Brett Hundley confident he can keep Packers rolling

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Everyone outside the building has given up on the Packers, but Brett Hundley and his teammates haven’t. Their goals have stayed the same despite losing Aaron Rodgers.

“I’ve been doing this my whole life,” Hundley said, via Rob Demovsky of ESPN. “Aaron’s a Hall of Famer, and I want to be a Hall of Famer one day. I will lead this team. We’re all going to have fun. We’re all going to go out there and play football. It’s still football at the end of the day, and our goals are still in front of us.”

Hundley spent his day off Tuesday working out and game-planning with coach Mike McCarthy. The former UCLA standout has the same skill set as Rodgers but far less experience and thus isn’t going to be asked to make adjustments at the line.

“He clearly won’t carry the responsibility into the game that Aaron Rodgers carries into it; I think that’s obvious,” McCarthy said. “I’d be an idiot if I asked him to do that. But also, I think that’s really for [all] the other young guys who are playing. We don’t ask all our younger players to do all the things that our veteran players do because they don’t have the experience.”

Hundley threw three interceptions and one touchdown Sunday after Rodgers broke his collarbone. But the Packers will tailor the offense to Hundley this week, giving him a better chance to succeed.

“We’re going to keep what we do best, and that’s playing this offense,” Hundley said. “Obviously being the starting quarterback now, just like Aaron when he was, he had a lot of choices — what he wanted to do, how he wanted to do it — and same with me. The coaches are doing a really good job with the game plan.”

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  1. He’s basically Flynn 2.0 but more talented. Flynn was a 7th round pick who sat behind Rodgers for 2yrs before he got a spot start vs NE in 2010, played a great game and barely lost. The next year wk17 he had his breakout 480yd 6td game against Detroit. One year later a cashed out in FA. Hundley is now in the same position except he’s about to have a much longer debut, and he’s loaded with weapons around him. The key is the OL getting and then staying healthy

  2. he didn’t have “the same skillset as rodgers” from what i watched last week i wouldn’t be surprised if he was a serviceable starter, but the packers had a ton of holes that rodgers was making up for.

  3. Good luck pal you looked clueless against the vikes like you never saw a football before. Heres a hint, teams are going to blizt you on every play so Mental Mike better have some short passing routes for you or your going to die out there two

  4. Confidence doesn’t mean you can do it. Why can’t you beat the Vikings then? It takes more than a man, son.

  5. McCarthy said. “I’d be an idiot if I asked him to do that.


    Other than the rubes that surround you, the rest of the league already knows you are.

  6. This is why football is so interesting — can’t wait to see what Brett does with this opportunity.

    The last Brett that played for Green Bay also entered the game when there was an injury, and never left.

    A classic Wally Pipp moment.

  7. Maybe he can do it, maybe he cannot. Time will tell. He throws a nice looking ball and has shown he can be an accurate passer.

  8. It is somewhat humorous that some of the comments on here infer that the Vikings experienced the very best in Brett Hundley last Sunday. Not even close. If nothing else, I am really hoping Hundley’s at the helm for Vikings-Round 2. Regardless, as someone already shared, it will come down to how well the O-Line is going to be able to protect.

  9. My prediction – this guy is going to surprise a lot of people.

    In short, there will be growing pains but the Packers will have a winning record at the end of the season.

    Not a Packers fan or hater.

  10. Obviously, you can’t replace ARod, and if the team makes it to January and he’s not at QB, they’re done. But If GB can get healthy at OT and in the secondary, they CAN compete with all but the best teams in the NFL. And the hardest games on their schedule are already over. Hundley might surprise some people.

  11. It’s not about Hundley. It’s about having no defense and no rushing attack. They let good o line players go in the offseason. I predicted in the offseason this would happen, but you GB saps wouldn’t hear it…

  12. dirtyhelmet says:
    October 18, 2017 at 8:37 pm
    McCarthy said. “I’d be an idiot if I asked him to do that

    Other than the rubes that surround you, the rest of the league already knows you are.

    You wish your coach was “idiotic” enough to have the longest streak in the NFC of consecutive playoff appearances.

