Titans snub was last straw for Kaepernick

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Colin Kaepernick remained patience for months. His patience finally ran out, and he filed a claim for collusion.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the final straw came when the Titans snubbed Kaepernick after the hamstring injury suffered two weeks ago by starter Marcus Mariota.

Instead, the Titans worked out Brandon Weeden, Matt Barkley, Matt McGloin, and T.J. Yates instead.

Kaepernick drew some interest from the Seahawks, and the Ravens considered signing him, briefly. He otherwise has been ignored since becoming a free agent in March.

64 responses to “Titans snub was last straw for Kaepernick

  1. he realizes that the best option for signing with a team for this season went up in flames once he wore the Castro shirt right? Idk why its so difficult for CK to grasp that NO team is gonna want to bring him in for 2-4 weeks of spot duty when he’s gonna end up riding the bench for most of his time there. The media circus is not worth the hassle. “Am i taking crazy pills or something?”- Zoolander

  2. This was after the Ravens checked him out and for their trouble his girlfriend started tweeting about the owner right?

  3. If you applied for a job at 20 places & none of them wanted to hire you, did they collude against you? I suppose they could have, but the problem is most likely YOU.

  4. Sign him for veteran minimum and get him to sign an agreement he won’t discuss anything except football publicly or in social media and he will stand for the national anthem hand over his heart or he gets cut

  5. pauldeba says:

    Sign him for veteran minimum and get him to sign an agreement he won’t discuss anything except football publicly or in social media and he will stand for the national anthem hand over his heart or he gets cut

    His girlfriend would never let him do that.

  6. He is a zone read option QB. RGIII is another one. The rule change that determines when you become a runningback destroyed both of their games. No team wants to install that offense for a backup. They want a guy they can plug in to what they have. Get over yourself.

  7. The point of this case is one thing: He doesn’t believe that NFL coaches and owners have the freedom to make their own choice. He’s exercised freedom in his own choices, he apparently does not believe others should have the same freedom in their own choices however. To him, they must bow down to him and let him have his way and force or bully them into a job, instead of having freedom to make their own choices. Sounds quite totalitarian of him.

  8. How tragic….

    Goes from “kaepernicking” to pine riding, to politicking, to whining, to tearing down the league.

    Next up….. pan handling!

  9. I only wish a team would have signed kaepernick in the off season:
    A) no kaepernick isn’t signed articles
    B) his play would show that he sucks

  10. I think this has been proven in the NFL over and over and over…..if he was good for business, he’d have a job. Apparently, he isn’t.

  11. Let this be a lesson for teenagers out there. Poor choices will come back go bite you. Especially, if you’re going to promote your own poor choices on social media.

    Pig socks, Castro shirt, slave photo, etc = no job.

  12. The last straw was a team in the heart of ‘Murica and the bible belt with a flag waving redneck fan base that was looking for a very temporary band-aid not bringing him in? He has to be pretty delusional not to understand how absolutely toxic he is to that fan base and what signing him would do to their bottom line. That muddled ownership doesn’t have the coin with it’s fan base to get away with signing Kaepernick. Seattle, Denver, New England, Pittsburgh, Green Bay and probably Dallas all have a tremendous amount on deposit in the Bank of Fan Goodwill. Buffalo with the Pegula honeymoon still in effect and Atlanta with most of the bloom still on the Blank rose are maybes but that is about it. Not to say that any of those teams would or should run the risk to their profitability just that they could probably withstand it. If Kaepernick were getting any kind of sound advice he would have found a way to get something done with Seattle or Denver when their need was there. GB has a need now but with this suit pending that ship has sailed. In the final analysis as pertains to getting on the field, not the politics of it, Kaepernick is a self sabotaging fool.

  13. The grievance is on target, rationality would suggest his(kaeps)case is strong. And only a dumb ass would think a t shirt(Castro or otherwise) has anything to do with it. But as I have learned throughout my years, America does not suffer from a shortage of that ass type.

  14. It’s not like the Titans were gonna lose Marcus for the season. He was gonna miss a week. Why bring a guy in that doesn’t know a single play in the playbook instead of turning to the backup that’s been there all year.

