Panthers: Luke Kuechly remains in concussion protocol

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A skirmish has emerged on Sunday morning regarding the status of Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly.

ESPN reports that Kuechly “passed his concussion test,” and that he did not suffer a concussion on Thursday night against the Eagles. The Panthers state, via spokesman Steve Drummond, that Kuechly “is still in the concussion protocol,” that he “has not cleared” it, and that “his status has not changed.”

It’s possible that both statements are accurate, that Kuechly didn’t actually suffer a concussion but remains in the concussion protocol as a matter of the same precaution that put him in the concussion protocol in the first place. Then again, his presence in the concussion protocol three days after entering it suggests that there’s a reason he’s still there.

However it plays out, the situation is further proof that, when it comes to concussions and concussion protocols, clarity is often impossible to obtain.

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  1. Panthers lost there best defensive player for a majority of an important game based off of the threat of a concussion. Not an actual concussion. Wow

  2. Not sure how both could be accurate, but then I’m no lawyer:

    1. ESPN reports that Kuechly “passed his concussion test,”
    2. The Panthers state that Kuechly “is still in the concussion protocol,” that he “has not cleared” it, and that “his status has not changed.”

  3. ESPN is likely wrong here. They would have not held him out if thought he could go back–most likely he either has a concussion or based on his prior history, opted to hold him out to reduce the chance of him missing any more games.

    Then there is also the concern for 2nd impact syndrome.

    I would have to go with the Panthers here. I do not recall them trying to game the injury system like some other teams…cough cough Colts, Seahawks, Patriots…

    Maybe Kuechly got hit so hard it gave Stephon Gilmore a concussion?

  4. The replay of the hit showed Brooks leading with his shoulder, which first connected with Kuechly’s shoulder and then Kuechly’s head. I’d hate to think of what the damages would have been if that contact was direct. Here’s hoping Luke heals. He’s somethin’ else when he’s playing at full speed.

  5. This isn’t so hard. He’s in the protocol and has to be cleared by an independent doctor after a practice to exit. He likely had a stinger not a concussion, but he failed the sideline test and locker room test,so he’s in the protocol. Ergo no concussion but in the protocol.

    If he really didn’t have a concussion then he’ll exit the protocol as soon as Wednesday.

  6. Concussion or not, Luke should keep playing until he can’t run and tackle anymore. Win now, drool on yourself in a blacked out daze later. Go Panthers!!

  7. I was frankly surprised when they said he was out with a concussion. That hit looked like a classic stinger with hard shoulder impact, and hardly any head contact. If his melon is that sensitive, he probably shouldn’t be playing at all anymore. And if it wasn’t his head, he should have been articulate enough to tell the medical crew, “I wasn’t even hit in the head; it’s a shoulder; I’m fine.” The fact that he couldn’t do that means they saw something nobody else did. Maybe it was a make-up call for Morelli’s crew calling such a lopsided game, penalty-wise.

  8. Kuechly is beyond great and is a surefire HOF’er,but I hope he retires before he can’t remember his own name. I know he’s chasing the ring,but his health should come first.

  9. Watch the play. He gets planted by Brooks – but it’s a clear blow to the left shoulder NOT the head. Now, since LK is so prone to concussions I can understand the concern. My first reaction was – separated shoulder/broken clav. Could they be trying to hide a shoulder injury? If so – why?

  10. If the game was really so slanted by the referees’ favoritism toward Carolina, then it makes the Eagles look even better by winning the game regardless.

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