Browns begin reaching out to football executives

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It’s not known precisely when the Browns will be making changes to the football operations, but changes to the football operations seem to be coming.

Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, the 0-6 Browns (1-21 since the start of last season) have begun reaching out to candidates to potentially join the organization’s front office. The Browns currently are targeting football executives, and for good reason.

Currently, the front office is run by executive V.P. of football operations Sashi Brown, a lawyer who has never worked as a scout. Former baseball executive Paul DePodesta serves as the team’s chiefs strategy officer. The team has no General Manager.

The Browns have two more games before a bye, with the eighth game of the season coming in London. It’s unclear whether changes would be made during the season, or whether it would be an addition or an addition and one or more subtractions.

32 responses to “Browns begin reaching out to football executives

  1. Word is they’ve been reaching out to Wal-Mart managers to come in and be the GM. But seriously, who would be desperate enough to take on that job? It’s an exercise in futility.

  2. Why? The league is run by a guy who has never been a scout, lawyer, football executive, or professional player. And it works great.

  3. Sashi Brown, a lawyer who has never worked as a scout.

    That was the FIRST mistake! Maybe they could hire that store manager from Cloud 9?

  4. You mean your top 3 decision makers, who have no history of drafting college football players, are supposed to be good… drafting college football players???

    The real questions, how much money is Haslma spending with all of these mistakes. Jimmy, Hire a reputable football guy and don’t meddle with him.

  5. Search should begin and end with Scott Mccloughan. This would be a pretty quick fix for him with that many picks. Watch the Browns hire Billy Devaney or elevate Grigson instead, lol.

  6. Brock Osweiler was the best QB in the Cleveland locker room in the last 12 years. The Browns front office let him walk in one of the most arrogant ways possible. He wasn’t going to take you to the promise land but, he would be a better option than what you’ve seen.

  7. I’m sure the homeless guy who told “Slimy Jimmy” to draft Manziel is available. A supply of Ripple, Nighttrain, and Wild Irish Rose, along with some hookers and he can have the job.

    Sad, Cleveland fans deserve better.

  8. realfootballfan says:

    Watch the Browns hire Billy Devaney or elevate Grigson instead, lol.

    Now that would not surprise me one bit. Why they hired him in the first place was a mystery. Look at the Colts. Did they think that was by accident that they are so severely lacking in talent? If Grigson does get elevated to GM you can guarantee another ten years of ineptitude.

  9. taintedsaints2009 says:
    October 15, 2017 at 7:09 pm
    Big mistake benching the rookie when he plays poorly. Gotta ride out the tough ones. That’s the Browns problem.

    I would generally agree, but DeShone Kizer is not going to be a franchise QB. Notre Dame QBs almost never do. You would think the Browns would have learned after drafting Brady Quinn. But that’s why they’re the Browns. Cody Kessler put up a 92 passer rating as a rookie last season and now he’s the 3rd stringer for some reason. Meanwhile, Kizer has a 49.5 passer rating.

  10. Dammit florio, just when I was perfectly content finally not being invested in the Browns, you have to give me hope that they are going to fire everyone.

  11. STRONGLY agree! Browns need to empty the current front office now and start evaluating the college kids now for next year. This season is toast! First criteria when drafting a QB should be whether can he win in college. Watson was a HUGE winner there, and is rapidly becoming the ROY. Great QBs lead teams to victory (Rogers, Brady). Kizer was such a loser in college his own coach benched him. Can he get better? Perhaps, but he was never someone a team should have counted on to play in year 1. Kessler will probably be a career backup because of his size and arm talent. Calls to draft Rosen from UCLA next year fail that first test. What’s their record? Right now, the best looking kid for next year appears to be Darnold from USC (a winner!), although I still think Watson would be betterh. And this is from an OSU fan who watched Watson destroy his team in last year’s Fiesta Bowl, and then roll Alabama. A VERY impressive young man!

  12. after today there is no undefeated team this year… but the possibility of more than one winless team still exists

  13. The Eagles are run by a lawyer too, but he hired football people to do the scouting. Not baseball people. That’s just crazy. I mean, you have hire whoever you want, but you better have a good scout on hand come draft day.

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