Ravens’ passing attack sputters under Mornhinweg, Flacco

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When the Ravens added Greg Roman to the coaching staff, he was described by some (maybe us; I can’t recall) as the team’s next future interim offensive coordinator. The future soon could be the present, if coach John Harbaugh decides yet again to make a change.

Despite his recent support for current offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, Harbaugh has to be concerned by the bottom line for the offense in the bottom-line business that is the NFL.

As noted recently by Jamison Hensley of ESPN.com, the Ravens currently average 159.7 passing yards per game, down sharply from last year’s full-season average of 256.3 yards per game. That’s a decline of nearly 100 yards per game.

The last time teams experienced such a drop, via Hensley, came in 2011, when the Colts were adjusting to life without Peyton Manning and the Broncos were adjusting to life with Tim Tebow.

Mornhinweg isn’t the only problem. Quarterback Joe Flacco has a career-low passer rating of 66.1. Deep throws specifically have been an issue; Flacco has completed only five of 23 passes that traveled at least 15 yards in the air.

There’s not much the Ravens can do with Flacco, who parlayed a Super Bowl win into a market-level contract that had a three-year trigger into, eventually, a market-level restructuring. As of next year, cutting or trading Flacco would cause $28.475 million to hit the cap. And while keeping him costs only $12 million in case, his cap number will be $24.75 million.

So the Ravens have no option but to stick with Flacco, at least through 2018. After that, they could move on for a total cap charge of $16 million, and that could be split between two years.

However it plays out, his career is beginning to feel as played out as the “is Flacco elite?” joke.

21 responses to “Ravens’ passing attack sputters under Mornhinweg, Flacco

  1. There is no longer any motivation for Flacco. If you watch him on the sidelines, he looks like a guy that has nothing to worry about. And you know what, he doesn’t. He’ll be laughing all the way to and from the M&T Bank.

  2. He’s pretty average outside of his amazing playoff run. That contract brings down the team and he’s no Drew Brees to make up for any shortcomings.

  3. The team gives him no help, no mention of all the drops from last weekends game, the lack of play makers he has to work with? no OL help. Joe has his problems, but theres a lot of other problems with that offense

  4. Or it could simply be Flacco’s bad back. I thought his recovery seemed quick, and the team/Flacco were definitely shy/deceptive about it’s seriousness/extent this summer, so maybe Flacco’s back is troubling him more than he or the team are letting on.

  5. To the Steeler fan who made a dumb comment. Your team might be 4-2 but you have your problems to. Why would you not want both programs at their best. John Harbaugh is a bigger issue then Joe Flacco. Harbs needs to go. As bad as Marty M is, look at how Dean Pees underachieves.

  6. Its not that the ravens haven’t tried to give Flacco weapons it’s that Flacco’s contract limits them. They can’t chase any young glamorous free agents and realistically they aren’t going to hit on every draft pick regardless whether they have the great Ozzie Newsome or not. Flacco already won a championship no reason for him to care about another.

  7. Marty Mornhinweg keeps getting a job because he worked with many other coaches before as an OC. Having experience is a lot more valuable than a tracj record of success. I don’t think he had a ton to work with while on the Jets.. but his biggest move was to call a panic timeout before his QB threw a 36-yard touchdown pass. The time-out stood, the TD didn’t, and that was kind of the end for the Rex Ryan Jets.

  8. whats the common variable in all the OCs getting fired over the years? You would think they would figure it out by now. On top of that, the contract that everyone said would be great and not hurt the team, is hurting he team.

  9. coachjl1978 says:
    October 18, 2017 at 1:46 pm
    To the Steeler fan who made a dumb comment. Your team might be 4-2 but you have your problems to. Why would you not want both programs at their best. John Harbaugh is a bigger issue then Joe Flacco. Harbs needs to go. As bad as Marty M is, look at how Dean Pees underachieves.

    Despite the Steelers problems, they had a chance to win every single game his year…the same can’t be said about the Ravens. The offense will start clicking and things will be fine.

  10. Flacco can score, score in bunches and make awesome throws. When he has OL and WR help.

    But instead, Ozzie spends all of this year’s draft picks on defense and Defensive Free Agents. Ozzie spent almost 24M on Brandon Williams (hurt) and Tony Jefferson.

    But Flacco has a bunch of scrubs and JAGs on offense.

  11. sbchampsagain says:
    October 18, 2017 at 3:25 pm
    Flacco can score, score in bunches and make awesome throws. When he has OL and WR help.

    The same can be said about 90% of the QBs. There are QBs that elevate their team and get their WRs paid, then there are QBs that get elevated…The Ravens have older, but decent, skill players. The problem with the Ravens is that many of the players can’t stay healthy. Another thing is Flacco gets paid too much, yes they spent a fair amount on the defense but that’s who the aravens are.

  12. This is what happens when you pay a mediocre qb top line money. Any football fan and realistic Ravens fan seen this coming a mile away. This team is beyond hideous to watch on offense. At least Ozzie has admitted that he cannot scout/draft wide receiver’s to save his life and just puts his draft picks towards line/defense. This isn’t the first time this team has been in this situation either, we have all seen this movie before. If Joe cared about his team/fans/legacy, he would restructure his contract in the offseason and see if they can get some talent in there to help him out.

  13. The Ravens used to be one of the best managed teams in football

    Then they won a Super Bowl and gave a mediocre QB a contract so ridiculous – $120 million with a cap hit increasing to $29 million – that the team had no choice but to extend him and give him another $66 million before they even knew if he’d be able to play another game after tearing his ACL

    Now they’re paying a QB with a 66 passer rating another $100 million – with cap hits/dead money ranging from $24 – $28 million a year, until 2021

    That’s a pretty impressive Epic Football Fail

  14. They play the Vikings at Minnesota this Sunday. The Vikings defense is going to brutalize them.
    And please, spare me the dirty play against Rodgers whining. It wasn’t a dirty play. No flag, Pereira and Aikman didn’t think it was dirty, and the NFL hasn’t fined Barr to my knowledge.

  15. It all starts with the O line. Injuries have taken a toll. If the O line is weak there is no time to pass down field, the d stacks the box, no holes are created and thus no run game, Flacco is always under pressure. When Flacco is under pressure too much he gets scared and makes a bad play. It’s the football version of “If you give a mouse a cookie”.

  16. As a ravens fan Stop making accuses for bum flucko performance ,it looks like he don’t care cuz he don’t pure garbage get him and the OC out of here,simply fed up

  17. In all honesty, it’s the o-line and lack of skill players. The only game they showed up for was the Raiders ganme and with time to throw, Flacco picked them apart. Our good linemen have always played themselves into huge contracts elsewhere (Grubbs, Osemele and Wagner just to name the most recent). Ozzie has always said that He’d never sacrifice the defense for offense, but have shown on more than a few occasions that He’s willing to sacrifice the offense. This is the fruits of your labor when you don’t build around your franchise Qb, you just give him a patchwork o-line, receivers and te’s, meanwhile your heavily invested D is giving up 150+ rushing yards a game, but I know, that’s Flacco’s fault…

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