NFLPA believes Ezekiel Elliott remains eligible to play, for now

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Despite the NFL’s statement this week that Ezekiel Elliott‘s suspension has begun, the judge overseeing his case says otherwise.

A source tells PFT that United States District Court Judge Amos L. Mazzant has informed the NFL and NFL Players Association that he will not lift the injunction preventing the NFL from suspending Elliott until the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit rules on Elliott’s pending petition for recall of the mandate to dismiss the case.

This potentially means that Elliott remains eligible to play, at least until a petition for rehearing is filed and resolved.

The Cowboys are on their bye this week, so the legal wrangling hasn’t affected game planning for them or their opponents. They return in Week Seven at San Francisco, when everyone would like some certainty about Elliott’s status.

UPDATED 10:33 p.m. ET: The NFL and NFLPA disagree as to the interpretation of the order. It’s likely that the Fifth Circuit will provide clarity soon.

32 responses to “NFLPA believes Ezekiel Elliott remains eligible to play, for now

  1. As a cowboy fan I’m done with this the kid is obviously getting railroaded goodell is a slimeball and the cowboys are struggling anyway just sit Zeke let’s move on to next year already

  2. cmonitsfunny says:
    October 14, 2017 at 7:53 pm
    Averaging 30 yards less per game than last year..
    That’s not quite true because his receiving yards are up – and he’s being thrown to twice as much so that would explain his reduced ground attempts. And if you take out that one bad game when his head wasn’t isn’t it because of everything going on, his overall production is about the same (albeit fewer rushes and more pass targets).

  3. You don’t mess with football in Texas. That judge is going to do everything in his power to help Elliot.

  4. good grief…what a ridiculous system we have…can anyone in authority do anything anymore?

  5. He would be smart to accept the suspension now and get it over and done with.
    Otherwise they will lose him for the stretch run in December or possibly into the playoffs.
    But you can’t fix stupid, and I’m saying not only is Elliot stupid but so are the Cowboys management for letting it drag out longer. They will be the losers.

  6. United States District Court Judge Amos L. Mazzant is as liberal as they come. I wouldn’t doubt he gets replaced sometime soon. USDC Judges are appointed. Obama appointed Mazzant in 2014. Trump has said he will replace many of them.

  7. afifthlombardiforthehaters says:
    October 14, 2017 at 9:09 pm
    keep fightin this waste of time battle your fighting .

    you are gonna LOSE…..

    you should already know from the brady railroading


    Yup. No shoulders to cry on here in NE. Sorry Cowboys fans.

  8. This judge is placing his political ideology above the law and the judicial system and should be disciplined appropriately. When the judge made that declaration there was no petition for rehearing. It makes no difference whether one will surely be filed or not. Judges can only deal with things that are formally on the books. His actions should be viewed as ignoring the ruling from a superior court because he is openly defying an ordered action. Judges are supposed to rule/act according with the law and procedures regardless of whether they agree with them or not. Sadly, there are moron judges on both sides of the political spectrum and that fact undermines the judicial branch as a whole.

  9. Too Funny….so Judge Amos who sits on a lower court just told the three Judges that sit on a higher court to pound sand…..I think his chance of ever getting beyond the court room he has just went out the window

  10. Ok, I’m confused. The earlier story said that the appeals court *vacated* the injunction, not that they asked or ordered that it be lifted. As I understand it, if it was vacated then it is as if it were never in place, so there is no injunction to lift.
    Anyway, an injunction requires (among other things) a reasonable expectation of winning the case. With the current ruling ordering that the case be dismissed, how can the injunction meet that test? It seems a long shot at best now.

  11. I’m not sure what the issue is here. It’s already been ruled previously that the NFL doesn’t have to be fair, doesn’t have to have evidence, doesn’t have to appoint an independent arbitrator. Those are all things the NFL actually said in their brief in the Brady matter. So what’s the holdup here?

  12. Brady & the Patriots did themselves and the players a disservice by not seeing it through to the Supreme Court. Elliot is obviously being railroaded by Goodell and Mara. Elliot has only be accused of a crime, and the DA refused to prosecute due to lack of evidence and non credible witnesses. His only crime has been a failure to exercise better judgement (but he’s a young millionaire)

  13. Don’t care if he is right or wrong, much like Brady he’s going to serve some suspension. Maybe unfair, but he should look at the big picture. If he’s going to lose anyway, he should have served the suspension at the beginning of the year, when their schedule was harder. If they were going to lose to the Broncos, etc. anyway…might as well serve the suspension and save yourself for the end of season divisional brawls. As it stands, he’ll keep fighting and end up getting suspended at the end of the season, exactly when Dallas plays the Eagles, handing them the division.

  14. tostitochip says:
    what does his political affiliation have to do with the ruling you silly sheep
    A Lot. Do you understand how liberal judges think and rule ? Their personal feelings and party affiliations can and will affect their decisions.
    These US district judges are full of themselves. They will rule on anything brought to them regardless of geography. And with Trump barking about kneeling for the anthem and the NFLPA being a Union, of course he's going to side with them. Don't be silly. This will drag on but Elliot will eventually lose.

  15. The ignorance her among some of you is STUNNING. Those of us here that are lawyers know that any Judge will ALWAYS do this because of the pending re-hearing motion. It is a simple procedural action. But you deep tbinkers know “it gotta be bout dem politiks”.

    How some of you feed yoirselves is beyond me.

  16. davedsone says:
    October 14, 2017 at 9:50 pm
    I’m not sure what the issue is here. It’s already been ruled previously that the NFL doesn’t have to be fair, doesn’t have to have evidence, doesn’t have to appoint an independent arbitrator. Those are all things the NFL actually said in their brief in the Brady matter. So what’s the holdup here?


    It’s funny how Jerruh’s tune has changed on this. He was all for it when Goodell threw the book at Brady despite not having any real evidence. Integrity of the Game – remember? You’d think he would value Goodell’s consistency.

  17. There about 2,000 or so young adult males playing for NFL teams. Compared to rest of the young adult males in this country, I’d say these guys overall are choir boys. Go take any random sampling of 2,000 other young adult males living anywhere in our country, and do a comparison. The teams do a pretty good job of shying away from the bad kids. The facts are there.

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