Browns reportedly hadn’t required injured players to adhere to curfew

Getty Images

Now that it’s known that the Browns sent receivers Kenny Britt and Corey Coleman (pictured) home early last weekend for missing curfew in Houston, the apparent excuse for the violation given by Britt and Coleman is known, too.

Adam Schefter of ESPN, citing an unnamed source, reports that injured Browns players who wouldn’t have been active for the game previously weren’t required to adhere to the curfew.

But that makes little sense. Maybe the Browns hadn’t realized the players were missing curfew, or maybe they hadn’t enforced the rule strictly. The notion, however, that injured players who weren’t going to play the next day could go out and stay out as long as they want while their teammates are resting for the next day’s game is ludicrous, especially for the franchise that employed Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon.

It’s possible that Britt and Coleman believed that there was no rule because others had violated it, or that they threw at the wall whatever they could once they were caught getting back to the team hotel more than two hours late. Regardless, the idea that the Browns had no road-game curfew for injured players suggests a level of incompetence of which not even the Browns are capable.

Then again, it is the Browns. No, I still don’t buy it, even coming from the Browns.