Jed York: 49ers have angered more fans with losing than protests

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There may be fans who are turning off the NFL because of some players protesting during the national anthem.

But 49ers owner Jed York knows that there’s a more organic reason for his fans’ unrest.

During an interview on KNBR, the 49ers owner displayed a self-depricating sense of humor while pointing out their obvious issues.

“We certainly heard some of that from people,” York said, via Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle. “But I’ll say in full honesty our bottom line has been hurt much more by bad coaching hires and decisions by me than anything that has happened here [with protests].”

Well, it’s hard to argue with that.

The 49ers have lost 35 of their last 43 games, and after a clash of personalties led Jim Harbaugh out the door, the failed Jim Tomsula and Chip Kelly experiments led them to restart with John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan this year.

Asked what he’s learned over the process, York pointed to their own failings.

“I think I can write a multi-volume library (on what I’ve learned),” he said. “I’m not sure how much time we have, if we have like the entire show? I think the biggest thing is you have to be on the same page with your coach and G.M. It’s not just about winning games. It’s about how you do it. How you want to build your entire franchise.

“You look at Jimmy T. He’s a great guy. He did a lot of great things for us as a defensive line coach. I think it was the opposite personality of Jim Harbaugh. And it’s easy to sort of make that jump and say ‘OK we want to hire this guy because he’s different than the last guy.’ It was difficult at times to get along with (him) and you can have tension in the building with players. With the General Manager. So let’s hire Jimmy T. And it didn’t work.

“You look at Chip. I think Chip is a phenomenal football coach. I think it probably would have been better if we would have sat out a year before coming right back into it. But I think Chip’s going to get right back into it, whether it’s college or the NFL. And I think that’s where when you actually take a step back – I don’t look at what are we going to do this season. I’d love to win this season, but I want to get back to competing for championships. And if you’re going to compete for championships you have to start with a foundation. And I think you have to start with being on the same page.

“And I think that’s where Kyle (Shanahan) and I hit it off so well is — what I believe a football team should be about, Kyle believes the same things. He grew up that way. John Lynch is such an awesome person. Unbelievable player on the field. He’s somebody that you trust. He’s somebody that goes to work every day, but he takes input from people.

“And that’s the biggest thing. If you don’t have collaboration it doesn’t matter how much talent you have. You cannot win at the level we want to win at. You can’t win championships unless you have that collaboration.

“And you see it across the Bay with the Warriors. Those guys have collaboration. They have superstars that are willing to take less money because they are having so much fun playing together. You have a coach that embraces everything. You have an entire management that embraces it. I think they are the gold standard in sports right now. That’s where we want to get. And I think the only way you get there is understanding collaboration and knowing that you might have to do some things that make you feel uncomfortable. But if you’re not willing to do those things — and you’re not willing to put in that hard work — you will never have a chance to get to the level that we want to get to.”

Giving Lynch and Shanahan six-year contracts is a sign he’s willing to take the effort seriously, as they raze the remains of previous mistakes and try to start over.

50 responses to “Jed York: 49ers have angered more fans with losing than protests

  1. This coming from the guy who fired a coach who was winning games just because he didn’t like him. That tells you right there what kind of guy York is. He’d rather have his way than win.

  2. This year is an obvious throw away year and it’s evident by the selection of plugging in Hoyer. The 49ers quarterback will be coming from the next draft and it will be Darnold or Rosen. They can thank the Jets for winning 3 games already.

  3. Not the 49ers York ….. YOU. The entire downfall of this once great franchise can be attributed to him and his incompetent family.

    It’s hilariously ironic he uses the Warriors as an example of the team he wants to emulate because it took a change in ownership in order to get things back on track.

    Have some class Jed, sell the team.

  4. Perhaps the team would perform better if they concentrated more on their job, than their stupid protests. And I didn’t hear him say that he should have given Harbaugh a new contract. Sounds like he’s learned nothing.

  5. Bad owners retain a bad commissioner who makes bad decisions to pamper bad players. I love the sport but these clowns seem to view it as a Mr. Fusion that spits out money no matter what you toss into it.

  6. Jed York sums up this whole issue, he doesn’t get it. He’s a champaign socialist, doesn’t understand what th flag means to people. He us right ,he’s a terrible owner. He didn’t earn the team, Eddie got in trouble and somehow by accident he got control, and it show. NFL shut your mouth , let this heal. You can’t win this one, and your only digging your hole deeper.

  7. Same old same old.

    People post on an NFL website that they have stopped following the NFL. Of course, if they really were not following the NFL they wouldn’t be reading an NFL website and posting on it.

