Victor Cruz: I can’t think of any reason why Giants wouldn’t call me

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On Monday, Giants coach Ben McAdoo was asked if it was possible that the team would bring Victor Cruz back after losing three receivers for the season during last Sunday’s loss to the Chargers.

McAdoo wouldn’t say never, but said it wasn’t an option at the moment and the team has since added three other wideouts to the active roster. That’s not stopping Cruz, who has been unemployed since being released by the Bears in early September, from campaigning for another chance.

Cruz said on his podcast on UNINTERRUPTED that his agent reached out to the team and was told that they would “see exactly where they are and get back to him.” Cruz took his own look and was left with the feeling that he’s just what the Giants need.

“I’ve been literally thinking to myself of reasons why they wouldn’t [call me] and I can’t think of any,” Cruz said, via Newsday.

The idea of bringing back a player with knowledge of the offense and a relationship with Eli Manning makes sense in theory, but neither of those things helped Cruz produce at a high level last year and there’s little reason to think he’ll make a big jump based on how he looked in Chicago this summer.

32 responses to “Victor Cruz: I can’t think of any reason why Giants wouldn’t call me

  1. Um..probably because when they understandably released you , you proceeded to rip thee entire organization apart from the owner to the ball boy…..once its said you cant take it back…….

  2. Vic, you don’t want any part of the 2017 Cluster #*&@ NYG team.

    This team is BAD and getting worse by the day. Toxic bad. Stay away.

    Signed: Your Giants Fans who remember you well (me included)

  3. Because the only thing the Giants are competing for is draft position the rest of the season, and they are content with that at this point.

  4. “Vic, you don’t want any part of the 2017 Cluster #*&@ NYG team.”

    Probably not. But what he does want is a few more NFL paychecks and players in his position will take them anywhere they’re offered from.

  5. I never realized just how much of a mismatch the Sunday game really is. On top of the records (0-5 vs. 3-1), the Broncos are coming off a bye and playing in the friendly altitude-rich confines of Mile High, the Giants are coming off a home loss to an 0-4 team that regularly loses to the Broncos, and the Giants have 3 of the best wideouts lost for the season, 1 more lost for Sunday, and 5 other lost for Sunday including a couple key defenders and … their CENTER? I am a Patriots fan who grew up in Giants country always hating the Giants but if they manage to get to within 9 points of the Broncos this Sunday, I will consider it a far greater feat than their first SB win of this century (which didn’t really surprise me).

  6. Guy went scorched earth on his way out in the offseason, and expects the Mara family to forget that? These guys are old school, and they don’t forget….
    He’ll have better luck heading to Canada.

  7. We see this a lot in sports.

    If you have a bad season where you’re making an absurd amount of money it ends up carrying this stigma with you where it’s hard to get any kind of contract after it, much moreso than if you had a bad season on a cheap contract.

    Not sure why it’s the case, but it’s very prevalent in the NBA.

    I definitely think the Giants should bring him in on a short-term deal. What do they have to lose? In 2013 he had a good game against Denver. It was in New Jersey, but still.

  8. Flashy ‘personality brands’ and/or attempts to brand themselves should not be promoted after being cut, catastrophic surgery, and/or athletic decline.

  9. They have no WRs and they haven’t called you because you are THAT old and THAT slow. You should take a few moments and let it sink in.

  10. Given his comments about the Giants staff not throwing to him so they could cut him, it’s less about him not being able to think of a reason, and more to do with him not being able to think altogether.

  11. Why does he want to go back to the team he openly accused of not throwing the ball to him on purpose? Come to think of it the Bears more or less did the same thing too. Must be something about not getting open anymore.

  12. Besides your complete inability to get open the last year you were there?
    After everything Cruz has said about the Giants, he must be extremely broke and desperate.

  13. I see this all the time. Lots of NFL coaches and FO people may have experience in football, but they are lacking a lot of the “smarts” that it takes to play this game well over a long period of time. But, they are the ones making the decisions and so they believe by virtue of their positions (often had by “who they know” and being at the right place at the right time”. Smart players are the best players to have and smart coaches are too. It’s so much more than basic X’s and O’s. Which often fools them that they are good with “situational issues”.

  14. Cruz was great way back when but with the season lost, Giants may as well play the young guys and see if they can find someone who might contribute down the road. Vic–it’s over!

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