Browns dispute report of efforts to reach out to football executives

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The Browns reached out to PFT after Sunday’s report regarding efforts to reach out to football executives, calling the report “not true.” Slightly stronger language was used when reacting to the report in communications to other media outlets.

False and erroneous” (as opposed, I suppose, to “false and accurate” or “true and erroneous”) is the term that was used when characterizing the report to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

We’ll stick with “true and accurate,” since that’s what the report was and is, and I don’t really expect the Browns to admit that efforts already are underway to communicate with people who could be hired at some point in the future to assist in the ongoing effort to turn a habitual game loser into an at-least-once-per-month-on-average game winner.

The Browns are 0-6 this year, 1-21 under the latest iteration of the football operation and coaching staff. If they aren’t actively exploring ways to improve a front office that passed on Carson Wentz once, passed on Deshaun Watson twice, and outscored an opponent only once in 22 games that count, fans should be demanding that they do.

Good news, fans — they are. And while specific names have not yet been harvested by PFT’s reporting efforts, don’t assume they’re talking only to people who currently are available to be hired, since anyone currently working for another team is off limits under the tampering rules. Tampering happens routinely in the NFL, and it’s extremely easy to initiate communications with no fingerprints that can be plausibly denied later.

Or plausibly denied, you know, right now.

20 responses to “Browns dispute report of efforts to reach out to football executives

  1. if the Browns are smart they would go get scot mccloughan right now since he’s available. But i don’t think he would mesh well with Sashi and DePodsta. It would probably best in the Browns interest to get rid of those 2, most people forget Sashi has been in the Browns personal department before Pettine was there, Sashi is a big problem of the browns constant failures. Imagine though , if they hired scot mccloughan and got rid of the trash (Sashi & Paul) and let him actually put together his own team, specially with the 2 1st rounders and 3 seconds. he could make this a legit team in one season. This is coming from a Ravens fan.

  2. In the last few years the Browns have changed every front-office position, including owner. What’s left to try?

  3. I think the Haslams should reach out to other owners and have THEM reach out to other executives. Find some sympathetic NFC owner and outsource all hiring decisions.

    Oh, and no more lawyers in charge. Lawyers are very good at losing everything on your behalf and still convincing you that you’re doing great and it’s part of the process.

  4. It would be cool to see what Scot McCloughan could do with the Browns’ gazillion draft picks. He already has experience working with dysfunctional bad ownership, and he happens to be not employed by an NFL team right now.

  5. I heard they’ve reached out to Dusty Baker and he declined. ( Saying-“I don’t know a damn thing about football “).

  6. I’m not blaming DePodesta for this. He was brought in to install the blueprint. He was not brought in to scout and pick players. He has given the “football” people more than enough ammunition to stockpile that team with talent. It’s not his fault no one there can evaluate talent.

  7. As a 60 year Browns fan, I can tell you these are not the Browns. They were stolen by Baltimore. To add insult too injury, the ravens went on to win two super bowls. This lame expansion team was put together very quickly and crappie. It will never catch up. I wish they would dump the name, the colors, and the old Browns records. It sickens me to witness this! My son is 33, My daughter 27, They can’t remember a time when the Browns were good. The Browns are now losing the old farts like me. I doubt anyone cares anymore, but it’s not the people of Cleveland’s fault. We were great fans and don’t deserve to be laughed at and mocked. Like somehow everyone is better than us. We, like you, have no control over what happens.

  8. It’s a QB driven league. Look at how the great ones make everyone around them better. Next draft the Browns should take all those draft picks and pick nothing but QB’s. They’re bound to find one good one and problem solved…. BIGLY!

  9. I have no idea if dePodesta is really to blame. But if he wants to come back to the Mets, I will take him with open arms.

  10. Haslam signed up for moneyball and it’s way too early to pull the plug. Even though they seemed to have messed up by not valuing those QB, or QB as a whole, the same way doesn’t mean they’ve been a total failure. In fact, I think they’ve done a notable job in wheeling and dealing and opening up massive cap. With so many picks there’s no way this team will have the same face (as players) this time in 2 years, but will have mostly the same FO.

  11. .
    The problem with the Browns front office is that they think the QB position is the same as guard or cornerback. They don’t seem to realize that there might only be one or two legitimate QB prospects per year. You can’t take a pass and think you can grab one in the later rounds.

  12. Looking at Kizer vs Watson in college it was quite obvious whho had that the “It” factor everyone talks about. Wentz seemed to have the same thing but I get passing on Wentz. Too many needs. But even if you fix all the needs, you’re going nowhere without a QB.

    If you were going to start a team, what position would you start with?

    We will find out one day that Hue Jackson did send the tweet and was over ruled. He wanted Watson, who will fight Hunt for ROY. Nice job Sashi.

  13. It’s pretty plain to see that they’re waiting for a “can’t miss” qb to come along. All the qb’s the past two years have had major question marks, Wentz and Trubisky especially. And everyone that is anointing Watson now seems to have forgotten how incredible RG3 was his rookie year, when everyone was drooling over him and blasting the Browns for not giving up enough to get him.

  14. xlivsaints says:
    October 16, 2017 at 4:53 pm
    PLEASE contract this team and/or move it to London.


    The Saints would have been contracted decades ago, kid.

  15. So Browns front office who are only 6 games into their second season need replaced because they passed on two guys who there is no way whether anyone knows if either of them are busts or not yet?

    The only thing worse than Clevelands actual decision making is the idea’s the NFL media believes would “fix” them.

    How about letting the youngest team in the league develop instead of acting like the rookies that went to two teams that were playoff contenders before they got there are anywhere near the same. I could understand if we were talking about the Colts or Giants that were good and now are terrible but the Browns haven’t been decent for years. It’s not going to happen overnight and there is no magic exec that can make it happen overnight.

  16. Cleveland’s roster is bare and they don’t have a good QB. They have passed on good prospects available in the draft just to pick worse options (with the exception of Garrett). Time to admit that this experiment has failed miserably.

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