  15. If the Titans snub was the last straw what is the Packers snub going to be? Icing on the cake?

  16. I think Kap sees himself as if he was like Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, or Russel Wilson if they were out of a job today – too good to not be playing. People are limiting him alright, but only as a specific type of QB (read option/run etc). And yes, he brings a lot of unwanted attention – so what irrelevant team needs press like that? Maybe the Niners? Browns?

  17. Hello Colin?! You are NOT a very good QB. You also would be a distraction. Teams don’t need any more drama and sideshows than they already have.

  18. He still doesn’t get it, if you keep bringing bad attention to yourself, you are only fulfilling the opinions that the teams have of you.

    You need to find a way to stop doing that. Sit a year and then try it, you might have better luck. As long as the anthem issue is in place you can bet he won’t have a chance. If it can die down, he might be able to get a shot.

  19. Besides…the real reason he doesn’t have a job is because he is a one trick pony that cannot hit a open receiver, cannot read his progressions, cannot read a defense, cannot throw a touch pass and other than being able to run the read option, that every DC in the NFL has figured out how to stop, is just not good enough to play quarterback in the NFL

  20. First, he angers the fan base with kneeling. Then he insists on a starters job with starters pay… Then his girlfriend angers a potential employer by calling them racist… now he is suing because he doesn’t have a job?

    I don’t think that is the best way to get employed.

  21. He needs to end. If his skill set was good enough to actually help a team, he would be on one. Race has nothing to do with it and if you are good enough owners will overlook your past. Case and point, Mike Vick was sent to prison for fighting dogs and the Eagles still signed him even though they took a PR hit for it. CK just isn’t good enough to justify it and he needs to accept it.

  22. If that was the final straw it just shows to me how delusional and/or stupid Kaepernick is.
    Why on earth would he or his agent think the Titans would try and sign him because Mariota had a MINOR injury?
    There isn’t a front office in the league that would go “Our QB might be out for 1 or 2 weeks, but we only have one other QB on the roster. You know what? We should bring in the most controversial lighting rod available QB to be the emergency backup!”

  23. Krapernick has been garbage for three years. His hissy fit protest towards the flag is just an excuse for why he’s not in the NFL. He’s beyond awful and I’m glad he’s not a niner anymore. He was done in the NFL two years ago when he got benched for gabbert. Nobody wanted him before he Started his hissy fit on the bench. His disrespect to the flag and anthem was the only card he had left to play because he was done in the NFL.

  24. That is funny. Montreal Alouettes offered him a job and try out which he refused. I guess a pointless lawsuit is what he prefers over playing.

  25. With the possible exception of Buffalo, there are NO option-read type QBs employed anywhere in the NFL. Factor in challenges in reading defences and recent won-loss record, and the picture is clearer. Kap, go to CFL where your skill set fits better.

  26. elmerbrownelmerbrown says:
    October 15, 2017 at 11:29 pm
    Like he snubbed the 14 million in SF

    You do realize that they were going to cut him and there was never a chance of him playing in SF fot 14 million right? Hearing this same factually incorrect statement over and over again gets really old

  27. He probably should’ve been considered by the Titans, and especially if they were looking for a new #2 because Cassel is garbage, but I highly doubt he would’ve been interested as a one or two week #3 who would likely not get to play.

  28. Lesean McCoy said it best. He’s just not good enough for a team to put up with the media circus that comes along with him. Plus he’s asking for started money when he most likely will be a backup.

  29. The grievance is on target, rationality would suggest his(kaeps)case is strong. And only a dumb ass would think a t shirt(Castro or otherwise) has anything to do with it. But as I have learned throughout my years, America does not suffer from a shortage of that ass type.——————————————————————————————–

    His problem is he would have to prove collusion. The vast majority of America does not agree with the Anthem protest and that has a lot to do with the ratings going down the last 2 years. This has to do with business and football. It is bad business to sign him because you are turning your back on a large section of your fan base and his skills only fit a few certain teams. He colluded against himself.

  30. The kneeling at the national anthem is finally coming to an end and he still wants attention. He is a self centered person. Now he has to cry out again and say that the owners have colluded against him. Give this a month and he will be gone. HE IS WANTING ATTENTION and not getting it. I am so done with this 3rd string quarterback.