  13. A full week of taking all the reps … and then a bye week to continue preparing. Just pound the rock boys, one game at a time. Go Pack Go!!

  14. He was decent against the Vikes. He needs reps and probably a couple weeks to get in sync with the offense, but I think GB can survive until Rodgers is back. Especially if the rest of the team gets healthy.

  15. I think he will only toss two interceptions this week. Look, he was passed over by 31 teams at least 4 times, a few five as a late fifth rounder. In 3 seasons no one has begged ted to trade for him. The scouts were not high on him for a reason. We will see what that is on Sunday.

  16. I think they will lose a close one to the Saints, then start winning again. Those people automatically writing off the Packers should reconsider. Would you write off the Pats if Brady went down? Great QBs don’t just happen; they usually are coached up to that next level. Hundley will do just fine I think, and I still expect the Packers to win that division.

  17. Hundley will do okay. Tough draw being thrown out vs the Viking defense… he made some bad decisions, not necessarily bad throws. He’s gonna need some help and that packers top 25 defense ain’t gonna provide much. If Hundley was on the Vikings he would be in good shape… they have an actual TEAM.

  18. I didn’t think the poor kid was going to leave US bank stadium in one piece.

    With your O-line- the Packers might be down to Jerod Evans before you know it.

  19. No clue. Kirwan said he didn’t get one snap in practice the week before. The Packers had all their eggs in the Rodgers basket, and now they’re going to pay for that.

  20. the packers and their fans always look forward to their super bowl game against Vikings

    It’s a shame Hundley couldn’t deliver.

  21. Packer fans will see exactly how average the team is without Rodgers. Plus get a taste of what you have to look forward to when your lucky streak of 2 HOF QB’s in a row comes to an end. After his second surgery on the same shoulder, Aaron will honestly never have the same arm strength again. That is going to affect accuracy and those unbelievable Hail Mary’s he USED to throw.
    If your Coach does not keep him in the pocket he is an idiot. Either way brace for a different Rodgers next year, he will be one hit from retirement.

  22. If GB can get healthy at OT and in the secondary, they CAN compete with all but the best teams in the NFL


    Thanks for the laugh! Rodgers is done, you’re done.

  23. contra74 says:
    October 19, 2017 at 2:58 am
    the packers and their fans always look forward to their super bowl game against Vikings

    It’s a shame Hundley couldn’t deliver.

    Packers play in actual Superbowls, and ya know they’ve won a few too

  24. People are seriously overreacting to Brett Hundley having to play. Yes, it sucks that Rodgers is is hurt, but acting like it’s the end of the world when he hasn’t even had a game where he practiced with the starting team all week is just dumb. No, he’s not going to be Aaron Rodgers. NO ONE is going to be Aaron Rodgers.

    His not being Aaron Rodgers does not equal automatic doom. If he wins half the games he starts – which really, is the best one can reasonably ask of a backup – the Packers are still likely in the playoff hunt.

    And remember too, Aaron hasn’t been ruled out for the season. He will likely be out 8 weeks (possibly more). 8 weeks brings him back in December – time enough to clinch a playoff spot if Hundley keeps them in the hunt.

    Just calm down. The world isn’t ending.

  25. Ehhh, Matt Flynn could throw consistently from the pocket. Hundley does not have that ability, at least not yet.He seems quite intelligent and hard working, so maybe he’ll get there, but his accuracy leaves much to be desired.

  26. In the past, it is pretty clear that GB didn’t worry about the QB position. And it showed with whom they allowed to back up AR.

    While most people are saying GB’s season is doomed now that AR is out, they’re most likely basing that on what the team has done without Rodgers in past years (which is, lose more often than win).

    However, those are PAST YEARS. Nobody knows if this backup QB, this year, will be the same. Hundley was a relatively highly regarded prospect, whom GB has groomed in their system for a couple of years. He may sink or float, but assuming he’ll sink on the past (when different players were involved) is at best premature.

    I personally think McCarthy is overrated and a product of AR’s greatness, so my gut feel is GB will be so-so at best. But it’s nothing more than a gut feel, no data on Hundley to back that up.

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