Report: Martavis Bryant unhappy in Pittsburgh, requests a trade


Talented but troubled Steelers receiver Martavis Bryant could be on the way out, if he gets his way.

Bryant has requested that the Steelers trade him, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports. The report says the Steelers are well aware that Bryant is unhappy.

Although Bryant has played in all six games this year, he hasn’t had quite the impact the Steelers might have been hoping. Bryant has just 17 catches for 231 yards and one touchdown.

Bryant was suspended for the entire 2016 season for violations of the NFL’s substance-abuse policy, which may make a lot of teams decide they’re not interested in trading for him. Although Bryant has shown a great deal of promise as a deep threat, teams considering trading fro Bryant will have to weigh the risks.

57 responses to “Report: Martavis Bryant unhappy in Pittsburgh, requests a trade

  1. Interesting, curious to see if this comes to fruition what the price will be, 5th rounder seems reasonable considering risk of suspension, but you have him on the rookie deal one more year since suspension wiped year of eligibility right?

  2. The rookie Juju Smith-Schuster is taking Bryant’s snaps because he plays harder. Bryant is one of those guys who thinks he’s not paid to block, but in Pittsburgh blocking is mandatory. Especially with Le’Veon Bell in the backfield.

    Go Steelers!

  3. Beyond the draconian suspension for his next screw up that’s hanging over his head any team considering trading for him also needs to consider he has no problem rocking the boat and making it all about him on a team that stood by him. That type of self indulgence guarantees it’s not if but when he will fail that fateful test.

  4. Unreal. Let the entire organization down by being selfish and getting suspended in 2016. Can’t get any separation from DB’s this season. Now he wants traded?

    Bye, Marlecia.

  5. Yes, Ian Rapoprt. The same one that tweeted his sources told him the Steelers were seeking to trade Ben in 2013.
    Ian, take your sources and drama peddling sensationalism and go taint another team.

  6. Don’t worry pigben will take care of all this by passive aggressively calling him out on his radio show

  7. cant say im suprised. he probably wants to go to denver or seatle so he can smoke drugs with impunity. little does he know the long arm of the law (and the shield) will follow him to the edge of the earth!

  8. I second that given thar he’s on my FF team. All he is doing is running decoy routes for Brown.

    I thought he might keep running to his car on more than one occassion.

  9. It speaks volumes about those who actually believe this. Rappoport has very little credibility. He “reported” two or three years ago Ben Roethlisberger would be traded without a shred of evidence and obviously it was bogus. Yet he continues to make up “reports” and is not held accountable. And the gullible commenters here are laughable. Yes of course there is always a chance of something like this being true. But it is small with Rappoport’s record. And worst of all, no one will hold it against him the next time he trots out a “report” with no sources.

  10. He doesn’t have the right be unhappy. had he had a breakout last season and then had the numbers he had then maybe but he was out. He needs to work on redeeming himself.

  11. I do not blame him one bit. The steelers just want to hand off to Bell and throw enough passes to Brown to keep him quiet. This all add up to the Steelers scoring about 17 points a game.

    Actually if you go back and dissect the plays, Bryant is the only one with some separation play after play yet Ben forced it to Brown every other pass play.

    Steelers were scoring 30 points a game with Wheaton, Brown Bryant and Deangelo Williams on the field. The last two seasons without those 4, their lucky to score 20 points a game.

    The difference was, they were not fixated on getting the ball the Bell or Brown every single play.

  12. A ham sandwich and a bag of used FBs should get it done.

    Domtell what a self proclaimed football sage would be doing by making such an obtuse troll like comment. Tell please that it was the booze….come on Teddy we know your type.

    They don’t need him stick with JuJu.

  13. I’m so sick of Bryant! He had red flags for drug use while still at Clemson, the Steelers draft him and give him a 2nd chance. He gets a 4 game suspension for drug use but says he learned his lesson, Steelers gave him a 3rd chance. He skips multiple drugs tests and receives 1-year suspension and blames everything on depression, Steelers give him a 4th chance. Now he’s not happy because a 20-year old rookie is out working him in practice and getting game time snaps, no 5th chance send his ass to another team and let him get his next suspension (lifetime ban) so Pittsburgh can move forward with the young hardworking rookie WR who doesn’t abuse drugs

  14. This guy….he is a knucklehead. I doubt they’d be able to get much for him. He may have a hard time finding a team willing to take on this guy given that he’s more likely to get suspended than play hard.

  15. When I first heard that Roethlisberger was considering retirement after last season, I just chalked it up to typical Big Ben drama.

    Now that I see the daycare that he resides over, I realize that he must have been dead serious.

  16. “When I first heard that Roethlisberger was considering retirement after last season, I just chalked it up to typical Big Ben drama.

    Now that I see the daycare that he resides over, I realize that he must have been dead serious.”

    That’s been my take the past few weeks in regards to the Ben retirement talk/”does he still have it”/etc comments.

    I think Ben has lost some of the joy in playing the game. It used to be a ‘Band of Brothers’ mentality in the Burgh. That brotherhood brought home a couple of rings. Now most of the guys from those teams that Ben would consider ‘brothers’ (Bus, Heath, Keisel, Starks, etc) are gone. Now he’s left with these divas (AB, Martavis, Le’Veon). I don’t think it’s as much for Ben as it used to be. Hard to go to battle with dudes who are on your nerves and you have a hard time respecting. Hell, he’s called all three of them out this year. Martavis for needing to mature, Le’Veon for needing to be in camp, and AB for tossing a bucket. These clowns have the talent, but they don’t have the heads.

    Too bad since the talent level in the AFC (and the entire NFL) is down this year. It could be Pittsburgh’s for the taking if they just got it together.

  17. You selfish little puke. No serious contender will take that bait.

    How could he be so incredibly stupid

  18. If gladly take him over Sanu. Julio Jones, Martavis Bryant, and Taylor Gabriel at receiver?!?! Sign me up!

  19. During the Chiefs game,he caught a pass and I waited for him to our-speed the DB. Did not happen and he was tackled. That surprised me, but maybe it is an indication of just where he is physically. Mentally? No comment.

  20. Giants – a troubled 6’5″ receiver from Pittsburgh who shows promise? It has worked out in the past.

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