Report: Teddy Bridgewater could be close, Sam Bradford’s knee injury is serious

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Could Teddy Bridgewater be back at quarterback for the Vikings before Sam Bradford?

It sounds like it, according to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports. Glazer said Bridgewater is hoping to get medically cleared to return to practice as soon as this week, and if all goes well Bridgewater could be back on the field in a game in as little as three weeks.

However, Glazer added that Bradford’s knee is much worse than people know. In fact, Glazer said that while Bradford doesn’t think his knee injury is career-ending, if the knee keeps causing swelling and pain he’ll at some point have to think about his future.

For now, Case Keenum remains the Vikings’ starting quarterback. But it sounds like it’s possible that Bridgewater could be back under center for the Vikings before Bradford.

18 responses to “Report: Teddy Bridgewater could be close, Sam Bradford’s knee injury is serious

  1. I’ve been saying for weeks that the Vikings have been holding out on Bradford’s injury, they should be fined and lose draft picks for withholding information regarding a player that is injured…. Sprained MCL turns into torn ACL, go figure

  2. I wonder how different the NFL would be if Bradford came out in 2009 instead of 2010. He wouldn’t have gotten hurt his senior year at Oklahoma. Heck, would the Lions have taken Stafford over Bradford? Would the Jets still take Sanchez?

  3. I wonder if all the falling down without being touched last Monday made Bradford’s knee worse.

  4. I hate to say it but I and many others thought Bradford was probably done for good after last week. Knees can only be fixed so many times, and this would be the third major injury for that one. I suspect he has no cartilage left (just a guess), which isn’t fixable.

    If I were a Vikings fan I’d be demanding that surface gets replaced ASAP.

  5. If Keenum plays good today and Vikes win, Keenum should start for rest of the year. Teddy at best is a backup. Vikes need to get a rythum going with Keenum and not bouncing back and forth with QBs.

  6. Here we go another year or two of the Minnesota QB Carousel. They had better take a few fliers in the 2-4th rounds for QB’s who knows they might get lucky. It will have to be that way because they certainly cannot scout for one.
    My bet is neither Teddy OR Sam will be back next year. Teddy won with his legs, he will need to rely on his arm and we know how that will work out after 5 or 6 yards downfield.

  7. I hope Rodgers is out for a few games! Perhaps you Packer punks can feel what we have dealt with for the past 5 years with injuries in key areas! We will feed you some of your own Medicine for your Trolling!

  8. Bradford will be fine. I have the same bruise from a game. Only difference is I can play on it because I don’t have 260-350lb guys hitting me. That’s the issue for him. It’ll reaggravate quickly with contact.

  9. This is not new information about Bradford, if it’s not ligament damage it’s, meniscus, plateau (think JJ Watt) or, chronic damage. He didn’t wear that GIGANTIC knee brace for some “bone bruise”. Vikes need to move on from him, we already wasted a 1st round pick, any further resources into Bradford is irresponsible.

  10. What an absolute shame. After watching our QB’s throw at 50%-60% on 10-yard passes for the past 10-years, it was astonishing to watch a talented and accurate passer throw the ball around.

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