Defensive-minded Texans become offensive-minded Texans

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Even without three-time NFL defensive player of the year J.J. Watt for most of last year, the Texans still led the league in total defense. Houston, in fact, ranked in the top 10 in total defense five of the past six seasons, with Watt the face of the franchise.

Scoring was the Texans’ problem, as they ranked no better than 14th in points the previous four seasons.

Amazing how a franchise quarterback can change the identity of a team overnight.

“Everything has flipped, turned 180 degrees from last season,” owner Bob McNair said, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “We knew our defense was good last year, and we would keep teams from scoring a lot of points. If the offense just didn’t turn the ball over and could score a few points, we could win the game. This season, we know we’re going to score a lot of points. If our defense keeps teams from scoring too much, we can win.”

The Texans have lost defensive end J.J. Watt and outside linebacker Whitney Mercilus to season-ending injuries, and inside linebacker Brian Cushing is serving a 10-game suspension.

But rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson gives the Texans hope.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that he’s the franchise quarterback, the present and the future,” McNair said. “He means everything to our offense.”

The Texans are averaging 29.5 points, 11.5 more than they did through six games last season. They have averaged 34 points in the five games Watson has started.

Watson has 15 touchdown passes and two rushing touchdowns, the same numbers Brock Osweiler in his one season in Houston.

9 responses to “Defensive-minded Texans become offensive-minded Texans

  1. When Johnathan Joseph was TOP 1 or 2 cornerback in the NFL (before bengals owner mike brown refused to sign him). Back then… nobody would talk about how good he is.

    The same happened for the 33 year old Joseph while in Houston.
    Joseph has played GREAT while in Houston.

    In 2016… Joseph was the highest-graded corner in the league in coverage. (Thank you, PFF)
    Not a peep. Just the endless drone of J.J. Watt worship.

  2. I’m just a little irritated if I’m Jimmy Haslam. All they had to do was pick him. They had enough draft picks already.

    You can have a million draft picks or a million dollars and if you’re clueless you will squander both.

    Good for the Texans to finally have a QB in a League that needs more.

  3. Anyone of you prognosticators care to pull your prior posts and explain why you said Watson would be a bust? Why the NFL would be too complex for him to make it? Why you felt he’d never be able to read defenses? Why you thought he’d never make it?

  4. @qdog112

    Probably because football fans have become jaded. Each year, there’s a new “best ever” who crashes spectacularly like so many of Kim Jong-il’s early missile tests.

    This year, DeShaun appears to finally be the real thing. As a Texans fan, I certainly hope so.

    On the other hand, the season is early. Much can go wrong. 5 starts do not the full story tell.

  5. Still can’t figure out what the Browns were thinking. At one and twelve they had two franchise cornerstones and they choose to acquire draft picks. I guess this is why the Browns are the Browns.

  6. As a Cowboys’ fan, I was praying for Tony to go to the Texans, after he was so unceremoniously dumped by Jason Garrett, the coach who still cannot figure out clock management…smh However, I am impressed with Watson, a young man who is a class act on the field, as well as off, which is a rarity indeed 🙂

  7. The Texans are averaging 29.5 points, 11.5 more than they did through six games last season. They have averaged 34 points in the five games Watson has started …. or about twice what Big Bum averages.

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