Mike Mitchell: I’m not a dirty player

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Steelers safety Mike Mitchell drew a flag for roughing the passer during Sunday’s victory over the Chiefs when he hit Alex Smith in the back of the knees after Smith had delivered a pass to Kareem Hunt on the final play of the third quarter.

Smith was upset about the hit, which came after a blitzing Mitchell initially missed Smith and then circled back for another shot. Linebacker Anthony Chickillo‘s hand pushes Mitchell in the back during that pursuit, which Mitchell says caused him to lose balance and fall into Smith as he’s “throwing and fading away.”

“I’m not a dirty player,” Mitchell said, via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “I’m not out here trying to take his legs out. It’s just one of those things you don’t want to see in a football game. It’s unfortunate that it happened because it ended up kind of flipping momentum in the field in a significant way.”

Mitchell will find out if the league views the hit the same way he does when they issue fines this week, but says he’ll sleep “very well” knowing that he didn’t intend to hurt Smith.

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  1. Sure thing Mike. There is no way that small hand contact on his back could have caused him to actually accelerate down and through smith’s knees.

    Not to mention the multiple other dangerous and unnecessary plays he made.

    If NFL wants to show it is fair in dishing out ridiculous punishment, this repeat offender needs a short suspension. Not holding my breath as the rooney’s will put in their call and have the issue swept under rug as insiders around the league know all too well.

  2. “I’m not a dirty player,” Mitchell said, via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “I’m not out here trying to take his legs out.”

    But yet he literally did just that smh

  3. This was a very dirty play. Smith had thrown the ball and was standing there watching it, Mitchell then dove at the back of his knees. Extremely late hit and unnecessary.

  4. “I am not blue!” -The Sky

    “I am not wet!” – Water

    “That’s just football” – Every steeler player and fan except when someone punches back, then everyone loses their mind.

  5. I’d love for cincy to line vontaze up at h-back this sunday, and bulldoze this turd. Some steeler fans love this guy and some hate him. A lot of bengals love vontaze and some hate him. The difference between the two isn’t their dirty hits, it’s that only one has talent (#55). Vontaze takes from the rich and gives to the poor. Taking out martellus or bullying big ben/gronk. Does anyone really think those guys don’t deserve to be bullied? Sure he’s picked on some other individuals who maybe didn’t warrant an ankle twist or two.

  6. As a Steeler fan I hate Mitchell b/c he makes more late-hits than good plays, for sure. But it did look like Chickillo pushed him into Smith. Unfortunately, Mitchell’s reputation will probably get him fined. I will be happy once they find a Safety to replace this stiff.

  7. He’s not only a dirty player but the dirtiest player in the NFL by a country mile. He plays out of control and almost always leads with the helmet. On three or 4 separate occasions, steeler defenders are attempting to tackle a receiver and it looks like they don’t try to tackle but hold up the player for Mitchell to come in and go head first into the receiver. I can’t believe this goes unnoticed and unpunished. This is Keith butler and the steelers mo. Mitchell is the least talented to the defense so they make him the goon enforcer. It’s sick on how they get away with this and a reason why I have no respect for this organization. They do weep like maidens though when teams do this to them. This turd needs to be tossed for a burfict-esque suspension. However when he starts to get suspended he will be cut since he is good for nothing else. The definition of a human gutterball.

  8. Mitchell can be a dirty player at times, but calling him worst than Burfict is a joke. Burfict has been suspended how many times?

    To the dummie Bengal fan that enjoys Burficts ankle twisting antics….you are a moron in need of help…get it?

  9. Yeah I know you all hate him, but most of y’all are just trolling and not to be taken seriously. Anyone who is objective can see Mitchell got his foot stepped on by Anthony Chickillo who then pushed Mitchell trying to catch his own balance. Keep on trolling though, your tears are tasty and salty.

    Burfict by comparison remains the ankle twisting, late hitting, sniveling little weasel he’s always been. Mitchell might be reckless when he plays but there’s huge difference between that and dirty.

    Go Steelers!

  10. The biggest reason for the disparity between the discipline of Mitchell/Shazier and Burfict is … physics.
    Mitchell and Shazier lead with their helmets like the Trevathan hit on Adams, but because they are smaller players, there is less outcry for punishment. Conversely, Burfict hits with his shoulder (2016 playoff hit on Brown, 2017 preseason hit on Chiefs), but he is so much bigger it produces a more explosive hit and looks worse.

  11. Mike, we’ve all seen countless video of you going in for tackles helmet first with your hands at your waist. You’re not skilled enough to wrap up a gift, let alone a WR, so you head shot people. You’re as dirty as they get – tape doesn’t lie

  12. Nofoolnodrool says:
    October 17, 2017 at 10:58 am
    Mitchell can be a dirty player at times, but calling him worst than Burfict is a joke. Burfict has been suspended how many times?
    When your argument is based on believing that the league’s handling of player discipline is fair and consistent you’ve already lost the argument

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