  8. Are you kidding. People would like to watch this exciting young team, but
    do not want to watch our flag and our military disrespected.

  9. As an impartial observer it looks like York HAS learned some lessons. Admitting mistakes is an important step toward correcting them. He’s done and is doing that. He’s rebuilding in what looks like the right way. Fans can stay angry at him but he’s right in that when they start winning again the fan base will grow again.

  10. Hey Jed, this is why real business owners don’t let politics and protests in to the work place. Get your workforce off their knees, and back to football…

  11. The protests have been the most disruptive event in the NFL to ever happen and the 32 billionaire owners have allowed it to linger for 13 months. Fans all over the country are burning their teams gear. These fans will NEVER return to be fans of the NFL even after this craziness is all over. Like me!

  12. “You look at Chip. I think Chip is a phenomenal football coach. Thats why I fired him after 16 games.”

  13. This will sound strange but they are the best 0-6 team I’ve ever seen. They’ve been tight losses except for 1. Youth will learn how to win tight games over time.

    I’d trade Hyde, go with Brieda and Bethard. Prep for next year

    Btw, Jed, you’re a silver spoon fed moron. Have a good weekend

  14. The article is about learning from mistakes. Posters should read the words before posting, but then again, that’s no fun!

  15. Losing fans because of losing games isn’t always easy to fix. It takes talented players who are faster, stronger and smarter than those on the roster.

    Losing fans because of player protests is very easy to fix. That only takes players with enough talent and smarts to stand during the Anthem.

  16. nflviewer says:
    October 20, 2017 at 9:48 am

    Same old same old.

    People post on an NFL website that they have stopped following the NFL. Of course, if they really were not following the NFL they wouldn’t be reading an NFL website and posting on it.

    This isn’t an NFL website. Last I saw this was NBCSports not Second, just because I’m not watching the NFL now doesn’t mean I don’t follow my team on free, not NFL websites. Watching the NFL puts money into the NFL’s pocket, which I am not doing. Coming on here, the NFL doesn’t get a percentage when people view articles.

  17. “But I’ll say in full honesty our bottom line has been hurt much more by bad coaching hires and decisions by me than anything that has happened here [with protests].”


    well duh Senor Obvious – but isn’t the point it’s been hurt by BOTH. You should be able to concentrate on more than one issue at a time but maybe that’s something else you need to learn.

  18. I agree the losing is probably hurting their popularity more than the protests. But booth are making their share of contribution to the problem and each compounds the other.

  19. The meatheads that are misconstruing the protests are still watching as evidence by all of their posts on here. The 49er fans are not watching because there team is bad. easy enough.

  20. Nobody cares about flag kneeling in the Bay Area. Way too much going on in the Bay Area to be concerned about American Apple Pie and extreme Patriotism.

    Too busy enjoying the Pacific Ocean, red sunsets behind mountains, beautiful weather and a million other things to do.

  21. It would be interesting to know where the 9ers would be if Eddie DeBartolo had remained in control of the team.

    Since his departure, this is easily one of the worst run organizations in the League.

  22. So most of the commenters claim they don’t want anything to do with the NFL because of the protests. YET, THEY COMMENT THE MOST ON HERE ABOUT THE NFL. #FakeOutrage #YourStillSecretlyWatchingTheNFL

  23. So let’s see.

    He lives in an area that is more likely to tolerate the idiocy of the players.

    Yet he admits he’s made a bunch of idiotic decisions, one of which he didn’t mention, their stadium.

    Finally, why should he be choosing which one is worse? Both are bad for his business and need to be rectified. It’s not either/or. It’s X AND Y.

    Jed York once again shows he is clueless.

  24. T”he protesters are killing the NFL by bringing politics into it”.
    Then this guy admits he screwed up his own team, not the protesters (and he’s right). Does that help?
    No, because the trolls stir the pot and make sure to force THEIR politics back into the mix.

    Guess it’s only wrong if it’s the other guy.
    Wake up people, they got you dancing on a string.

  25. Didn’t realize it was a contest. The fans you angered with kneeling, are never going to be true fans again, we will forever resent the NFL.

  26. You know how I know low attendance/ratings has nothing to do with people boycotting NFL players that take a knee? simple, you’re always on this site and others like it telling us about it. Guess you are still following the NFL.

  27. nfliferfan22 says:
    October 20, 2017 at 9:37 am
    Next year we get our qb and use cap space! andrew luck cousins or darnold


    Luck, Cousins or Darnold going to SF is the equivalent of running to put out a dumpster fire without any water.

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