Alex Smith is making the most of his new four-letter motto

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Alex Smith has embraced the two-word phrase once uttered by Lee Corso on national television.

Corso wasn’t fired for his on-air F-bomb. Smith, by embracing that mindset after the Chiefs drafted his eventual replacement, could delay his own termination (or trade) from Kansas City.

Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star delves into the mindset that has prompted Smith to live the Corso Mantra. And it’s working well, so far.

“You know what?” Smith said. “I’m just going to roll. Going to roll as hard as I can. Whatever happens, happens. I’ll live with it. I’ll be comfortable with it.”

The approach — which has Smith throwing the ball down the field and running with reckless abandon — has its roots in his final years with the 49ers, when Smith was learning how not to play it safe from Jim Harbaugh.

“Screw this,” Smith decided at the time. “I’m not going to play like that anymore. Not only is it not good for me, it’s not productive. It’s not helping me.”

The problem is that a willingness to welcome whatever may happen ultimately may result in an injury happening. Five years ago, a concussion while with the 49ers opened the door for Colin Kaepernick. Now, a decision to drop a shoulder into a defensive back or dive instead of slide could open the door for Patrick Mahomes.

Smith is smart enough to know the risks. And he’s playing with just enough “f–k it” to not care. That’s good news for the Chiefs, until the precise moment at which that attitude gets Smith injured.

13 responses to “Alex Smith is making the most of his new four-letter motto

  1. Finally… Alex Smith has a good O-line, a complete arsenal of receiving talent,
    and great rushing attack.

    11 td – 0 int – 0 fumbles

    Unfortunately… the Chiefs PASS Defense is gonna lose today’s game.

  2. How is this negative? Attitudes and approaches change constantly. Does not mean he was not motivated before. Different coaching, expectations, and confidence levels change us. He’s taking the right approach. It has the right coach to get in this position.

  3. I need the steelers to win to slow down the Chiefs and help the Pats out, BUT then I’d have to put up with watching all the steeler prima donna clowns and wouldn’t get to see Andy say CHEEEEEEEEEFS! It’s one of them lose / win situations.

  4. Might help he FINALLY has offensive continuity. In San Francisco i do not think he had the same offensive coordinator 2 years in a row.
    Mike nolan questioning his toughness when injured, could not have helped his desire too play in a manner that might lead to injury.
    Singletary, not an offensive guy.
    Played well under Harbs.

    Been getting better in KC. Adding one more piece of motivation has pushed him to next level.

    He is a class act, nothing but RESPECT for him.

  5. Alex is still a super star,he just had to much mojo working beause the o-line didn’t give him one more second to zero in on the open target receiver. Running to throw a pass is not the most efficient and effective methodology. Alex had to hurry his pass’ with more strength to avoid the sack and was not accurate. Our running game didn’t run well and the defense didn’t stop the stinking Steelers run. Couple of missed passes at the end of the game could have changed the outcome to a win. The blind referee’s failed to call several serious penalties that impacted the game strategy. The NFL needs to place an “eye-in-the-sky” camera to correct the gross mistakes not called by the Zebras on the field. NFL New York needs to take immediate action to regain control of the game and apply all the rules all the time to ensure the end results are fair and with merit. Well, on to the Faiders on Thursday night to make them kneel and squeal.

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