Report: Mike Mitchell fined $48,620 for hit on Alex Smith

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Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith has been vocal about his distaste for the late hit to the back of his knees that he took from Steelers safety Mike Mitchell in last week’s game and the league reportedly agrees with Smith’s feeling that “it was about as flagrant as it gets when it comes to a low hit on the quarterback.”

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Mitchell has been fined $48,620 by the league as a result of the hit.

Mitchell said earlier this week that he’s not a dirty player and said that linebacker Anthony Chickillo‘s hand on his back sent him into Smith’s legs while Smith was stepping backward after throwing a pass. Video of the play does show that Chickillo’s hand is on Mitchell’s back, but whether there was enough contact to account for Mitchell’s hit is in the eye of the beholder.

Schefter reports that Mitchell is appealing the fine, so he’ll be hoping that the beholder that matters sees things the same way he does.

38 responses to “Report: Mike Mitchell fined $48,620 for hit on Alex Smith

  1. It wasnt flagrant. If you see the all 22 tape he got tripped by Chickillo. He wasn’t even looking at Smith when he hit him, he was looking upfield. It should have been penalized, but it wasn’t flagrant.

  2. We just can’t take the violence out of football, and unless it was a flagrant hit, fines are unnecessary.

  3. Based on past NFL practice for players with multiple violations of the safety rules, this signals that Mitchell’s next violation will be a suspension. Burfict’s last fine prior to his suspension for a shoulder-to-helmet hit on Antonio Brown was for $50K.

  4. The silver lining about the league losing vast amounts of revenue is that in a few years players will take these fines much, much more seriously.

  5. Might not be a dirty player, but it looked pretty intentional. Saying he got pushed(by his own teammate) is silly. That’s an immediate excuse to launch at a QB’s knees. Notice he tosses his hand in the air acting as if he didn’t do anything wrong? Dead giveaway. Not a Chiefs fan. Not a Steelers hater. Just how I see it. Probably no suspension, but i think the fine could be heftier.

  6. “Where does the $$ from all these fines go? It’s not like the NFL needs the money but it’s got itself a reliable cash cow here.”

    A number of NFL charities. United Way is a big one.

  7. Should have been a suspension. I guess the league will wait until after he injures somebody to take that step.

  8. Are yall serious? Yes 56 CLEARLY made contact with the back of Mitchell when flailing his arm twice but to say that contact made Mitchell go down THAT HARD AND DIRECT is ridiculous. Did he touch him? Yes. Did he make him go down that hard? Obviously not. It’s got nothing to with “the eye of the beholder” and everything to do with applying logic and common sense.

  9. Not surprised the NFL’s love child didn’t get suspended for this. He’s a repeat offender on several occasions just like Burfict, but of course doesn’t get penalized like Burfict.

  10. Lemmy Aksyadis says:
    October 19, 2017 at 12:38 pm
    Eye of the beholder? If you have eyes you can clearly see the #56 pushes him from behind. Mitchell was as surprised as anyone. He clearly fell on Smith.
    Clearly…the league see’s it differently than you.

  11. Happy to report that Suh has been fantastic for Miami’s D and has not had an “incident” in 2 years. I think it is time for him to hand the Dirtiest Player Crown over to Mitchell.

  12. Yeah because the NFL and Goodell always get things right, that front office is historically and totally infallible. They are never notorious for being lazy in their “investigations” right?

    As others have pointed out, the all-22 view (which both Goodell and the PFT sportswriters need to invest in), shows Mitchell didn’t dive into Smith, he was both tripped and pushed by Anthony Chickillo. Still shots show Chickillo’s and Mitchell’s feet clearly connecting right before Mitchell fell.

    I know many of y’all don’t like him though, so I guess trolls gotta troll. Mitchell will get that fine reduced of course but it should be totally dismissed.

    “If that man was on fire and I had to piss to put him out, I wouldn’t do it. I hate him and will never respect him.” – James Harrison

    Go Steelers!

  13. Mitchell has done far too many things that should have sparked a fine and wasn’t. He can appeal but he is usually borderline on many hits. Hope it’s a lesson learned for him.

    Bengal fans comparing his behavior as worst than Burficts are not just blind they are dumb also.

  14. Where is the fine for the Helmet to Helmet hit that concussed Charcandrick West? C West was wrapped up and down and Mitchell hit him anyway. Dude should have been suspended.

  15. Mitchell said earlier this week that he’s not a dirty player….

    He also had a helmet to helmet on C West that looked very intentional and 2015 he was caught on video trying to twist C. Wests ankle right off the leg.

    The guy is a cheat and he should be getting suspended.

    Steeler fans get your heads out of your butts and wake up to it.

  16. Please, I’m a Steeler fan, and even though Chickillo does push him a bit, he still dove right at Smith’s knee. The guy is dirty, and his act is old. From the dirty hits, to the jumping up dancing and celebrating after a hit, on which he’s just given up a first down on third and long, guy’s an embarrassment. Hope this is his last year in Pittsburgh.

  17. As a Steeler fan, I can’t agree more then what maddog111 said about Mitchell. He can only make a name for himself by cheap shotting players. I hope he’s gone after this season.

  18. Hmmm still waiting for the news of a fine an or/suspension of anthony barr for the hit on rodgers that most packer fans were sure was coming…guess i wait a little while longer…hmmmmm

  19. onemorethentherest says:
    October 19, 2017 at 3:55 pm
    As a Steeler fan, I can’t agree more then what maddog111 said about Mitchell. He can only make a name for himself by cheap shotting players. I hope he’s gone after this season.

    Once he does leave the Steelers, he’ll start getting suspended. He only gets a free pass while playing for that team.

  20. I am beyond happy they fined Mitchell 50K for that hit and I am not even a Chiefs fan. That hit was uncalled for, low hits on QB’s legs like that cannot be tolerated, no fan wants his QB going down for the year due to some cheap shot like the one by Mitchell, glad the league hit him hard to show cheap shots will not be tolerated.

    I am surprised the Steelers put up with crap like that from Mike Mitchell , he isn’t even all that good, he was like the 50th ranked safety in the league last I looked , they should fire and replace the cheap shot artist this offseason.

  21. Can’t compare Burfict to Mitchell cause Burfict actually is a good player and Mitchell is a goon for hire. It’s mind numbing that he comtinues to skate past the league office with fines but if Burfict so much as jay walks….. you get the picture.

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