NaVorro Bowman joins the Raiders

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Navorro Bowman didn’t have to wait long or go far to find his new NFL team.

Bowman has agreed to terms with the Raiders on a one-year contract. A source tells PFT that Bowman will get $3 million for the rest of the year and will be able to keep his full salary from the 49ers as well.

After spending the first eight years of his NFL career in San Francisco, Bowman was released by the 49ers last week. He was immediately linked to the Raiders and agreed to sign with them today, despite also being asked to visit the Cowboys.

The 29-year-old Bowman had started all five games for the 49ers before his release last week. He was once among the best linebackers in football before a devastating knee injury in the playoffs after the 2013 season, and now the Raiders, who are fighting for their playoff lives after a disappointing 2-4 start, will hope they can see him return to that level.

37 responses to “NaVorro Bowman joins the Raiders

  1. This doesn’t make much sense at all considering how dim the Raiders’ playoff chances are. Regardless, wish nothing but the best for you Bo! Thanks for all that you did for the Niners during your tenure here. Hope you can go out with a ring.

  2. NaVorro: “Mikale, honey, you can stop packing. We’re not moving.”
    Mikale: “This is all Manziel’s stuff. He’s still moving out, right?”
    NaVarro: “Oh, right. I won’t tell him.”

  3. Hope he can cover those fast TEs in the NFL.
    Kelce is going to eat Bowman up in the middle on Thursday. Maybe experience will overcome lack of speed. Maybe not!

  4. He wanted to stay in Cali, obviously… And he didn’t want to play for the Chargers, the Rams are too stacked at LB… These guys have kids/families also… Why do you think Phillip Rivers never left the Chargers

  5. He didn’t want to uproot his family. Raiders defense could really improve having a LB like Bowman in the middle. He’s not as far gone from being a playmaker as some of you think.

  6. Dropping your #1 player when you’re 0-6 is pretty much a white flag. They shouldn’t even suit up. Just show up in flip flops, shorts, and a tank top. That’s how ”professional” this once great team is being run. Thanks again, Jed. In a galaxy of a zillion stars, you are a dark hole, sir.

  7. Never been the same since that brutal knee injury in the NFC Championship. Such a shame, him and Willis side by side were almost impossible to run through. But this Bowman isn’t that Bowman anymore.

    Hopefully he finds a second wind in Oakland. At least he doesn’t have to move far or uproot his family, which is something all these “why isn’t he ring chasing” posters don’t seem to consider. Not to mention, it almost never works out that way anyways.

  8. Mike Zeck – 4 or 5 tackles a game is their #1 player? Get a grip.

    He’s almost 30, has rapidly deteriorated, and obviously isn’t a part of their long term future either way, especially for a completely rebuilding franchise. If he was a #1 player, he would’ve had trade value and brought back assets instead of being released.

    They’re giving themselves a chance to get looks at younger players, and giving him a chance to go somewhere that he has a chance to contribute to winning. It makes perfect sense for both sides and is actually perfectly professional.

    People like you don’t understand anything except name nostalgia and complaining.

  9. themanasutra says:
    October 16, 2017 at 4:26 pm
    This doesn’t make much sense at all considering how dim the Raiders’ playoff chances are.

    A one year deal to showcase your abilities coming back from an achilles injury makes a lot of sense if you are Bowman. Plenty of room to shine on that Oakland D. And he can do it without so much as wrapping a single personal item in bubble wrap for a move.

  10. About time the owner of the Raiders better have a talk with the players that its past time to get your minds on football. they got a rebel rouser on the team who is all about chaos and that kills team unity. No play offs for you guys this year.

  11. “billswillnevermove says:
    October 16, 2017 at 4:38 pm
    Dudes career is over”

    Pretty sure you said the same thing about Adrian Peterson.

  12. well one would have to think he is better then Ben Heeney, Miles Burris, Curtis Lofton, Perry Riley, etc….who we have endured the past several sesons…

    Go Raiders…Go Reggie!!!

  13. Reggie is starting to feel the heat with his failings drafting on the defensive side of the ball, he could not afford to let Bowman leave the building without a deal. Very happy with the signing, now stop drafting defensive players like a 4 year old.

  14. Too bad the injuries caught up to him. I respect him for what he did in coming back from such a horrific injury but it’s evident that he’s lost a step. I hope he doesn’t get hurt seriously anymore and makes the decision to retire after this season.

  15. honkeyt says:
    October 16, 2017 at 7:55 pm
    Reggie is starting to feel the heat with his failings drafting on the defensive side of the ball
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    hmmmm i guess the NFL DPOY is a bust, as well as Karl Joseph, Eddie Vanderdoes, Dexter McDonald, Mario Edwards, Jihad Ward, Jellybean, Cory James

  16. Hard to believe that GOAT GM Mckenzie (32-53) is still build his roster in November. Speculation is increasing that he is on thin ice. Search for recent article entitled “Raising Doubt: Raiders GM McKenzie Recent Struggles Alarming.” Were it not for the Raiders, none of your coaching staff and Go Reggie would be employed by the NFL. You get what you pay for.

  17. I’m surprised the packers didn’t make a run for him. Clays 14 tackles in 6 games is pretty embarrassing. Pack fans still believe Clay is the greatest.

  18. Wish Bow the best of luck.

    He left everything on the field on every game day as a 9ER and will always be a 9ER to me.

    His injury last season completely hampered his ability this season. Hoping that he just needs more recovery time to get healthy so he can return to the player he was. He’s still solid in the run game but lacks the speed to keep up on the pass defense.

    “The pick at the Stick” to send Candlestick out in style. His pass defense on the 4th down vs ATL in the NFC championship game to seal the win are legendary. But nothing tops the strip fumble against Seattle on the goal line simultaneously having his knee completely destroyed while still holding onto the ball is what I’ll always remember of him.
    Just a complete badass that left it all out there

    Best of luck #53

  19. After my Chiefs were gashed by Bell/Steelers, we could use ‘grandpa’ Bowman: he’d fit right in next to our relic 99 year old Derrick Johnson…

  20. He was probably frustrated by the 49er offense led by Hoyer, because he was talking about the Raiders having offensive stars when he was interviewed. He had 37 tackles in five games, which would be on pace to make 119 tackles for the full season, not as many as his pro bowl season of 2015, but still respectable.

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