Jerry Richardson skipping this week’s owners meeting

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NFL owners are meeting in New York this week in hopes of coming up with a way to extricate themselves from a public relations mess.

At least 30 of them are.

PFT has learned that Panthers owner Jerry Richardson will not be in attendance this week.

That isn’t necessarily surprising considering he was the next-to-last owner to issue any degree of statement following President Donald Trump’s declaration that any “son of a bitch” who protested during the national anthem should be fired. That weekend, Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers stayed in the locker room for the anthem, the only Panthers player to recognize the moment in any way.

As much as anything, it appears that the 81-year-old Richardson doesn’t want to be bothered with what seems like bowing to Trump’s wishes that all players be made to stand. Other carrots are being dangled to get players to comply, but most feel like some degree of going along to get along is inevitable, especially after Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Dolphins owner Stephen Ross instructed their players to participate.

Abstaining might not be viewed as the most virtuous move to those who prefer another course of action, but it at least leaves you with clean hands. And when it’s time to stack the money that comes in from both sides of the political aisle, clean hands make the counting go faster.

“Mr. Richardson is healthy and fully focused on the business of the Carolina Panthers,” team director of communications Steven Drummond said in response to a question from PFT. “He has complete confidence in his executive team to represent the club at the meeting.”

The meeting is limited to one participant per team, or two if members of a family own a team. The Panthers lack a team president since they never replaced Danny Morrison in February, and their most likely representative at the meeting would be Tina Becker, whose title is executive director, owner’s office. Becker has been a constant presence alongside Richardson for all his recent decisions (she was the one who called former General Manager Marty Hurney about coming back on board as interim G.M.) and has gained influence in their building in recent years.

Richardson has taken a step back from any and all league matters in recent years. After spending two decades trying to solve the league’s Los Angeles problem (and taking a loss on that one), he no longer participates in any league committees. He used to be among the most involved owners in that regard, and was once a member of the compensation committee, which sets commissioner Roger Goodell’s salary.

19 responses to “Jerry Richardson skipping this week’s owners meeting

  1. I think he’s an 81 year old who’s cashing his TV checks and really doesn’t care very much what happens on the field any more. He’s in the end stage of his life and has other more pressing things to worry about and or enjoy.

  2. Maybe I’m wrong, but he’s getting pretty old and their official statement even mentioned that he’s healthy… aka they’re trying to stop the potential rumor of him being unhealthy.

    But here’s a Trump rumor thanks. Maybe, just maybe, politics don’t play into every single decision people make?

  3. “And then I made a statue of myself — and the taxpayers covered it all!”
    “Ha ha ha!”

  4. ccrush22….actually, the protests were rather limited and innocuous until Trump started spouting off in Alabama. If he had kept his mouth shut and not engaged in a pR stunt with Pence….it wouldn’t be an issue.

  5. I doubt seriously if Kap would have done this if he had a clue about the political landscape. And then passed on 14 mil thinking he was going to land a bigger contract. Now, with his career on life support, he files this unwinnable lawsuit that pulls the plug on his career…… BIGLY

  6. The guy is very old and trusts his top staffer to represent the organization.

    Why does this article have to paint him out to be a bad guy?

    People are so quick to assume the worst. I don’t see anyone praising him for having a female rep the org at the meetings.

  7. If the owners fire Goodell……not only will the players stand but they will jump for joy. Fire Goodell and end our national nightmare.
    Make the NFL Great Again!!

  8. Make the NFL Great Again! MNFLGA! Not nearly as catchy as MAGA but it would be nice!

  9. If I were an 81-year-old billionaire who had competent execs to represent my interests, I wouldn’t get involved in this nonsense either.

  10. If they invite fans, does that mean fans from both sides can air their grievances? The debate, discourse and debunking of a lot of myths surrounding the protest issues would be amazing. And people can also talk about the true reason the players are protesting for once, instead of using their own political agendas to disregard evidence that’s supported by statistics and history.

  11. He’s skipping the meeting like tons of people are skipping football games; in person and on TV.

  12. Unlike every other owner in the league, Jerry Richardson actually played football in the NFL. He probably realizes how trivial and overblown this whole anthem thing has become.

  13. epauley424 says:
    October 16, 2017 at 3:35 pm
    ccrush22….actually, the protests were rather limited and innocuous until Trump started spouting off in Alabama. If he had kept his mouth shut and not engaged in a pR stunt with Pence….it wouldn’t be an issue.

    I totally agree with you and funny how most gave a thumbs down on your comment! Folks know the truth but choose to look the other way or cant handle the truth!! 45 with the SOB comment totally sparked the mess and outrage and his puppet pence was definitely a wasted PR stunt on taxpayers dollars!! Shameful!!

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