  31. The Titans should hire him as a greeter (a la Wal-Mart) at the stadium for home games. After saying “Hi! And Thank You for shopping with the Tennessee Titans!” to about 50,000 people, he might begin to understand that pissing off the majority of your customers with your candy-@ss, virtual-signaling, look-at-me protests is not a sound business practice…

  32. Colin just go to the CFL and then you won’t have to have anything to do with that American anthem. Problem solved and it didn’t take a genius and millions going to lawyers to do it.

  33. It’s not collusion and that theory makes no sense. It’s also okay for teams not to sign you because they think it’s bad for business. That business can be revenue as much as it can be wins and losses. These owners are in it for the money as much as they are in it for wins and losses.

  34. I hope the NFL countersues for damages and legal fees, then the greedy lawyer takes his cut, and this moron has to work for a living. Then see who hires him…

  35. When I review job candidates, I always choose the ones that I think will be most disruptive and divide the employee and customer base.

  36. Kaepernick: Your Honor, 32 NFL owners conspired to keep me out of the league!

    Judge: You HAD an NFL job paying $14 million that you walked away from, correct?

    Case dismissed!

  37. I read an article on another site and it brought up the collusion lawsuit Barry Bonds brought against MLB baseball after he was exposed for being a doper. The lawsuit was dismissed with the explanation that there was no evidence of collusion and each individual team made their own decision he was more trouble than he was worth. Arguably, Bonds was a much better baseball player than Kaep is at being a QB. I can’t see any way his case succeeds, especially when the Ravens testify they were going to offer him a contract until his girlfriend called the Ravens owner a racist. He has ZERO chance of winning this…which is higher than his chance of ever playing professional football again given his decisions the past year or two. If he wants to blame someone he can blame his girlfriend.

  38. Alright talent, I’m talking pure talent, the guys better than most other qbs, problem was he could never get it right with harbaugh. The not being able to read defenses thing (are kidding me?), last time I checked a litle over a third of the league can read a defense(somebody help flacco). It’s crazy that the United States stands and fights for freedom(at least conceptually) and the minute someone exercises those freedoms he’s attacked. If people would have said the facts like he’s a bad teammate(kinda stole Aldon Smith’s girl) or he was qb who had 2 good years under harbaugh(he was declining b4 harbaugh left) I would have left this a lone, but just the facts please. We live in a country where we are ruled by the majority and ideas not popular among the majority is not good for business. That’s what it’s really about.

  39. Are you kidding me??

    He is not a good QB.

    IF a team were to be shortsighted enough to hire him, the protests, side show, and disrespect would be off the chart.
    Not to mention how pissed fans would be.
    He and his girlfriend are more excited about getting him a
    SJW platform than a QB job.

  40. Seriously Kap has only one person to blame. He needs to take a deep look in the mirror and realize first and foremost, he’s not a good QB. He is a gimmick QB that caught lightning in a bottle and once he had to play a traditional QB style, he sucks, big time. The kneeling crap is one thing, but the pig cop socks are what really crossed the line. He is upset about his position in life? Blame yourself brah.

  41. If there was a chance of him EVER playing in the NFL again – and I doubt there was – he has now burned that bridge down to the water line. Even if there had never been a kneeling controversy, and pig socks, and a Castro shirt, and fan outrage, and a presidential tongue-lashing, and poor play, and lower ratings and… you get the picture – this one action is enough to not only keep him out of the NFL, but could keep him out of any professional sport anywhere.

    Nobody wants to hire litigious employees.

  42. I hope he does come back.

    I hope he comes back, plays and people see just how bad a QB he has become.

    Then he can get cut, and that will be it for him.

    So tired of hearing about this guy.

    Bottom Line: If people thought he could play, he would be on a team.

  43. What this really proves is that this was never about social change, which i believe needs to happen. This was about his name and nothing more.

    So every team colluded against him I guess. It has nothing to do with his blatant disrespect of the police and he wants to talk about oppression, to which he, himself, said he never really encountered, but then goes and wears a Castro shirt, because people in Cuba never felt oppression.

    What’s next? hes racially targeted because he cant start once he signs with a team?

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