Tuesday meeting in New York includes 13 players, 11 owners

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The NFL and NFLPA announced last week that there would be a Tuesday meeting involving officials from both organizations as well as players and team owners as a precursor to the league meetings regarding the national anthem later in the day.

That meeting is underway in New York and the league has released the names of all the people involved. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent are there from the league while NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith is joined by president Eric Winston and senior director of player affairs Don Davis.

The Dolphins have three players — wide receiver Kenny Stills, tight end Julius Thomas and safety Michael Thomas — at the meeting, which is the most of any team. The Jets, represented by left tackle Kelvin Beachum and linebacker Demario Davis, and Eagles, represented by defensive end Chris Long and safety Malcolm Jenkins, each have two players. Colts cornerback Darius Butler, Chargers tackle Russell Okung, Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich, 49ers safety Eric Reid, Redskins cornerback Josh Norman and Anquan Boldin, who announced his retirement in August, round out the group.


Michael Bidwill of the Cardinals, Arthur Blank of the Falcons, Terry Pegula of the Bills, Bob McNair of the Texans, Shad Khan of the Jaguars, Stephen Ross of the Dolphins, Robert Kraft of the Patriots, John Mara of the Giants, Art Rooney II of the Steelers, Jeffrey Lurie of the Eagles and Jed York of the 49ers are there on the ownership side.


The meeting will not involve any vote or attempt to come to an agreement on how the national anthem should be approached for the rest of the season. That meeting will involve only team owners while this meeting is one to discuss the issues that players have been protesting and how to address them in conjunction with any agreement that may come to pass regarding the anthem.

30 responses to “Tuesday meeting in New York includes 13 players, 11 owners

  1. A meeting then with no expectation of a real outcome?…..

    A meeting which will only establish a time for the next meeting?

    More Goodell BS……..

  2. This is a real meeting. They will be forced to lay out some real policy this time. They are sitting on a multi-billion dollar cash cow. They will not let Trump destroy their money stream. Players are under contract, but the owners know they need a collective bargaining agreement to effect a change of work conditions.

    Players have leverage and the owners may as well deal with it now. Tell Trump to kick rocks or maybe call the families of our FALLEN TROOPS, after he finishes a round of golf.

  3. Why bother, start your own league where you can protest before during & after the game and those evil police officers are not allowed into the stadium to watch over the 7 fans in the stands

  4. It’s true, the NFL has managed to put a stranglehold on the golden goose. It seems like yesterday when it looked like there was no way they could ever screw it up.

  5. We the fans don’t want the supposed activisim ,your ratings are down and the networks are going to coming after you quickly as CBS just reported the huge drop ,attendance is down as well as merchandise sales …we’ve made our stance .
    This is a private business and the owners need to and eventually will end the madness because it’s starting to hurt their wallets.
    I applaud the players that work in their communities but I don’t need it when I’m watching a game.

  6. Curiously, Spanos or any Charger ownership rep is AWOL. I wonder if some of the owners remaining are going to discuss RELOCATION which is another issue damaging the league. RELOCATION means screw the fan base and get the money. You see, the Chargers have no home games, because they have no ‘home.’ And they play better on the road which means they should win at ‘home’ as they have no ‘home’ games, as their ‘home’ games are on the road. So why aren’t they winning at ‘home?’ Nobody knows. Get it?

  7. As I’ve learned from my prior life in the business world, the biggest waste of time is attributed to MEETINGS.

  8. Just glad D. McCourty isn’t there this time. He needs to focus on his J.O.B. because the Pats D is not getting it done, with anything close to a consistent level of play.

  9. The purpose of this meeting is for the owners to learn, in advance, the reaction they will to whatever decision they make regarding how to address the protests occurring during the anthem.

  10. The purpose of this meeting is for the owners to learn, in advance, the reaction they will receive from the players to whatever decision they make regarding how to address the protests occurring during the anthem.

  11. De Smith has it. He figured out the Kaep was protesting last month (only a year late). He was hoping to sue someone using PA money to take attention from his re-election (wink wink – Thanks Rosenhaus). If the players ever figure out that the owners are going to take retribution on those that participated in this fiasco might fire Smith.

    Until then the stands are emptying. It will take years to recover the revenue from this mess.

  12. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Read it. For those few who are confused, a private employer is not congress.

  13. Ideally, they would agree on some form of protest that would be acceptable to all, then that proposal would be voted on by the owners in the afternoon meeting.

    What I suspect is more likely is that the owners will require more time to research/decide on their own before voting, so the matter will get tabled until the next owners’ meeting.

  14. I hope they just keep the teams in the locker room and let whoever wants to come out and stand, come out and stand. If you want to protest, great…I just think it’s 100% BS to make a captive audience of tens of thousands have to have their moment blemished by some spoiled millionaires. Watch, the solution will be throwing money at the cause, if anyone remembers what it is, and the players won’t pitch in diddly.

  15. Yesterday the Panthers owner was made out as a heel and this site reported like he was the only owner not showing up today.

    Quick question…if the owners came out and said okay sit stand kneel we don’t care would this the teeth out of the protest because it is no longer defying “the man”?

  16. How hard is it to tell your EMPLOYEES to leave there personal baggage at the door when they come to work? Ive heard bosses and owners of business’s say this to employees all the time

  17. Players come and go like the flu, your fans can be forever and the NFL is trying so hard to push them away. I’d love to go back to a protest free league, just can’t see the league being that smart.

  18. The players and the owners are colluding to kill the Golden Goose!

    Until I can watch professional football uninterrupted by racial politics… I will not watch NFL football, period!

    This insanity has be allowed to go on for 13 months, and counting.

  19. That would be the same Troy Vincent and Roger Goodell who blew $5 million trying to deny what the digital tire pressure readout on their Mercedes dashboard tells them every autumn.

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