Report: Brandon Browner arrested on drug charges


Former NFL cornerback Brandon Browner’s probably going to hang onto that first adjective.

According to TMZ, the former Seahawks standout was arrested in Los Angeles for cocaine possession in May. La Verne Police Department records showed Browner was arrested on May 25, and released a few hours later.

Browner was also arrested this offseason on felony charges of communicating threats to a woman.

Of course, the arrests probably aren’t the only reason he’s probably done playing in the league.

The 33-year-old was in camp with the Seahawks again last summer, when they tried to convert him to safety. It didn’t take, and he hasn’t found work since. He did a stint in the West Virginia developmental league this spring as well.

Browner won a Super Bowl ring with the Patriots in 2014, and spent the following year with the Saints.

9 responses to “Report: Brandon Browner arrested on drug charges

  1. However you can do it, get off the marching powder Brandon. You might not think so but it can get worse from here. Can begin to tell you how many I’ve seen lose everything from this addiction.

  2. This guy is a bum. He was a bum when he got suspended for a year for drugs then whined about not passing drug tests while suspended until someone let him play again, he phoned it in on the Patriots team just to get a ring, then went right back to being a bum. I have no sympathy for this guy, but he needs to man up and get the proper help he needs.

  3. Pats milked the last good football this guy had left in him.

    “Another Patriot running afoul of the law..”

    He had zero arrests and had zero problems when he was a Patriot. And yeah, because you don’t like the Pats even though he spent almost his entire career elsewhere he’s a Patriot for bashing, got it.


  4. I know…somehow this is Goodell’s fault right?
    Apparently the media is pro-illegal drugs because they ALWAYS support any players who uses illegal drugs.
    What exactly is the NFL supposed to do for these players? ESPECIALLY since they used these drugs OUTSIDE of the workplace!
    These players must suffer the consequences of their choice. If it means spending all of their money on treatment, then so be it. I really don’t care. It is NOT the employers responsibility to monitor the employee’s life 24/7 and then when the player does something stupid, make the player whole (legal term) either financially or via other benefits.
    Browner is a grown man who KNEW what he was doing is illegal, wrong, and would negatively affect his career, yet he CHOSE to do it anyway.
    Good luck at McDonald’s after you blow any money you have left on illegal drugs and lawyers.
    DO NOT blame Goodell or the NFL for YOUR stupid decisions.

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