the unbridled, unwarranted optimism from a skins fan 20 years after Danny boy ruined there franchise for ever.

  16. the eagles make absolutely zero sense….blount was avg close to 6 yds per carry but they sat him down when trying to close out the game…

    he only got me 8 FF pts

  17. Rob Morrelli’s crew is flat out horrible and how they still have jobs is beyond reason. They were directly responsible for every single point put up by the Panthers kast night who were badly outplayed. In 2015 they were suspended from doing any big games yet here they are still ruining football games with their unforgiving ineptitude. Fire these clowns!!!

  18. This game penalties were 10-1 last 2, 24-3, last 4, 40 – 8. Morelli’s crew should never work an Eagles game again.
    P.S. Redskins fans are cute, but we all know what happens to Kurt were games start to matter.

  19. Just as I suspected would happen Eagles defense is no joke they got after Newton after the first quarter. May not like the Eagles but Wentz seems like the future of the NYC East. Congrats Eagles fans the division is now yours for the taking.

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