Joe Thomas: I’ve never seen a player that plays like Myles Garrett

Getty Images

In May, Browns left tackle Joe Thomas said that he was enjoying the process of helping defensive end Myles Garrett learn the ropes in the NFL.

Helping a rookie is nothing new for Thomas, who has seen plenty of them since joining the Browns in 2007. Garrett isn’t like those other rookies, however. Garrett made his delayed regular season debut against the Jets last Sunday and Thomas said it showed that Garrett is playing at a different level than others.

“Since I’ve been watching the NFL in the ’90s, I’ve never seen a player that plays like he does,” Thomas said, via “The things he can do, and you saw it, he hardly played at all, he was playing on one leg and he had two sacks against a team that didn’t really hang onto the ball and throw down the field all that often. They were kind of dinking and dunking and running the ball. To be able to get sacks like he did is pretty impressive, but it’s not a big surprise for us on the offensive line because we’ve seen his ability week in and week out.”

Garrett played 19 snaps last week and that number should rise this weekend as the Browns try for their first win of the year against a Texans team quarterbacked by Deshaun Watson, who could have been Garrett’s teammate had the Browns done things differently in this year’s draft.