Martavis Bryant’s girlfriend appears to confirm he wants to be traded

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Steelers receiver Martavis Bryant has denied a report that he is unhappy as a Steeler and wants to be traded. But Bryant’s girlfriend appeared to confirm the report.

Deja Hiott, whom Bryant has identified as his girlfriend multiple times on social media, posted a tweet on Sunday night that responded to the report of Bryant wanting a trade and seemed to confirm that the report was accurate.

“Well. You guys should’ve seen it coming. Taking him off the field, not giving the ball or the chance to reach his full potential,” Hiott wrote, in a tweet she later deleted.

It’s hard to believe Hiott would write that on Twitter if Bryant hadn’t told her privately that that’s the way he feels. So while Bryant is saying publicly that he’s happy in Pittsburgh, there may be more going on than he’s willing to admit.

51 responses to “Martavis Bryant’s girlfriend appears to confirm he wants to be traded

  1. Doesn’t make sense for the Steelers to trade him. All they will get is a 7th round for him since he’s on the verge of getting suspended for a very, very, very long time. Plus he’s cheap right now.

  2. He had plenty of chances to reach his full potential. Instead, he felt it more important to party. Now he places the responsibility for him to succeed on the Steelers when he wasn’t responsible to begin with? Their responsibility began and ended with giving him an opportunity to succeed and he blew it (multiple times).

  3. I’m not a Steelers fan, Ravens actually. But I’m with the team on this one. Does Bryant realize that he forced their hand to draft other WR’s after you know he got suspended for drug use? Now your going to complain????

    Harder and harder to even stomach most of the people who play football.

  4. joetoronto says:
    October 16, 2017 at 8:01 am
    Way too much drama these days all adding up to one big turnoff.


    Yeah like the drama on the west coast where the Raiders paid a guy huge money despite the fact that he has ever won a single postseason game.

  5. With the [relative] amount of talent on this team, and the [relative] lack of it in the AFC, this will go down as the season of the Roethlisberger era that the fans [hopefully eventually] the players look back on as their biggest missed opportunity.

    I was at the Pitt game with a bunch of friends, mostly Steelers fans, on Saturday and the general theme of the conversation is how interested all of us are in this team and this season. The politicization is just one part of a larger problem – its such an unlikable team. They’re hard to root for. Heyward and Villanueva don’t deserve this group. No wonder Roethlisberger is ready to hang it up.

  6. So let me get this straight.

    You get suspended for an entire season for being an idiot. The Steelers don’t give up on you and back you through your suspension and allow you back on the team. Now you come back only to drop touchdowns and lose snaps to a 20 year old rookie who wants it more than you and you want a trade? This guy is an absolute fool and disgrace. If I am the Steelers I trade this chump to a bad team with a lousy QB. See how he likes losing every week and eventually falling off the face of the planet in football. Bye Martavis

  7. Single guys: “You should control what your wife/gf says.”
    Married guys: “I ain’t going there.”

  8. loved when this guy said “that’s not me” after a.b. got into w/ the gatorade cooler. now this? turns out all w.r.’s are pretty much the same… #diva

  9. And you wonder why Ben has been talking about leaving?

    Le’Veon: Give me the ball more!
    AB: I was open! Give me the ball!
    Martavis: I need the ball more!

    Ben: There’s only one ball.

  10. Typical millennial mentality he has. Contrast with James Harrison who works his tail off and humbly accepts whatever direction the team wants to go in, he’s just happy to be there.

    If he were on the Pats, he’d be in Cleveland by now.

  11. blacknyellablacknyella says:
    October 16, 2017 at 9:32 am
    And you wonder why Ben has been talking about leaving?

    Le’Veon: Give me the ball more!
    AB: I was open! Give me the ball!
    Martavis: I need the ball more!

    Ben: There’s only one ball.

    Uhhh, Ben should be worried about his own dreadful performances. He SHOULD Leave because he can’t play anymore! AB and Leveon are actually keeping him in the league as he is truly, over the hill!!!!

  12. If he doesn’t want to play in Pittsburgh, the fans will let him know on Sunday that he’s welcomed to hit the road!!

  13. And the wheels come off the bus…. This is happens when a head coach lets ME FIRST guys run the locker room

  14. Too many Divas on the team now. Have you ever seen a team with a bunch of “me first” guys have long term success? Sure, you win some games, maybe even do good, but in the ultimate end, it all unravels when it matters. Today’s Steelers kind of remind me of the Bengals when they had TO and Ocho…Cincy had some pretty good teams that were undone by their, as well as a few others’, antics. imo

  15. Yesterday was the Steelers Superbowl. It’s all downhill from now. I don’t blame him for asking for a trade.

  16. Bryant – Dump her and play your ass off to make the best of your situation, regardless of how you feel. With the way this is being presented in today’s climate, NOTHING good can come out of it.

  17. Trade?
    27 games played of a possible 42
    Suspended 4 Games in 2015
    Suspended 16 games in 2016
    Career: 93 Receptions on 175 Targets (53%), not particularly impressive. A lot of targets, low receptions ratio.
    Career: 15 TDs (impressive), but only 2 TD’s in last 12 games played (since 12/06/2015).

    So when not suspended over the last 2 years for drug abuse, he’s played mediocre ball.
    Potential Superstar Career? Yes
    Limitations: Self Inflicted

    Get your head screwed on straight Martavis. Otherwise, you will wash out & be a ‘has never been’.

  18. PFT’s previous response regarding girlfriends (ie, the Colon Kaepernick situation) is that they don’t matter and what they have to say is to be completely discounted.

    Now they do, and it isn’t?

  19. It might be time to recognize that by the time a professional football player reaches the NFL, he’s probably already brain-damaged. I’m beginning to wonder how much that influences their behavior. This is honestly not being facetious or trying to be funny, but there have been very few star wide-receivers that didn’t end up being head-cases.

  20. Well much like the Ben wants traded story this quickly was blown up. It has become a joke in the building with even the Pitt head coach making jokes about it. Let’s see his girl knows he’s frustrated sees the report figures ok he must have had enough only to find out once he got off the plane that no that didn’t happen which led to her deleting the tweet. Kind of funny that he reported this while the team was in the air and Bryant couldn’t immediately respond. Well Bryant did say he would like to be traded to the Warriors so there you have it.

  21. Hundreds of millions of social media accounts have come under the control of asocial and emotionally immature ignorami who narcissistically think that the World needs to be constantly informed of their idiocy. Must be some sort of hack wherein young minds get separated from reality.

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