Sam Bradford, Stefon Diggs remain out of Vikings practice

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Barring something totally unforeseen, Case Keenum is going to be starting at quarterback for the Vikings against the Packers on Sunday and it looks like there’s a good chance that he’s going to be without one of the team’s top two receivers.

According to multiple reports from Friday’s Vikings practice, wide receiver Stefon Diggs is not taking part in the team’s final workout of the week. Diggs is dealing with a groin injury and did not practice on either Wednesday or Thursday either.

Diggs said on Wednesday that he expects to play this week, but the lack of any practice time could make that difficult.

Sam Bradford also remained out of practice on Friday and there would seem to be no chance that he’ll be starting this weekend after being forced out of Monday’s game before the end of the first half. Bradford had missed the previous three games with his knee injury and there’s no sign of when he might be well enough to play again.

19 responses to “Sam Bradford, Stefon Diggs remain out of Vikings practice

  1. Bottom line… suit up who ya got and kick the ball off, no excuses for either squad. Come Monday… no whining about refs or no calls. You get beat, you own it. Packers by 17, at least.

  2. Bradford’s career should be over, and possibly is. Not a dig on the guy, but he’s made more than $100 million in his career and should get out while he can still walk.

  3. If Bradford ever starts a game for the Vikings again, it will be a surprise. Therefore, we don’t need daily updates on what he did in practice. Diggs is a big loss but they’ll just plug in the next guy and expect him to perform.

  4. It’s Ron Torbert’s crew officiating this game so there will be plenty of whining about bad calls because it’s pretty likely that none of the calls will make sense or even be described in complete sentences.

  5. I for one am pretty impressed with Case! He makes decent decisions, is Mobile and generally takes good care of the ball. In other words he is the best QB Minnesota has had under center since 2010. His deep ball is better than Teddy’s, more mobile than Bradford, Not a Bone head like Ponder, and can take a hit. Minnesota HAS their starting QB. He gets better each week and will be signed to a long term Contract. My only real beef is he locks into receivers too much and misses wide open receivers, that can be resolved with training and time. This will allow Minnesota to take a few chances on mid round QB’s. Every time they are forced to Draft a #1 QB
    They have been forced to take the worst QB’s because their pick is usually # 5-11.
    Go Get them Case make this job yours!

  6. I am a Jarious wright fan. I would love to see home lay a bigger role. I can’t quite figure out why they don’t play him or trade him. Maybe this is his chance. Treadwell looks more and more like a mistake and Wright has produced when given the chance

  7. Looking back at recent Vikings-Packers history, it’s interesting how often the Vikings had to start a different quarterback from who they envisioned as the starter.

    2016 – Bradford made his first start as a Viking because Bridgewater severed his leg at the knee.

    2014 – Ponder went from third string to starter because Bridgewater sprained his ankle in his first career start and didn’t have time to recover on a short week.

    2012 – Joe Webb started the playoff game because Ponder had severe arm bruises from the previous week’s victory over the Packers.

    2011 – Ponder made his first career start because Donovan McNabb was so unbelievably awful.

    It would be nice to have a guy who could start year after year, but that’s just not the way we roll.

  8. Treadworn is a total bust, should have kept Patterson. At least he could run back kickoffs!

  9. Case has a better QBR than Erin and that will continue on Sunday despite losing one the best RB and WR in the league. 27-17 Vikings. Packers finally face a real NFL defense so look for a lot of Erin pouting and looking at the Refs for penalties that aren’t there….

  10. allight59 says:
    October 13, 2017 at 2:23 pm
    Case has a better QBR than Erin and that will continue on Sunday despite losing one the best RB and WR in the league.
    You know what, you are absolutely right!!
    Keenum is obviously a much better QB than Rodgers.

    Hopefully Ted Thompson has taken note of this and is already at his desk engineering a trade, straight up, both quarterbacks, to improve the Packers offense.

    Who am I trying to kid, they’ll have to do much better than that.
    They’ll probably have to give them Rodgers and throw in a future 1st and 4th round picks to pry the Great Case Keenum away.

    Well, we have to just do it. There is no alternative.
    After all, Keenum’s QB rating is simply just better.

  11. All the pressure is on the Vikings in this one.

    It’s a home game, and if they lose it they are 2 games back with an impossible task ahead of them at Lambeau dropping them to 3 back.

    If they lose on Sunday, their season is over.

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